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may, 2019

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Monday, MAY 13

With a Mercury-Mars semi-square today, impatience or impulsiveness with communications and movements should be watched. We may be a little too quick to argue under this influence. We may be working under stressful or hectic conditions, as we feel pressure to get things done quickly. We are inclined to be snappy and irritable, and we may hastily interrupt others rather than listen. Conflicts of interest are possible but not likely to be serious.

The Sun forms a quincunx to Jupiter today, and as much as Mercury-Mars wants us to make quick decisions, the Sun-Jupiter influence challenges us with two choices that seem equal in desirability. This transit can serve to contrast two very different drives and goals, and it can be difficult to know our next step as a result. The desire to experience something new or for more freedom to explore can amount to restlessness if we are not sure of what we want. There can be disagreements over values or money matters in partnerships, or perhaps a price to pay that’s higher than initially expected. This is a time of adjustments, and perhaps of letting go of old habits so that we can free ourselves up for experiences that allow us to grow and move forward.

Tonight, however, the Sun forms a trine to Pluto, and this influence encourages cooperation, focus, and practical ability. We’re exceptionally resourceful and efficient. It’s a strong time for gravitating towards things, people, and situations that help us to succeed or advance our goals. We are more decisive than usual, and our abilities to concentrate and focus help us achieve what we set out to do. We might enjoy an opportunity to draw upon our past and to capitalize on our talents and resources. The focus now is on eliminating harmful or superficial elements in our lives and going forward with more conviction as a result.


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