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january, 2020

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Saturn conjunct Pluto.

Saturn at 22° Capricorn 47’ forms a conjunction to Pluto at 22° Capricorn 47′ on January 12th, 2020. This only happens once. [Note: Most of the time, aspects formed between outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto occur three times in a set due to retrograde motion, but this one is a one-time pass.]

This is a time when we can be especially focused on our goals, and intensely ambitious to succeed in a particular area. We’re inclined to focus on one particular area with great dedication, commitment, or perhaps obsession. We want to achieve and accomplish something spectacular. We can be ruthless about getting rid of problem areas in the process. We should watch for abuse of power or living on fear, although moderate levels of fear can be useful to motivate us to make improvements and to strengthen certain vulnerable areas of our lives.

During this period, our fear of losing something (or everything) can be a powerful motivator, in fact, and the zodiac sign involved can be a clue to where we fear scarcity, chaos, or loss. We can be driven, in fact, to build or rebuild our lives. This period can involve renovation, destroying and rebuilding, and excavation in a particular area of our lives.

Whereas Pluto seeks increased power and control through our undertakings, career, and reputation or status in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn seeks perfection, increased performance, and proof that we’re worth something. Saturn attempts to clean up some of the excesses or obsessions of Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto tears down, Saturn builds, and in this sense, it’s a powerful combination. This transit may demand hard work at remodeling and renovating our careers and goals.

Saturn conjunct Pluto date:

One-time: on January 12th, 2020, at 22° Capricorn 47′ (first and last)


Saturn conjunction Pluto in astrology

Saturn conjunct Pluto



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Saturn conjunction Pluto in astrology

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