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july, 2019

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Monday, JULY 8

While a square between Venus and Chiron can point to blocks to intimacy and insecurities, a sextile between Venus and Uranus also forms today and brings us (gently) out of our shells, encouraging our bolder, more innovative natures, socially speaking. We are most interested in all that is new, unusual, and out-of-the-ordinary with regards to romantic involvements, entertainment or pleasures, and financial undertakings. We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying on new ways of relating to others and expressing ourselves. We may be discovering alternative ways to make (or spend) money. We’re freer with our feelings, although a little detached, and we find beauty in the unfamiliar or uncommon.

Also today, retrograde Mercury aligns with Mars. A problem from the past can re-emerge now, and we feel driven to take care of it, although it can be challenging to stay centered. We should watch for impatience, snappiness, and impulsive moves and words. This conjunction is suitable for motivated, energetic work, particularly related to communications and the mind. We may want to get right to the point, so that communications may be on the insensitive side. With Mercury retrograde, we might renew interest in handling an old problem or reviving an old project. This can be a time of racing minds and excited thoughts.

As well, Chiron stations as it turns retrograde. Chiron’s retrograde cycle lasts until December 12th and is a good time for introspection. We might reassess mental and physical health programs in our lives during this period. The Moon ends its transit of Virgo and enters Libra at 2:07 AM EDT.

The void Moon ends when the Moon enters Libra today at 2:07 AM EDT.


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