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february, 2024

24feb7:31 amFull Moon on February 24, 2024in Virgo7:31 am EST(GMT-05:00) View in my timeEvent Type :Lunations


The Moon is Full in Virgo on February 24, 2023, at 7:31 AM EST.

Chart wheel depicts the Sun at 5 degrees PIsces opposite the Moon at 5 degrees Virgo. The Sun has Mercury to its side at 2 degrees Pisces, and Saturn on the other side at 9 degrees Pisces.

Full Moon in Virgo chart: February 24, 2024

A Full Moon occurs in the sign of Virgo on February 24th, 2024, when the Sun in Pisces forms an opposition to the Moon in Virgo. The Full Moon is a time of culmination and the promise of fulfillment of that which was started at the New Moon. It is an emotional time – a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships.

With the Virgo-Pisces service axis involved, this Full Moon presses us to find a balance between day-to-day functions and routines, physical health, and the need for order (Virgo) and vision, spiritual health, disorder, and the infinite (Pisces).

Virgo rules the tools and techniques we use to deal with day-to-day life, while Pisces rules the tools we employ to manage our spiritual selves.

Some sort of crisis (which can be a crisis of consciousness) or sudden awareness of a lack in our lives provides us with a golden opportunity to explore our emotional needs within the context of the house polarity where the Full Moon occurs in our natal charts.

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between work and service, practicality and impracticality, criticism and acceptance. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives.

However, these new feelings and revelations are emotional ones, as there is a sense of emotions bursting forth into our consciousness. It’s time to express ourselves and to let things out of our systems. Over the next two weeks, we will discover what this means for us.

For now, we can’t sit on our feelings–we need to express them! Of course, we might want to exercise some care while doing so, knowing that what is coming out of us is not particularly rational as yet.

This is an eyes-wide-open time for our work, habits, health, and routines. We are likely to receive strong messages from our intuition.

This Full Moon harmonizes with Jupiter, and we can find it easy to gather inspiration and encouragement.

This phase of the Moon occurs at 5 degrees and 23 minutes of Virgo opposite the Sun at the same degree of Pisces, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 1 to 9 degrees of the Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly.

The following is a chart wheel with additional points for more detail:

An alternative chart wheel for the Full Moon in Virgo includes extra points beyond the standard Sun, Moon, and planets, including the asteroids, Eris, and Chiron.

Full Moon in Virgo Chart: Additional Points

full moon in astrology depicted as a white circle with a black outline, the words Full Moon, and the symbols: Sun opposition Moon

Full Moon


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