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december, 2022

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Wednesday, DECEMBER 14

With today’s Sun-Neptune square, we can struggle with our direction. If we’ve lacked inspiration or motivation, we can feel it more acutely now. This influence tends to diffuse energy and blur boundaries. We may deal with disorganization, impracticality, or a temporary energy drain. Ideally, we come up with ideas for refueling.

This transit challenges us to consider our needs for inspiration and imagination, which might conflict with our plans and goals. We may need to confront the areas of our lives where reality isn’t measuring up to our ideals. Until we find ways to incorporate more spirit into our lives, it’s hard to feel motivated.

Still, it can be a time of increased spiritual awareness and vision, even if we initially struggle with this. There may be detours or distractions to deal with now. Sun-Neptune amps up uncertainty, and we can either go with that flow or resist it and feel a little lost temporarily until we regroup.

A Venus-Saturn semi-square is also in play, and there can be some diffidence in our interactions. With this transit, we can be cool with our sentiments and emotionally distant. Anxiety or troubles with our feelings and affections are likely.

As the day advances, a Mercury-Chiron square comes into influence, pointing to possibly strained, unnatural communications. We can be more sensitive to criticism than usual. We may doubt ourselves when solving problems or learning and expressing ourselves. Even so, a temporary dip might boost our motivation to improve.

The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Virgo at 3:46 AM EST.


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