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september, 2022

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Monday, SEPTEMBER 26

The day holds some restless energy, but we can learn much from today’s turning points and conversations. With the Sun opposite Jupiter, recent excesses can come to light, demanding a change or shuffling of priorities. At issue now are conflicting urges regarding what we think we should do versus want to do.

There are two areas of life where we have a particular need to shine, grow, and improve, represented by the Sun in Libra and Jupiter in Aries, but these may seem to be in direct conflict with one another at this time. Culminations or unexpected changes in a project or goal might occur, and this can be a time for reaping the rewards. The urge to grow and expand is strong.

If we’ve been overreaching, however, it may be time to adjust our expectations. We may want to make a move, but don’t know where to begin or where to go with our intentions just for now. While unexpected changes in plans or events can test our patience, they might also bring on new approaches, leading to useful, instructive, or interesting detours.

With retrograde Mercury conjunct Venus, we’re compromising, slipping into someone else’s shoes, negotiating, and harmonizing–or at least trying to. The tendency to think and talk about our feelings, beliefs, and relationship is strong. We may be intellectualizing feelings and affections. It’s a cooperative influence that stimulates our desire for harmony and balance, and as a result, we may not dig too deeply.

Mentally, we’re not as disciplined as usual, preferring to chat with others and think about pleasant things. It’s a sociable time, but it’s also a time for looking back at old issues in a new, although possibly glossed-over, way. Whether or not glossing over is helpful may be the question — some things belong in the past. We can feel as if we are starting fresh, and certainly, our ideas feel new and exciting, even if we are recycling old perspectives.

The Libra Moon (all day) is also inclined to seek balance, harmony, and a middle ground.


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