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Wednesday, MARCH 20

The Sun enters pioneering Aries today at 5:59 PM EDT, marking the time of the Spring equinox and the start of the astrological New Year. The Sun will transit Aries until April 19th. In Aries, the Sun is enthusiastic and spontaneous. We are motivated by the desire to conquer. We are impulsive and we want to initiate, come first, and innovate. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly–there is little pause for regret with Aries. It is brave and pioneering. We are direct and rather uncomplicated in our needs, but we can also be short-sighted and lack the desire to plan.

Just hours after entering Aries, the Sun opposes the Moon, forming a Full Moon very early in the sign of Libra. This is a time of culmination and heightened emotional awareness. Where Aries is about self-assertion, Libra is about compromise. With the Libra Moon, we are particularly aware of the need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them — compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing. The Aries Sun, on the other hand, is self-assertive, leading, and personally courageous.

This Full Moon urges us to strike a balance between meeting our personal needs and tending to the needs of a significant other, and between independence or autonomy and dependence or companionability. In the first degree of Libra, epiphanies or culminations occurring now have special significance, leading to important new beginnings and fresh starts. Something comes to full bloom, and it sets us on a new path. Note that while this Full Moon occurs at the beginning of the sign of Libra, next month’s Full Moon will be near the end of the sign, so there is more to the story and perhaps final word on a matter around the Full Moon on April 19th.

The Moon is void from 11:21 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Libra at 9:28 PM EDT.


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