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Astrology Book Review: Vocations by Noel Tyl

Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process

Author: Noel Tyl

Published: 2006

Astrology Level: 3/4

Our Rating: A+

Our Review: 

Vocations: The New Midheaven Extension Process is the second book in Llewellyn's Special Topics in Astrology series.

When astrologers are called upon to analyze a chart for career potential (which is frequent), most will immediately look to the Midheaven. After analyzing its sign and ruling planet's position in the chart, many will wonder what to do next. This book offers a new technique that Tyl has called the Midheaven Extension Process—a technique that extends the Midheaven's symbolism throughout the natal chart using dispositor dynamics, the oriental planet, stelliums, the sign and house of the Moon, the Sun-Moon midpoint, and more. I found the information about the Moon in the houses of the natal chart especially insightful. Few astrologers hone in on the Moon for information about career potential, yet its house position can be extremely revealing. Much of the book is dedicated to examples.

Astrologers and students of astrology will welcome this well-written and unique book to their astrology library. Vocations is not only a "good read"—you're sure to actively use the technique presented.


For more information or to buy, follow this link:

Vocations (Special Topics in Astrology)

Or, search for a used or new copy of the book at Alibris.

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