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Stations and retrograde information


06oct2:29 pmPluto turns direct in CapricornDirect Station2:29 pm EDT Event Type :Stations

10oct10:17 pmSaturn turns direct in AquariusDirect Station10:17 pm EDT Event Type :Stations

18oct1:30 amJupiter turns direct in AquariusDirect Station1:30 am EDT Event Type :Stations

18oct11:17 amMercury turns direct in LibraDirect Station11:17 am EDT Event Type :Stations


02nov9:08 pmMercury leaves its post-retrograde shadowLeaves Shadow9:08 pm EDT Event Type :Stations

17nov3:50 pmVenus enters its pre-retrograde shadowEnters Pre-Retrograde Shadow3:50 pm EST Event Type :Stations


01dec8:23 amNeptune turns direct in PiscesDirect Station8:23 am EST Event Type :Stations

19dec5:36 amVenus turns retrograde in CapricornRetrograde Station5:36 am EST Event Type :Stations

29dec3:30 amMercury enters pre-retrograde shadowPre-Retrograde Shadow/Zone3:30 am EST Event Type :Stations


14jan6:41 amMercury turns retrograde in AquariusRetrograde Station6:41 am EST Event Type :Stations

18jan10:26 amUranus turns direct in TaurusDirect Station10:26 am EST Event Type :Stations

29jan3:46 amVenus turns direct in CapricornDirect Station3:46 am EST Event Type :Stations


03feb11:13 pmMercury turns direct in CapricornDirect Station11:13 pm EST Event Type :Stations

24feb12:01 amMercury leaves its post-retrograde shadowLeaves Shadow12:01 am EST Event Type :Stations

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