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august, 2021

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Tuesday, AUGUST 17

This morning, Mercury and the Sun form minor challenging aspects with Pluto, and we can become wound up relatively easily. Mental tension is possible, and decision-making perhaps stunted, ideally motivating us to handle problem areas. We can have a slightly suspicious way of looking at the way things work. If others are not agreeing or adopting our ideas, we may take this as a personal affront. Instead of getting where we want to go directly, we could take a roundabout route and manipulate others. We can feel impatient with shallow or slow thinking, and we can be irritable. An adjustment may be necessary before we can feel that we’re moving forward. There may be a minor power shift or a setback that has us feeling temporarily out of sorts or powerless, prompting us to make changes. We might need to let something go to further our psychological growth.

The Moon spends the day in Sagittarius. While it’s an adventurous, freedom-loving sign, Sagittarian ruler, Jupiter, is heading toward a semi-square to Chiron, clipping our wings just a little. It’s the second in a set of three (previously in April and upcoming in November), and it can be a time when we are hungry for meaning and understanding. Still, it can be difficult to align ourselves with a personal philosophy or belief system that truly reflects our core. We might be led astray by beliefs and ideas now, or we might experience some form of crisis of faith. It is essential to look within and come to a greater understanding of what we truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn’t truly serve our purpose. New business endeavors may require a closer look before pushing forward.

The void Moon occurs from 9:43 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Jupiter), until the Moon enters Capricorn tomorrow, Wednesday, August 18th, at 1:58 AM EDT.


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