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march, 2023

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Monday, MARCH 20

With Venus and the North Node in alignment this morning, we may connect with others who help move us closer to our objectives, particularly goals related to security, a healthy self-image, money, and resources. We are more concerned with harmonizing than usual and tend to be agreeable and cooperative. We might make fortunate connections.

The Sun moves into Aries today, but just before it does so, it harmonizes with Pluto (also on the verge of changing signs). This Sun-Pluto sextile puts us in a renovating spirit–we seek more depth from our activities and connections. It subtly increases our determination, ambition, and dedication. Making improvements or working toward a personal goal can be successful now. We tend to direct our energy constructively and seek new insight into our lives.

The Sun enters pioneering Aries this afternoon, marking the time of the Spring equinox and the start of the astrological New Year. The Sun will transit the sign of Aries until April 20th. We’re enthusiastic and spontaneous during this cycle, and we can be motivated by the desire to conquer, initiate, or pioneer. We are impulsive, and we want to come first and innovate. Aries is a sign that bounces back quickly and is often without pause for regret. We are direct, brave, and relatively uncomplicated in our needs, but we can also be short-sighted or impatient.

The Moon spends the day in Pisces.


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