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november, 2019

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Thursday, NOVEMBER 21

A quincunx between Mars and Chiron suggests we might doubt the effectiveness of our assertions or efforts to go after what we want, which can lead to passive-aggressive behavior, defensiveness, or frustration. We can find it challenging to be both assertive and sensitive now, and possibly see-saw between one and the other. It can be difficult to assert ourselves effectively without provoking, annoying, or concerning others. The trick is to combine both sensitivity and directness instead of narrowing our choices to either/or. The Moon spends most of the day in the sign of Virgo, entering Libra at 11:20 PM EST. The Virgo Moon is perfectionistic, helpful, and detailed, and tonight’s Libra Moon is conciliatory and balanced. As the day advances, we can be feeling good about our work, obligations, commitments, and other purposeful activities.

The Moon is void from 10:31 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to the Sun), until the Moon enters Libra at 11:20 PM EST.


Overview of the Day (Thursday) EDT(GMT-05:00) View in my time



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