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june, 2019

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Thursday, JUNE 13

The Moon leaves Libra and enters Scorpio only three minutes into the day (EDT). The Scorpio Moon tends to evoke strong feelings and reactions. We pay more attention to our intuition. Venus forms a sextile to Chiron today, and we’re open to learning from one another. There is a subtle healing power in our words and interactions. This transit softens our disposition and might offer us a chance to heal our relationships. We more readily see the beauty in human weaknesses and imperfections. It’s a strong time for building trust in relationships and repairing problem areas. We’re better judges of value, and this benefits both relationship and financial decisions.

We’re also heading toward a Mars-Neptune aspect, exact early tomorrow, and we can feel compelled to act on our intuition or a fantasy, take action towards fulfilling a dream, or bring more imagination to what we’re doing. We are not inclined to follow rigid rules, directions, and schedules, but tend to follow our intuition or inner guidance and gut feelings.

Even so, not all decisions or choices come easily today with a Sun-Pluto quincunx also active, which can point to the need for an adjustment before we can feel that we’re moving forward. There may be a shift in power, or we could be dealing with a setback that has us feeling temporarily out of sorts or powerless, prompting us to make changes. This influence can point to indecisiveness about how to approach a matter, or the need to let something go to further our psychological growth.

The void Moon ends when the Moon enters Scorpio today at 12:03 AM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Thursday) EDT(GMT-04:00) View in my time




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