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july, 2019

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Friday, JULY 19

Retrograde Mercury moves back into the sign of Cancer early today. Mercury will continue to retrograde until July 31st and then will re-enter Leo on August 11th. When Mercury is in Cancer, we rely more on our intuition to assess situations than usual. We may be reviewing or reassessing matters related to home, family, our personal lives, domestic issues, and our feelings now. This is an excellent period for getting in touch with our motivations, emotional needs, as well as what nurtures us and feeds our spirits. Our society doesn’t usually value emotional communication as much as rational approaches. However, now is the time to consider our more intimate or sympathetic natures and how these affect our decision-making processes. It’s a time of increased sensitivity and fine-tuned emotional radar.

Retrograde Mercury periods tend to send us to the past for further or previously hidden information, and while in Cancer, this is especially the case. We might think of past events in new ways. The Moon continues to transit Aquarius and then enters Pisces at 5:20 PM EDT.

The void Moon ends when the Moon enters Pisces today at 5:20 PM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Friday) EDT(GMT-04:00) View in my time




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