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Monthly Horoscopes - February 2013

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Horoscope Quickies Feb'13


February 2013 Overview Horoscopes 

The following are overview horoscopes for an upcoming month, written by Annie. For our detailed February monthly horoscopes, see Monthly Horoscopes from February 1.


Notes/Overview: In February 2013, a New Moon occurs on the 10th at 21 Aquarius. On February 18th, Saturn turns retrograde, and then Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Pisces on the 23rd. A Full Moon occurs on February 25th in the sign of Virgo (7 degrees).



February is strong for your social life, dear Aries, as well as for tackling long-standing problems. Connections with friends and colleagues are in focus, and some of you could find romance through group connections. Towards the end of the month, you can experience unusual cravings and feelings, and possibly interesting twists, when it comes to your love life. With Mars in your solar twelfth house all month, you will be compelled to do something about a situation that has been very much like a burden. You might review the past, as well as the sacrifices you are making in the present. The desire to speak about a private or complicated matter can be strong around the 7-8; however, you might regret doing so in the following weeks, or you might decide that you've communicated prematurely. There can be a renewed interest in spirituality this month and next with an unusual amount of cosmic activity surrounding your soul and privacy sector. A significant ending can occur now. The 12th and then the 15-16 are important days this month for taking charge of intimate, career, and money matters. All month, learning, communication, and transportation are highly favored.



You are in a wonderful position to impress others this month, dear Taurus, particularly those in authority or control. You are exuding charm and grace, particularly around the 6-7. However, your personal life can be up and down, and tension with a partner or a commitment around the 11th can be temporarily discouraging or concerning. You are inclined to keep up appearances with the rest of the world, however. Friendships and group connections are lively this month. Unusual turns of events can occur now that keep life very interesting and, at times, downright baffling. It will be especially important to be flexible and open-minded now, as you have much to learn from and through others, even impersonal connections made now. Money matters improve considerably in February, and they are set to take off further in the months ahead. Some of you could purchase or receive something that you've always wanted, and others are especially fond of taking care of, and improving, prized personal possessions. The 25th can bring a romantic revelation.



You are approaching a very busy and strong period for career and reputation, beginning this month and extending into the next, dear Gemini. Unusual turns of events can take place. Creativity soars. In February, prepare as much as you can by brushing up on skills and gaining practical experience. Don't forget your social life, as you have a lot to learn from others right now. You can meet people who inspire you or introduce you to new ideas and perspectives this month. Attend special events and accept invitations to mix up your routine. You are likely to feel especially enthusiastic this month with Jupiter turning direct in your sign. You are getting ready to grab opportunities and go after exactly what you want. You are received especially well from the 6-7, when you might also have the chance to broaden your horizons. Watch, however, for using too much force or alienating others by acting independently in your career. From the 23rd, some of your plans can slow down or encounter delays. Something you presented or communicated around the 8th could now seem premature. Otherwise, you can be more effective and active this month, and most of the time you gain the approval and support of others.



You are moving towards a highly expressive, adventurous period of the year, dear Cancer, but the beginning weeks of February tend to be more introspective. While from the outside looking in you appear to be ready for action, a lot is going on inside. Feelings are more intense than usual, although not uncomfortably so. In fact, you are more willing than usual to explore your deeper feelings. However, there can be some problems with a relationship involving commitment issues. You can have a hard time understanding whether someone wants to be closer or is afraid of their feelings. However, by the last week of February, your love life is more straightforward and feelings tend to be expressed unreservedly. There can be a need to deal with a tricky financial matter that involves money owed or borrowed. A transportation or communication issue blows up for your attention around the 25th. Travel, higher education, cultural events, and other experiences that broaden your horizons are in high focus by month's end, and will continue to make headlines in your life in March. However, plans may not run as smoothly as hoped, so stay as flexible in your expectations as possible.



Close relationships are in strong focus in February and March, dear Leo. A New Moon on the 10th brings energy for a new beginning in a relationship, although there may be a hurdle to jump or a false start involved. Nevertheless, you have many planets and energies on your side for improving your social life and your relationships this month. Friendships are encouraging and motivating, as are group associations, where you are especially influential and charming. Others are especially attracted to your upbeat attitude and willingness to be a team player. Either existing partners and friends are more peaceful and happy this month, or positive and friendly people are coming into your life now. Money matters can be tricky now, however. A partner may be hiding purchases or financial information, or there can be some unusual circumstances surrounding money and possessions this month. Relationships can become very exciting, exotic, dramatic, and intimate towards the end of the month. There is an air of mystery surrounding intimate affairs in February. The 12th and the 15-16 are strong days for relations. The 11th, however, can be very tricky, particularly with a partner or family member. Responsibilities can weigh heavily in your mind.



On one hand, you are communicating more concisely and thinking practically this year, dear Virgo, but on the other, you are also learning to trust your instincts. This month and next, your ability to transcend traditional patterns and rules, particularly in your close relationships, increases. It is not always easy for you to simply go with the flow or to trust in the unknown, particularly in love, but the cosmos is challenging you to do so, and it may very well take you on a highly exciting and creative journey. While work and health goals are in strong focus this month, increasingly you are turning your attention to partnering. Many of you will be meeting a partner in the coming weeks, or will experience new levels and layers in a current relationship. You are approaching a power period for relationships, and you're likely to experience some unusual desires and plot twists. The 10th brings a reinvigoration of a health program or work endeavor. Don't let criticism or negative thinking on the 11th discourage you. Simply pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and begin again. The Moon is Full in your sign on the 25th, bringing heightened emotions and an epiphany or culmination of sorts.



Your powers of attraction run very high this month, dear Libra, particularly around the 6-7 and 28th. It's a strong time for social and cultural activities. Travel plans might seem more viable, and enthusiasm for studies and other activities that broaden your horizons increases this month. Some of you will be working with a partner on an important project, and some may meet a significant other through work or health endeavors. Work begins to assume larger proportions in your life this month, and it rises further as February progresses (into March as well). Creativity runs very high now. It's not enough for you to follow a routine - you are challenged to bring a new perspective and alternative methods to whatever you produce or to the services you provide. Work can be lively, and your daily grind is not quite as predictable. Health and fitness routines can also involve alternative and creative or holistic approaches now, which suit you better than more traditional methods. However, in the last week of the month, you might need to go back over work that you previously thought was complete. Plans seem to back up or stall, but this can be a blessing in disguise, as they are in need of some refinement.



Family relations and domestic matters settle considerably this month, dear Scorpio, and in fact run very smoothly. You have the chance to repair troubled relationships and you are likely to grow closer to someone. Some of you could obtain financial support for home improvement endeavors this month. Bringing more harmony and calm to your home life is a strong focus in February. Instinctively, you know that virtually every other life "department" will benefit if you are at peace on the home front. You are coming to a very strong period for romantic and creative pursuits, when you may revive or begin rewarding hobbies, enjoy healthier relationships with children, and possibly fall in love for some of you! The 28th is especially strong for romance, although there may be a change of heart in the weeks following. You are inclined to act on instincts in February - to jump into things without thinking about the possible costs of your actions. For the most part, this tendency serves you well, but you may want to watch what you promise or commit to around the 7-10, which might later seem injudicious. The power of your words is strong all month, and in fact much of the year, and some of you will be quite prolific when it comes to writing or speaking.



You are expressing yourself with more charm and you are less hurried both in speech and movement this month, dear Sagittarius. You have the opportunity to smooth over troubled areas with siblings, acquaintances, and neighbors if necessary. The lines of communication open with a partner or lover, particularly around the 6-7. Increasingly, your home and family life come into strong focus this month, and grow further in March. While there can be some small upsets or competitive energy with family, you are also in a very strong position to resolve long-standing problems. Home improvement endeavors are favored now. However, the tendency to rush can come back to bite you in the last week of the month, when Mercury retrogrades in your family sector. This doesn't spell the end of new endeavors, but it does mean that you need to make some refinements before moving forward. As well, try not to run yourself ragged this month, as you have a tendency to rush to take action without thinking of what might come of it, and while the desire to act is strong, emotionally and physically, you can feel a little drained, overtired, or confused about where exactly to direct your energy. Nevertheless, financially you seem to be in a good position to move forward with the plans you do make.




This is a strong month for changing mental interests, the forming of unusual and original concepts, imagination, and networking, dear Capricorn, and this energy will continue into March. While at times you may be a little too quick to communicate or to present your ideas before they're truly ready, you are brimming with wonderful ideas and discovering all-new interests that inspire and motivate you. You are especially passionate about your ideas, and enjoy sharing them with others. Speaking, writing, and learning are in strong focus. You have a stronger ability to transcend the ordinary or the traditional, and your imagination is especially powerful. Oftentimes, your words can be healing or inspirational to others, particularly around the 12th and 15-16. Your ability to persuade is stronger than ever, and will only increase in the coming weeks. This can be a rather indulgent month. You are certainly more interested in comfort and luxury items these days, and inclined to splurge a little. Fortunately, you are more able to attract the things you want and need right now. Envision these things and verbalize your wishes. You might make some very sound investments, particularly on items that improve your health or working environment, particularly around the 6-7.




The month ahead brings strong energy for reinventing yourself, dear Aquarius. Your powers of attraction run very high with Venus in your sign most of February, and especially on the 6-7 when Venus in Aquarius harmonizes with Jupiter. Jupiter is newly direct and in your romance and creativity sector, giving the green light for romance, arts, and entertainment. You certainly possess extra charm this month. It's a good time for updating your appearance, as well as envisioning what you'd like to make of the year ahead. February may be a rather indulgent month. Your desire for comfort or luxury items is hearty. You are looking at your money and possessions in a whole new way, and you might come up with creative ideas on how to earn more or use what you already have. You want to act independently with money, and those in committed partnerships should be direct and upfront about this. The Full Moon on the 25th can bring a reminder of overspending for some. The last week of February requires some slowing down and adjustments to your financial plan.



The first few weeks of February favor personal introspection and alone time, dear Pisces. You may often find yourself acting independently instead of going along with the flow and blending in. Find opportunities to recharge. This is an ideal time for seeing things that you've missed, for reflecting on the past year, and for envisioning how you'd like to proceed in the future. Communicate, but avoid publicizing ideas until you are totally clear about them. A competitive streak is stimulated this month. However impatient you feel about getting things done, avoid haste. You're likely to be clearer about most areas of your life by the 18th, but the retrograde of Mercury in your own sign beginning the 23rd brings yet another period of double-checking and reviewing. Artistic and spiritual pursuits are favored. Family affairs improve considerably this month. Avoid over-committing yourself on the 9-10 and the 25th. The last week of the month brings more energy for personal plans and a resurgence of vitality. Everyone seems to want you at this time, and this extends into March!




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