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november, 2019

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Sunday, NOVEMBER 24

The Moon ends its transit of Libra at 12:58 AM when it enters determined, perceptive Scorpio. Venus aligns with Jupiter this morning in the sign of Sagittarius, promoting cooperation, optimism, forgiveness, and generosity, although this transit can also elevate our expectations! We can be indulgent or tempted to overspend or overstate our feelings. We are sociable and seeking out some fun. Our love of learning, exploring, and sharing are in the spotlight, and our appetite for love and pleasure especially strong. We’re opening our hearts and perhaps wallets as well.

This aspect occurs along with a Mars-Uranus opposition, which inclines us to act on impulses or take risks, possibly in a short-sighted way. If we aren’t too rash or impulsive, we might free ourselves from restrictive circumstances, and this influence can provide us with the courage to assert ourselves. We tend to challenge situations that make us feel restricted or people if they seem to be trying to hold us back. Confrontations may help clear the air, but we should watch for accidents due to haste.

Later today, the Sun forms a semi-square to Saturn, and this can point to some level of discouragement or a dose of reality that brings us down to earth. Gratitude may not be forthcoming right now, making it better to wait it out rather than waste energy looking for it. This influence can teach us to look for the intrinsic rewards for our actions.

The void Moon continues until the Moon enters Scorpio at 12:58 AM EST.


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