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june, 2023

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Thursday, JUNE 29

With Venus trine Chiron this morning, we may get an opportunity to heal our relationships through openness to learning from one another. It’s a vital time for building trust in relationships and seeing potential in one another–we more readily see the beauty in human imperfection.

We also recognize the value of the people, relationships, and pleasures in our lives more clearly. Interacting with others in fresh ways–with more authenticity and sincerity–can benefit us now.

As the day advances, Mercury forms a semi-square to Uranus and heads toward a trine to Saturn. We might rush to complete something, share an idea, or communicate, but things may end up half-done if we’re impatient. We are bored with routine, which can signify that we need some mental refreshment.

While there can be minor erratic elements to later day, particularly in our communications, thought processes, and outlook, the Mercury-Saturn trine helps ground and center our thoughts and communications. We begin to see the value in simplifying and taking things step by step. Conversations may be spare but instructive.

It’s a good time for systematic thinking and a step-by-step approach to tasks and problems. This transit supports work with details. We’re cautious with our expectations or remind ourselves to keep things moderate.


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