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august, 2017

27aug8:15 amJupiter sextile SaturnPlanetary Aspect8:15 am EDT


Jupiter forms a sextile with Saturn

Typically, an outer planet transit comes exact three times, but this time around, it is exact only once — on August 27th. Even so, its effects are with us months in advance.

Under this influence, there are opportunities to put our plans into motion. We’re balanced in our approach to new endeavors, seeing both the potential benefits and pitfalls, and this improves our judgment. This influence helps to crystallize and lock down lessons learned and endeavors begun recently. 

Jupiter sextile Saturn dates:

1st and last: August 27th when Jupiter is at 21° Libra 11′ and Saturn is at 21 Sagittarius 11′ (first and last)

Jupiter sextile Saturn in astrology

Jupiter sextile Saturn



(Sunday) 8:15 am

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