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Astrology Book Reviews


Looking to learn more about Astrology? A large assortment of Astrology books are available for Astrology beginners on up. 

On this page, we offer astrology book reviews and news. Our reviews are designed for readers to make informed decisions about the books and products they buy. Even if you are not in the market for books, you may find the reviews interesting nonetheless. Astrology principles and perspectives are discussed. Some of the books listed below feature full reviews, and others are short synopses or summaries of the book.

Note: We've added our own system of levels to our reviews. These let readers know whether we consider the book a true beginner book (level 1), the next step up (level 2), an intermediate title (level 3), or a book containing advanced concepts and/or techniques (level 4).

Astrology Reviews

Astrology Books - General

This category includes "cookbook"-style books, and other general introductions to the subject of Astrology.



We recommend this outstanding book for developing a strong understanding of astrology basics: Chart Interpretation Handbook: Guidelines for Understanding the Essentials of the Birth Chart


Astrology Books - Relationships


Astrology Books - Predictions/The Future

Astrology Books - Special Interest


Astrology Books - Advanced Techniques


Astrology Software


Classic Astrology Books


Astrology Book Comparisons


Astrology Book News

New releases in astrology books:

Recently released astrology books include:

  • Mapping Your Money: Understanding Your Financial Potential
  • Mapping Your Sex Life by Stephanie Clement
  • Cycles of Life


See These and More Releases in Astrology Books

See New & Upcoming Releases in Astrology Books


Need help finding out the sign of your (or someone else's) planets? See our article, How to Obtain Your Natal Chart.



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