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Birth Chart Interpretations


Natal Chart Interpretation:

Once you have your natal chart (or astrology birth chart), you can learn about the positions of the planets and points by sign, house, and aspect. Digging deeper into the natal chart, we can interpret such things as the lunar phases, hemisphere emphasis, and so forth.

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Aspects in the Natal Chart:

Interpretations - Aspects, such as Sun square Moon and Venus trine Pluto, are interpreted:

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Planets in Signs:


Planets in Houses:


More Natal Chart Analysis:

Lunar Phases in the Natal Chart

Mental Chemistry

Hemisphere Emphasis


Aspect Patterns

House Rulers: In Houses

Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto retrograde

Born with Venus Retrograde


Planets in the Elements:

Venus in the Elements

Mars in the Elements



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