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november, 2023

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Friday, NOVEMBER 17

Mars and then the Sun form trines to Neptune today, bringing a fluid, graceful theme to the day. We readily access our intuition and can be moved to help, support, or give of ourselves. We seek–and find–inspiration. De-emphasizing some of our material concerns or interests, at least temporarily, can be magical now. We see matters, situations, and people from a perspective that not only allows for but finds beauty in differences.

Even so, there’s a bit of an edge to the day with Venus semi-square Mars–an aspect that can create a slightly tense and competitive or stimulating and invigorating environment, depending on how we approach it! This aspect highlights differences in our approaches, desires, and needs, and relationship tensions can result. Watch for impulsive moves, including purchases.

While it can be a bit tense, this transit can also subtly motivate us to improve our conditions.


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