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july, 2023

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Friday, JULY 21

Today’s Sun-Pluto opposition pulls up deep, dark, or buried and unresolved matter. Through feelings, relationships, and events, we can more clearly see areas of life where we’ve been holding onto something too tightly or giving away our personal power. This can be disruptive and uncomfortable, but it can also heighten self-awareness.

A tricky or buried issue might now reach a head. We may feel on edge, volatile, or defensive. There can be inner drama or external circumstances undermining our perception of powerfulness.

We may experience a battle within ourselves between light and dark energies, or we can meet this theme through others. Outside forces remind us of our need to take charge of our lives, but shortcuts to gaining control are unlikely to work out. Instead, we should formulate strategies for managing our fears or worries.

However, we’re also heading toward a Mercury-Chiron trine that helps open our minds to learning from one another. This influence aids with communicating our feelings constructively. We’re relaying our messages in relatable, accessible ways.

Good energy is with us for discussing or giving more thought to sensitive topics. We’re especially alert, observant, and willing to understand. It’s easier than usual to communicate our message now, although this is less about getting the exact wording right and more about conveying our intentions. We might discover new ways to approach problems.


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