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Free Reports/Calculations


Cafe Astrology's Free Reports, Charts, and Calculators:

The following are our free birth charts, Ascendant calculator, compatibility options, reports, and more.

Cafe Astrology's Featured Free Reports

Free Astrology Reports Our detailed free reports. Simply input your birth data and obtain a free natal chart report. Find out your rising sign, planet signs and houses, and aspects—and what they mean. The report includes many of our own original interpretations found on Cafe Astrology, and more. A free short compatibility report is also offered, as well as free personalized horoscopes and transit reports.

Numerology Reports

Free Numerology Reports With our free Numerology report feature, input your name and birth date for a printable report that includes your Life Path Number, Lucky Number, Soul Number, Karmic Lesson and Karmic Debt Numbers, and more.

Ascendant Calculator

New! Ascendant Calculator This simple free tool calculates your Ascendant and offers an interpretation. The Ascendant is also known as the "rising sign".

Free Interactive Birth Chart Wheel

New! Free Birth Chart Wheel This tool offers you a birth chart wheel with data and interpretations when you hover over the different elements of the birth chart.

Compatibility Rating

New! Compatibility Rating A simple tool for calculating the overall compatibility of two birth dates. This tool does not consider birth times. For compatibility ratings and interpretations based on birth times, see the first offering above, Free Astrology Reports.

More Tools & Features

Love Oracle Ask the love oracle a question! This fun online oracle "answers" questions via a randomly selected playing card and the meaning of the card.

Sign Compatibility Grid This quick-glance, color-coded grid shows how the signs get along.


Need help finding out the sign of your (or someone else's) planets? See our article, How to Obtain Your Natal Chart.