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june, 2019

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Tuesday, JUNE 18

This morning, the longer-term influence–a Saturn-Neptune sextile–is exact. This aspect first formed in January and will perfect again in November. Both Saturn and Neptune are in the signs they rule (modern rulers) and connect harmoniously, boosting our ability to combine science and faith. We are both builders and dreamers under this significant and supportive influence. This can be an intense time for defining our goals, bringing a vision to life, or putting effort or the legwork into realizing a dream. As well, it can be excellent for softening areas of our lives where we have become too rigid or materialistic. We may feel a stronger sense of mission or purpose. It’s easier than usual to gravitate toward a better work-rest balance or to recognize the need to structure our spiritual lives or make regular time for attention to emotions, magic, romance, or inspiration. We might express our devotion through hard work or service.

Mercury aligns with Mars in the sign of Cancer today, however, and both bodies oppose Pluto tomorrow. We can be very interested in producing and fixing problems. The Mercury-Mars conjunction is a good influence for motivated, energetic work, particularly related to communications and the mind, and, since it occurs in the sign of Cancer, home and family may be involved. We want to get right to the point so that communications can be on the insensitive side. Keeping busy and making headway satisfies us more than usual, and it will be especially essential to channel excess mental energy constructively.

Tensions are possible, particularly as we can be over-excited about an idea or resistant to letting others’ input in. There is a strongly competitive theme today and tomorrow. It would be wise to observe whatever powerful feelings that confrontations or conflicts arouse, as the energies of the day can have a way of pulling out suppressed anger. We may be insisting on knowing the “truth” or on exposing falsehoods, making mountains out of molehills. There can be paranoid thoughts or excessive suspicion, as well. However, if we aim to learn from our jealousies, they can bring us closer to understanding what we truly want.


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