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may, 2023

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Jupiter square Pluto

Jupiter, freshly in the sign of Taurus, and at 0° Taurus 18′, forms a square to Pluto at 0° Aquarius 18′ on May 17, 2023. This is a one-off transit (it doesn’t repeat two more times as many outer-planet transits do).

Jupiter square Pluto

With Jupiter forming a square to Pluto, we can be quite ambitious now, feeling that we can achieve virtually anything we choose to do. However, while it may not come naturally, treading lightly now is advised as it is easy to stir up opposition. 

We may take on too many interests, activities, or desires under this influence. Exaggerating our importance or power, either to ourselves or others, should be avoided.

Our belief system could be challenged, and the need for a major attitude change arises. Instead, we might have to face narrow-mindedness in others (or in ourselves). Trying to force our beliefs on others will only lead to frustration. The tendency now is to push too hard in general and to ignore the critical details. Thinking in big terms is fine, as long as we also consider the practical elements of any pursuit. Expecting too much, too soon can unnecessarily bring us down.

Certainly, a serious attitude towards our goals and ambitions can emerge. Competitive energies should be channeled appropriately since the main downfall of this period is pushing too far. Our perspective on our lives or the world can change dramatically at this time. As well, what we need for personal growth may not mesh well with our current career, projects, or endeavors, and satisfaction levels suffer. While it may not come very naturally now, it’s better to aim to share the power or resources rather than aiming to amass more.

There can be difficulties with legal, tax, insurance, publishing, educational, or travel matters at this time. Different outlooks and beliefs can cause deeper divides than usual. We might have conflicts with others that lead to reputation problems. The desire to lead or guide can be strong, but cynicism can get in the way of this urge. Mistrust and cynicism with current systems and structures is likely.

Dangers with this combination include self-importance, obsession, and never really feeling content or satisfied. While pushing ourselves to greater heights can be useful, there’s a tendency to never really be happy with our endeavors, no matter what we’ve achieved–and attitude that can work against us.

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Jupiter square Pluto dates:

 on May 17, 2023, with Jupiter at 0° Taurus 18′ and Pluto at 0° Aquarius 18′ (one-time while Jupiter is in Taurus)

Jupiter square Pluto


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Jupiter square Pluto in astrology

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