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Monthly Horoscopes 2016

A guide to the month ahead for all zodiac signs, including best days, challenging days, love opportunities, career peaks, and money matters.

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Monthly Horoscopes

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What's Ahead for Each Sign of the Zodiac


What do the stars have planned for you in 2016? Whether you want to know what's going to happen with your romance, your career or your life in general, we have general forecasts for the month ahead. Select your Sun sign (or Ascendant sign) from the dropdown menu or list below for your 2016 Horoscope.

2016 Monthly Horoscopes:





Here's to a fun, happy, and successful month!

Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the month. For example, if you are a Libra with a Leo Ascendant, read the forecast for both Libra and Leo.

NOTE: On the first day of the month, every month, we receive many emails that say that a particular sign is not updated while the other signs are. We receive this about each and every sign. If you're seeing all other signs updated except your own, please don't feel singled out. Simply refresh or reload your page. It simply means that you have visited the page before the update and your browser is showing you a cached version of the page instead of the updated version. Horoscopes typically are rolled out with the current sign's first and then the others following in consecutive order. These are done before the end of the first day of the month.

We divide the signs into groups of three so that we can more effectively create forecasts. See also 2016 Preview Horoscopes, 2015 Overview Horoscopes, and 2015 Yearly Horoscopes.

The above Monthly Horoscopes are detailed and for the current month. We have a short synopsis for the current and upcoming months here:

See also This Month in Astrology (including overview horoscopes).