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july, 2019

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Tuesday, JULY 9

The First Quarter Moon occurs today, and so does the Sun’s annual opposition to Saturn, and we can feel compelled to make changes. The Sun in Cancer forms a square to the Moon in Libra, and we may become aware of obstacles related to a recent plan or project.

With the Sun-Saturn opposition, we can experience a reality check as well, likely related to our work, responsibilities, or the rules, in general. Feelings of doubt, pessimism, or guilt may undermine our confidence until we make corrections. Feeling blocked, encountering obstacles to progress, and inhibitions are all possible under this influence. While there can be a letdown, our efforts to measure up to expectations can ultimately increase confidence in our ability to be responsible for ourselves. Focusing too much on our feelings may not be very productive right now. This is a time for reevaluating goals, taking into better account the limits of time and energy. It can be a good time for developing real solutions to long-term problems and for recognizing the meaning behind recent restrictions or limitations. We might acknowledge the need to adopt a humbler, more mature, and possibly more conservative approach. We might also need to catch up on neglected duties or responsibilities.

The Sun aligns with the True North Node of the Moon today, and this encourages and perhaps challenges us to grow, improve, and aspire to our goals.

The Moon is void from 3:35 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio tomorrow, Wednesday, July 10th, at 5:29 AM EDT.


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