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This Month's Transits



May 2016:

What Aspects are the Planets Making to Each Other This Month?

The following time line shows the planetary aspects for the current month.

The graph above shows the planets (with the exception of the Moon) in transit for the month of May 2016. For example, the Mars semi-square Pluto () is in influence from May 18-23, with May 20th the date when the aspect is exact (and the influence is strongest).

Interpretations of Transit-to-Transit Planetary Aspects


Key to Symbols:

The Aspects:

Conjunction Sesquiquadrature
Semi-sextile Quincunx (or inconjunct)
Sextile Opposition
Square Parallel
Trine Contra-parallel


Sun Jupiter
Moon Saturn
Mercury Uranus
Venus Neptune
Mars Pluto*

* Another glyph for Pluto is



Upcoming months:

Interpretations of Transit-to-Transit Planetary Aspects



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