Composite Couples Report


The Composite Couples Report interprets the Composite chart–the combined chart of a couple. The report examines the placement of the Sun through Pluto in the houses of the Composite chart as well as the aspects between the composite planets. The average computerized report runs approximately 15 pages long. This report is best for established couples, and for those looking to discover the potential of a coupled relationship.

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The Composite Couples Report interprets the Composite chart–the combined chart of a couple. The report examines the placement of the Sun through Pluto in the houses of the Composite chart as well as the aspects between the composite planets. The average report runs approximately 15 pages long. This report is best for established couples, and for those looking to discover the potential of a coupled relationship.

Astrological factors considered: the Sun through Pluto. Planets in houses and planetary aspects are interpreted.

From the author of this report (from the introduction): “Each of us has a personal birth chart that records where the planets were at the time when we were born. As long as we are lone individuals, we are stuck with that chart. The placements and aspects of our natal birth chart will define our potential as individuals for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, the possible aspects and possible alignments of the planets in our birth chart are limited by where the planets actually were around the time when we were born. It is not possible to have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in our birth charts when Jupiter and Saturn were on opposite sides of the solar system.

All of those limitations disappear when it comes to the composite chart between two people. Through the magic of two people’s charts coming together and combining, almost any combination, almost any destiny, is possible. By unifying with another person, the two of you can have a greater capacity to channel the planetary energies in a desired direction than was possible for either one of you alone. The two of you do have to submerge your individual egos to the extent necessary to form a partnership, but as long as the two of you remain linked as partners in that team, the planetary energies of its composite chart are at the disposal of both of you.

We may think that we are in charge when it comes to selecting another person to be our mate, but I am not so sure that is always the case. Some composite charts have so many synchronicities, so many close alignments of multiple planets, that they appear to be alchemical experiments orchestrated by Fate from the Other Side. In particular, I have seen these close linkages in the composite charts of certain couples whose lives have received intense media exposure, as if the lives of these couples were meant to be teaching tools.”

A note on the default settings for this report: We use the derived Midheaven approach to calculate the house cusps in the composite chart. This is the most popular and recommended method. What differs from many programs is that this software corrects situations where Mercury and Venus are found in abnormal or unnatural positions relative to the Sun by using the far midpoint rather than the near midpoint in those cases only. This is because Mercury and Venus are always found close to the Sun, but consistent use of the near midpoint for calculations can sometimes produce charts with Mercury and Venus unnaturally far from the Sun. The program also treats planets that are in one house but conjunct the cusp of the following house as in that subsequent house (for example, if the Moon is at 9 degrees Sagittarius and is technically in the 3rd house but is conjunct the 4th house at 10 degrees Sagittarius, then the program will treat the Moon as in the 4th house). Both of these corrections mimic what most astrologers would do when interpreting the chart.

Note that accurate birth times are important for this report — a composite chart’s houses cannot be determined if either birth time is unknown. If a birth time is unknown, please note that this is the case (“unknown” can be entered in the birth time field) and the report will not contain house interpretations because these are impossible to determine. Using 12 PM as a birth time for an unknown birth time will not make the houses accurate. You will receive house interpretations in the report for a guessed birth time, but the house interpretations should be ignored if either or both times are not known.

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Report Sample


Composite Couples Report for Meghan & Harry


Meghan Duchess of Sussex
August 4, 1981 4:46:00 AM
Canoga Park, California
Time Zone: 07:00 (PDT)
Longitude: 118° W 35′ 50″
Latitude: 34° N 12′ 04″

Harry Duke of Sussex
September 15, 1984 4:20:00 PM
Paddington, United Kingdom
Time Zone: -01:00 (BST)
Longitude: 000° W 12′
Latitude: 51° N 32′



Each of us has a personal birth chart that records where the planets were at the time when we were born. As long as we are lone individuals, we are stuck with that chart. The placements and aspects of our natal birth chart will define our potential as individuals for the rest of our lives. Furthermore, the possible aspects and possible alignments of the planets in our birth chart are limited by where the planets actually were around the time when we were born. It is not possible to have Jupiter conjunct Saturn in our birth charts when Jupiter and Saturn were on opposite sides of the solar system.

All of those limitations disappear when it comes to the composite chart between two people. Through the magic of two people’s charts coming together and combining, almost any combination, almost any destiny, is possible. By unifying with another person, the two of you can have a greater capacity to channel the planetary energies in a desired direction than was possible for either one of you alone. The two of you do have to submerge your individual egos to the extent necessary to form a partnership, but as long as the two of you remain linked as partners in that team, the planetary energies of its composite chart are at the disposal of both of you.

We may think that we are in charge when it comes to selecting another person to be our mate, but I am not so sure that is always the case. Some composite charts have so many synchronicities, so many close alignments of multiple planets, that they appear to be alchemical experiments orchestrated by Fate from the Other Side. In particular, I have seen these close linkages in the composite charts of certain couples whose lives have received intense media exposure, as if the lives of these couples were meant to be teaching tools.

The composite chart of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is a perfect example of a composite chart that featured multiple exact planet linkages. Two planets are at 5 degrees, two planets are at 16 degrees, two planets are at 17 degrees, almost conjunct the Midheaven at 18 degrees, four planets are at 26 degrees and the remaining planet is at 27 degrees. These linkages channeled the couple’s behavior during their short marriage to an extreme degree. The composite charts of the former President of Argentina, Juan Perón, with his two successive wives, Evita and Isabel, show such striking similarities that the astrologer must conclude that Juan Perón was truly a Man of Destiny.

I have also seen in composite charts between members of the same family some very interesting chart patterns that repeat or alternate, indicating that these souls were brought together in order to work on similar life lessons.

You may or may not have amazingly synchronized linkages with your partner, but you can be sure that you picked each other because subconsciously you detected that the interaction between the two of you had an interesting quality to it. You felt like what was created when the two of you came together was something larger than yourself, was something that provided room for you to grow, and finally was a direction in which you wanted to grow.

The interpretations that follow of the planetary placements and aspects in the composite chart for you and your partner will describe the nature of the relationship environment in which you and your partner have your being. It should not come as a big surprise to you, since you have actually been living the life that it describes, but it should help you to be more conscious about your relationship and it may validate some of your unconscious perceptions. Some placements and aspects are mostly harmonious – you know that you have support in those areas. Other placements and aspects challenge you to work and try harder to get the desired response – these are actually the growth opportunities that attracted you to this relationship. If your relationship ever became ‘perfect’ you would quickly get bored and would want more challenge. That is just part of human nature. We want to feel needed and we want to keep growing.

The composite positions by house and aspects are interpreted for the Sun through Pluto. The aspects are arranged by relative strength. The numbers themselves don’t have particular meaning except as a means to sort the aspects. Major aspects with closer orbs are considered stronger and will appear before those aspects with larger orbs as well as minor aspects.

It is important to note that if either person’s birth time is unknown, the house positions are unlikely to be accurate. The aspects, however, are likely to be correct as long as the birth dates are known.



Composite Planets in the Houses

Sun in the Fifth House

You are happiest when you are together, and welcome others, inviting them to join your fun. To some, you may seem frivolous, but no one who knows you can deny a genuine affection. In a personal relationship, you happily announce that you are sweethearts.

However, the energy you generate does not depend on or require company. Romance can be an ice cream cone shared in summertime, or a single downy jacket to envelop the two of you on a blustery day.

You spark each other’s creative side and delight in its discovery. If there is a practical streak in one of you, you may turn this to your advantage in a business opportunity that displays your collective talents.

You may think a legal marriage might inhibit your fun. Nevertheless, many of you may be drawn towards that end by an urge to have children, finding that in procreation there can be the joyous experience of a new beginning. Creation often lends a chance to expand your ardent, utopian alliance forever. Others are inspired creatively by one another, and this serves to expand your connection.


Moon in the Fourth House

You are extremely sensitive to your surroundings. You may see your home environment as a haven where you will share your most intimate moments.

Like Dorothy (in The Wizard of Oz), you may hold sentimental attachments to the past and will cling to whatever represents the happiness you knew as a child. If your ties are purely emotional, you may refuse to grow up. That would be a pity. Your backgrounds will probably differ. With your partner, you can open new ways of thinking and influence each other to grow within the comfort and security of your relationship. Loyalty to family is an important part of your nature.

You may enjoy the house of your dreams so much that you see it as a hideaway and almost resent the intrusion of others. Nevertheless, remember that there is no more perfect place to entertain your friends and to share the ambiance of the world which you have created.

If you elect to operate a business from your home, real estate, decorating or home improvement are good choices. You have a rare opportunity to share and profit from the things that mean so much to you, and with someone who will probably understand you like no other, in the privacy of your home, together.


Mercury in the Fourth House

You may establish a home with each other or invest in property together. You feel completely at one with each other so that trust is seldom an issue. A working relationship of any kind will work very well. Not only are you on the same wave-length 90% of the time, but should conflicts arise, you will not hesitate to discuss and work them out between you.

Entertaining at home is seldom dull. You will keep parties lively with what you enjoy most — scintillating conversation or games that require some imagination or mind-benders, e.g., “Scrabble” or solving a “Mystery.” In a one-to-one, you may share a crossword puzzle or games of strategy, e.g. chess. You probably have an interest in the same hobbies or agree readily on forms of recreation. Being equally matched, who wins is not always important. The game itself provides the stimulation of challenge, which satisfies your need for competition.

You probably realize from the start that you have each other to act as a resounding soundboard. Just do not over-intellectualize your relationship, which would spoil the fun!


Venus in the Sixth House

Though love is present, you may feel the price is too high. If yours is a true friendship, you will take your vows seriously and will adopt the philosophy that “duty comes first.” Eventually, duty is what may hold you together. In the extreme, this can result in an attitude of domination or one of you controlling your whole relationship. Then, restrictions forced on the other partner will cause, at the least, hurt feelings, which may compound an unhappy situation.

A lack of money may be responsible for acquiring nothing but essentials, creating internal pressures difficult to tolerate. On the other hand, your resolve that no job is too difficult for solution makes you valuable in business. Hard taskmasters, you seldom demand more from employees than you do from yourselves. You reason that there is no teacher like experience.

No matter how sincere your intentions, it is difficult for love to survive on its own, when there is a one-way street. Nevertheless, there is an element of self-sacrifice inherent in your pairing which, in a way, is a greater love than most choose to experience. If you are willing to give without becoming a martyr, you may work hard, but achieve a fulfilling payoff to solidify your union.

The second half of this report will give the meaning of any aspects that exist in the composite chart involving Venus. You must combine this house placement interpretation with those Venus aspect interpretations, as they will modulate the planet’s expression in this house.


Mars in the Sixth House

Success in your relationship relies heavily on your ability to work together as a team. This is a challenge, since your dynamic energy is largely ego-based. It is important that you overcome personal issues before you put them ahead of your real purpose. Once in a well-structured groove, you will devote both time and energy to your mutual success.

Whether building a personal connection or on a professional level, your serious approach to what may be accomplished will be a steadying factor. Only if you adopt a “me first” attitude will you be tempted to abort your efforts. This is no time for one-upmanship. You have a real need for someone with the same high energy level that you exhibit to keep things going when you suffer from burnout, which you may experience because of your unswerving dedication.

Trying to “go it alone” can result in frustration if your labors become tedious and restrict your normal lifestyle. Rely on a partner whose sense of duty is as strong as your own to bolster you up or take over while you benefit from a needed break. By collaborating you can continually refresh and renew your interest in the goals you have set together.


Jupiter in the Seventh House

You probably will expect the most from relationships, and try to push the boundaries of experiences in the past that you may blame for falling short of your goals. In any event, you will not be afraid to give it a try and will find that getting there with a harmonious partner makes the journey extra special.

A feeling that fate has brought you together may have more of a sound basis than you think. It may be because you are so simpatico that you will gladly adjust to circumstances in order to keep things running smoothly. Any personal time that you spend together will be quality time. You may spend some of it in traveling for pleasure as well as business, or in doing research in fields that you would never have considered investigating before you had the inspiration of your partner.

The downside is that since you deal with life on a larger-than-life scale, failing in your efforts or your friendship can lead to a blowout of epic proportions. You will find it difficult to pick up the pieces and cement them once you have split, because the trust that you took for granted is no longer there. Talking things out may expose problems that have become an integral part of your relationship, but you may not wish to share them as a team and are likely to take them very personally. It is better to be forewarned to curb over-enthusiasm and take steps now to smooth out any wrinkles that might later appear to mar your otherwise “perfect” pairing.


Saturn in the Seventh House

This placement gives longevity to your relationship. You have shared goals and values. Even after the infatuation fades, you continue to play important roles in each other’s life. You may be kept together by shared duties, obligations, and responsibilities.

You should try to see where your partner is coming from when you react to one another. There is a tendency to try to place blame because of certain feelings of deprivation.

While you may be in your pairing for the long haul, be prepared for an uphill climb. Try to appreciate your partner’s efforts, realizing that each of you is trying to make a success of any projects that you undertake. In a marriage, it may be difficult to express affection freely. You often may not understand why you stay together.

The truth is that you have an honest respect for your partner’s efforts. You are probably very much alike in many ways. You are both willing to work hard in order to make the relationship a success.


Uranus in the Eighth House

This can be a difficult placement. The house deals with the physical connection between you. Uranus can be a planet of excitement and upsets, the innovative and unusual, or a planet of awareness and insights. Having composite Uranus here can make your connection quite exciting, but it can also introduce some unusual elements. Things could somehow be different when it comes to the issues of sex, money, or food.

Uranus here can throw light on the contents of your unconscious. Your unconscious may be the origin of those unusual elements. You may or may not like what emerges from it. You may feel that your partner is triggering and is responsible for feelings that are really coming from inside you. Ask yourself if there is still trust between you. Do not do anything impulsive that would damage or break that trust – especially avoid acting to ‘get even’. If you already have a relationship and still trust each other, then instead of starting over again back at square one with someone new, why not stay with the person who has gotten you this far?


Neptune in the Eighth House

You find each other charming. You enjoy each other’s company because you connect on so many levels. If/when you engage in physical intercourse, there is a telepathic connection between you. Things click in a special, magical way between you because of that connection. It gives you the assurance that you are meant to be with this person. The relationship can also be fruitful and productive when it comes to money and/or children. However, Neptune can be hare-brained at times, so think twice before you do anything weird concerning money and/or children. This is capable of being a long-lasting relationship.


Pluto in the Seventh House

In your eyes at least, you are equal partners. What makes your relationship work is that you have both love and mutual respect for each other. Your relationship can be rather confrontational, but by frankly discussing problems, you are able to clear the air and maintain your relationship’s health. Honesty may hurt, but it keeps the relationship thriving. You know that the person criticizing you is still in your corner. You care for each other. The relationship helps both of you to learn from each other in many ways. You might both have histories of coping with dominators or abusers in your youth. If so, then you are a good match to heal each other. This is not the kind of relationship where you blend into one person, as you both maintain distinctly separate identities. Even if you should happen to move on to other people, you will continue to speak highly of each other.



Planets in Aspect

Moon square Pluto (Strength: 6.86)

By hook or by crook, this relationship will help trim away the worst of your bad emotional habits and laziness. It will be an incredible growth experience. You may have to go through some pain, but at the end of it, you will be tough, not childishly feeling sorry for yourself. You will have encountered the deep forces that make the world go around and possibly learned to align yourself with them. Not only can this composite aspect help to clean you out, but also if you stick with it then together you will become fearless and have wisdom beyond your years.

You see in each other the potential for a deep emotional connection and you seek to access the power inherent in that depth of experience. There is likely a deep urge to lose yourself in your partner without losing your own sense of control or of self. You want to dive into the relationship, but you are still afraid of the potential death of your own individuality. This creates a power struggle within you as well as within your relationship that will involve a lot of negative emotions and energies, including a tendency to try to dominate one or the other of you.

If there is a lot of love between you in an intimate relationship, then you will have to relate to each other without trying to manipulate or control. The depth of feelings present in your relationship can be seen as fated in nature. The psychological and emotional energies between you are so intense that you may only be able to handle them for so many years. But echoing Ecclesiastes, to every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

Use this relationship to work on yourself, rather than on your partner. Give each other breathing room, as this is an intense process and there will be much healing going on. Feel free to ask for help in your process. A therapist can be valuable as a guide. Also ask for guidance from spiritual light sources such as guardian angels, spirit guides, or whatever feels right to you, as a balance against any dark energies that come up. Through this process, you can learn to balance and control some of the powerful energies and emotions that previously were too much for you to handle. As you do this, you will each grow and become better human beings.


Sun square Uranus (Strength: 6.51)

You feel that the rules do not apply to you or your relationship. You feel that you are above having to conform. However, do not be surprised when you are blindsided by sudden and unexpected events that appear to come from nowhere and which derail your well-laid plans. Your relationship is exciting and surprising, and depending on the chart as a whole could be unstable. There will be a psychological sense of unsettledness or unease that will prevent you from ever becoming too comfortable in your relationship. Circumstances will tend to arise that present you with unexpected and unusual challenges. Among these challenges is the need to allow each other the freedom to follow your own directions in life. This is the challenge of non-attachment, a potentially powerful spiritual lesson that promises a certain degree of growth and stability for your relationship, especially if you engage in some form of spiritual practice together. This can help you to flow more easily with your life and with each other.

There is an electric quality to Uranus that corresponds to the sudden and electric process of kundalini energy rising within the body, or of the electric feeling of suddenly slipping into a state of enlightenment. Much of what pushes you in your relationship is the need to find this creative state and to attain the freedom that such enlightenment promises. Along the way, your life becomes a spiritual path, whether you are aware of it or not. Unusual and unconventional experiences will constantly be presented to you as doorways that can open your awareness to greater levels of understanding.

This aspect helps you relate more with friends or groups of people with common interests and goals than it does in intimate relationships. To find that enlightened peak experience is more important to you than maintaining a traditional relationship. If both of you understand that your relationship is not about being in a traditional partnership, or about resting from the day, then you can use this energy to great advantage. The goal of this partnership is for the two of you to push each other to evolve, to widen your perceptions and your experience of life, to become enlightened.


Moon sextile Mars (Strength: 5.82)

You energize each other. As a romantic couple, your life is passionate and fun. Your interaction is based more on feelings than on thinking. The positive emotional energy in your relationship is strong – it creates a dynamic interaction between you. You are a source of much emotional support to each other. This combination is intense – it would be wise to stay active together in order to give your energy different avenues of expression. If you do not do this, then your energetic natures could build up to dangerous levels that could threaten your relationship or physical health.

In intimate relations, unless Jupiter and Neptune are part of the configuration, sex and sexuality should occupy a central place in your interaction. This aspect can become a great blessing, allowing sex to create and strengthen your emotional bond. You will tend to respond sexually far more easily because there is already a deep emotional bond that excites you. Your relationship is thus a passionate interaction based on powerful emotional and nurturing energies.

In other types of relationships or partnerships, this energy will push you to be very active so that the energy that you generate does not stagnate. The combination produces incredible amounts of energy that can make you very productive – look to the rest of the chart for an indication of the nature of that productivity. Generally, you should enjoy engaging in sports or other physical activities together.


Mercury square Jupiter (Strength: 5.71)

There is a tremendous amount of optimism in your relationship and you instill a very positive outlook on life in each other. With all of your huge plans, your life is interesting and stimulating. There is a small but easily dealt with problem here. You can become so optimistic, holding a vision of what you can achieve, that you let go of all sense of practicality and become attached to unrealistic expectations. You do not have a sense of, or feel the need to, take care of the practical steps required to realize all of your goals. This is not really a serious problem but it can create a sense that things do not flow very smoothly for you when reality does not match your vision. Your powerful optimism and extremely positive outlook on your life will, in fact, bring you much of what you want. That is part of the process of positive thinking. Nevertheless, there can be little ways in which you do not realize all that you desire.

Your problems will usually arise from something mundane and trivial, but they will affect your huge and expansive plans in fundamental ways. Learn to look at the small things in your life as important parts of your greater plans. You might find that you are able to plan very effectively, yet you do not have the practical sensibility to implement your ideas. If you do make plans, you might then find that you do not have the practical ability to promote and handle them effectively. In cases like this, it can be beneficial to hire people to take care of these areas.

Couples with this optimistic aspect are more likely to get married, and then, when things do not work out, more likely to get divorced.

Be aware of your actual abilities for attaining your goals. You might cut down on the ever-expanding number of ideas that come to you and focus on those few that seem more important. You may feel like diving into all of your plans and goals at once, but this will only dissipate your energies. This can be a good supportive aspect to have in the composite chart as long as there are other aspects that help you with discipline, details, and fact checks.


Venus conjunct Mars (Strength: 4.78)

If you are in a love relationship, then you have a natural chemistry that flows easily. Nothing about your relationship seems forced. There is a connection between you, and both of you know it. You are very aware of each other. A powerful physical attraction or animal magnetism draws you together. You surrender easily to moments of passion.

If yours is a friendship or a business partnership, you will still feel the intensity of this aspect. You may be buddies who miss each other when you are separated. Even if there is no sexual relationship involved, you will still be aware of each other’s physical presence. If your friend or business partner is of the appropriate age and gender, then the sexual pull will be quite strong and it may be difficult to maintain a platonic relationship. Ethical questions regarding sex between professional partners can then become a potentially destructive dilemma. You may not agree on whether to slip into a personal relationship or remain professional, and this could create a large amount of tension between you that can only be resolved by going your separate ways. Your feelings toward each other will not be neutral, whether your relationship results in romantic commitment or you become bitter enemies. If you can find harmony together, you could form a powerful team that can accomplish a great deal, both personally and professionally.

There are many more married than divorced couples with this aspect in our files, but looking at the few divorced couples that have this aspect, they fall into two categories. In the simplest category, there were squares from Saturn or Uranus to this conjunction that made the relationship too difficult. But there were also divorced couples who had nothing but harmonious aspects like this in their composite chart. These couples needed to divorce in order to find their own space, because the relationship was stifling their growth as individuals.


Moon square Saturn (Strength: 4.45)

The two of you could take on a lot of responsibility in this relationship. This aspect appears in the composite charts of at least three U.S. Presidents and their wives – Kennedy, Nixon, and Carter, as well as media magnates such as Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford who ruled 1920s Hollywood from Pickfair Mansion as well as Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham of afternoon television. It disciplines your emotions and helps you manage your attention and resources in an intelligent way. You have what it takes to see the larger picture and to balance responsibilities. Your connection was not a spontaneous or impulsive act. If you choose to remain in your partnership, there is much work for you to do in the process of building something with the promise of satisfaction and success. Close or intimate relationships are built on emotional affinity. Even if yours is a business partnership, this connection can create a sense of cold and practical efficiency. This will not present much of a problem if you focus your partnership on very practical or worldly concerns. In an intimate relationship, however, there may be a sense of emotional alienation between you. You will not feel quite at home with each other, and you may even feel lonely within your relationship.

If you choose to stay together, then by applying yourself to your relationship you can create some very pleasant results. You can learn a great deal about emotions in your partnership if you approach this as a learning opportunity. Push yourself beyond what seems to be a comfortable level for you in expressing your loving or affectionate emotions to each other. Learn more about yourself and your relationship through seminars and workshops. They can be valuable tools in discovering structured and practical ways of helping you to connect with each other. As you practice these techniques, you will find that you are growing emotionally, and coming together with more warmth than before.

You might also structure some periodic rituals and other practices into your life that can help to create a greater sense of emotional involvement with each other. This might include a more spiritual approach to your life. As your formalize your interaction with each other in ways that are meaningful to both of you, these rituals can then act as a bridge that allows for emotional growth between you.


Saturn conjunct Pluto (Strength: 4.29)

Power and focus can be a transforming element of your relationship, if you can learn to understand the nature of this energy. It can create a great deal of difficulty, struggle, and hard times either between the two of you or between you and the world outside. There could be periods of severe lack for you, when you lapse into a poverty consciousness and feel that the world is against you. This can be a very trying energy for you to live with, but it is giving you the opportunity to find your inner power and focus it on whatever it is that you want in your life.

One of you may play an active role in encouraging the other to persist and to overcome problems, which usually requires refocusing with more mature thinking. It takes a powerful person with vision to nurture their partner’s potential. You will both grow together.

As a couple, adversity strengthens you and gives you power. You tend to live by the adage that whatever does not kill you will make you stronger. As you learn to access your inner resources, you will find that you thrive on working through hardship. It can even be that your finest hour and your greatest victories will come during periods of fear and defeat. You have the ability to pull victory and success out of situations where there appears to be no success possible. You could end up functioning at the highest levels of power and responsibility.

Part of your process is that you are transforming your life so that you can have power and success in a world of cold, hard realities. You have an ability to access your inner power and bring it forth in times of adversity, and in the process you change and grow stronger. It can be valuable for you to utilize techniques and knowledge that tap deeper into your psyche in order to access your deeper levels of potential power. Martial arts can be a great help for you. They are designed to help you tap into your power center and bring that power up and into action in your life. Psychotherapy can help you to change hidden and debilitating subconscious patterns and to free up more of your natural inner power for use in your transformation of yourself and your world.


Moon sextile Venus (Strength: 4.00)

Yours is a very loving and harmonious connection, which indicates a deep emotional compatibility. Many married couples have this composite aspect. You find it easy to express your emotions to one another, and this adds tremendously to your overall level of intimate communication. If yours is a love relationship, then this combination gives you an easy, flowing connection, and you are able to express your loving feelings as much as is possible for you. Your love will be quiet and easy, allowing for the growth of a deep friendship beyond the passionate sexual attraction that we normally associate with love affairs. If you are romantically involved, then you will be friends as well as lovers. You enjoy the pleasure of each other’s company, and together should enjoy an active social life, and have a great deal of fun together. If your relationship is a friendship, then you should be close friends.

If yours is a business relationship, you will be drawn to work that expresses great harmony and beauty. Working in the arts, with theater, fashion design, graphic design, or any other area where you can use your heightened aesthetic sensibilities, will likely prove to be successful as well as emotionally satisfying for you. It is essential for your relationship that you support each other’s endeavors.

Children are usually considered an expression of love between married couples, and if your relationship is a marriage, then it is likely that you will be fertile and that you will realize your desire for children.


Neptune sextile Pluto (Strength: 3.30)

This aspect exposes your dreams and ideals to the harsh light of day, which could disillusion you and force you to grow up quickly. It introduces you to the big picture, especially when it comes to the arts, such as literature, film, and music. You know how to reach a mass audience. You are a good judge of quality and associate yourself with the best people. Your approach tends to combine tenderness with mental ferocity. You like your freedom and would not like to be confined by a traditional system or even by traditional morals. You could be part of a network of friends who share modern concepts.


Saturn sextile Neptune (Strength: 3.00)

You seem to have created a nice balance between the ideal and the real, or the spiritual and the mundane, in your relationship. There is a lot about your union that you see as ideal and spiritual, but you are able to combine the ideal with practical considerations and still stay grounded. You do not give into flights of fantasy, but still there could be fairy-tale qualities to your life together. You have a way of making your life together seem ideal. The ability to build a dream in real life is no small feat. Working as a team, you come close to implementing the perfect life that you imagine.

Many couples seem to need a relationship with more challenge, conflict, and growth – with less perfection than this aspect offers. Of the 73 couples in our government database who have this aspect, 34 percent of them were divorced (where 18 percent is the average). After a while, it appears that perfection can become stagnant and boring. Such is life. C’est la vie. It happens all the time that someone will sabotage ‘a perfect life’.

If yours is a professional relationship, you are very practical. At the same time, you are interested in making dreams come true in whichever field you are. You work on ideas, dreams, and fantasies that can be practically applied to real world situations and leave the more fanciful flights of the imagination to others.

Meditation, martial arts, or any and all other forms of spiritual discipline can add greatly to your relationship and give you valuable outlets for the expression of the energy between you. In a world in dire need of spiritual direction, you may even find that you can help others in their search for this type of truth.


Moon trine Uranus (Strength: 2.90)

There is a fresh and spontaneous interplay between you. This may be what attracted you to each other. Your partner often pleasantly surprises you. A dynamism of light, creativity, and spirituality may characterize your relationship. It gives you lots of freedom for emotional self-expression. Your relationship will be unique or unusual in one or more ways. You may seek to redefine your life outside conventional bounds. If you can approach your relationship with no expectations and with an open heart and mind, then your potential for growth and adventure is great. Friends and acquaintances outside your relationship take on added importance for you.

Uranus brings to you sudden flashes of insight that will open you up to new ideas and levels of truth that will affect you and your relationship. This is part of a larger process of sudden, unexpected, and electric shifts of awareness. In your relationship, you will veer off the beaten path into new and creative ways to live your life, ways that are filled with adventure and spirit. If you are in a love relationship, a tantric approach to your sex life could be very beneficial, helping you to keep more of your focus for stimulation on each other rather than outside your relationship.

You seek to live life to the fullest, and if you remember to look for the creative spirit in all that comes your way, then your life and your relationship will become a grand, enlightening adventure.


Mars square Neptune (Strength: 2.29)

This constructive aspect gives you the force and energy to fight for your convictions. You have a nice aura of glamour or nobility combined with a can-do spirit that others enjoy. Idealism guides your worldly actions. However, not all of those actions will hit their targets. Good intentions have a way of backfiring in the long run. If you stick to serving others, to serving the world, then you will be fine. If you get more ambitious than that, watch out for problems like misdirection, confusion, uncertainty, and incorrect information. When you begin projects together, you could lose your focus and therefore your direction. By the time you get to the end, you could find that you have lost your way and much of your ability to finish what you have started. Nevertheless, everyone knows that your intentions are good so they will not judge you harshly even should you fail.

This aspect challenges you to give spiritual meaning to your desires and your common goals. If you can learn to focus your desires and energies on a higher and more ideal level of expression, then you might be able to accomplish something and retain your energy levels. If you do not try to go to this next level, then your energy and self-expression will battle with those of your partner. You will constantly be caught in a fog where little gets done and you lose direction. This will not be easy for you, but if you consciously try to idealize or spiritualize your life to some degree, then the fog will begin to clear and you will be able to focus in this higher atmosphere above the cloudy mundane level. Meditation and other spiritual practices can be of great benefit to you. You might also find that spiritualizing your sexual life could help, perhaps by adding tantric practices to your repertoire. Rituals are a set of specific actions that are designed to bring a sense of spirituality into your life and to get you up and out of your earthbound vision. It is best to be extremely honest with each other in order to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Venus sextile Uranus (Strength: 1.46)

You have an intense and exciting relationship, especially if you are romantically involved. You are unconventional and love to go against traditional values whenever you can. You could be ahead of your time, willing to try the new and different. You value freedom of expression for yourself and your partner. You seek to explore the boundaries of creativity within your relationship, and you may appear to be eccentric and a little weird to others. You paint your relationship as an art project that you create together while searching for truth and enlightenment. Conventional behavior is too rigid and boring for you, so you push your relationship into new areas of expression and potential growth.

Fortunately, this eccentric approach works well for you, as you are able to balance your need for experimentation with the requirements of social acceptability. You will not go over the edge in your search for the creative spirit within your relationship and your life. This connection imparts a powerful sense of the creative spiritual aspect of divinity. You will experiment and seek to experience this electric creative spirit in as many ways as you can find. You may experiment sexually as well in an attempt to find that ecstatic spiritual connection in increasingly more intense ways. You will also be friends as well as lovers.

You will alter your way of looking at and thinking about the world through your union. You seek to live your life without restricting rules or inhibiting structures. After all, creative spirit does not follow rules. One of the goals of this contact is to see the universe as spiritual on all of its levels. Spirit lives in all things and all actions, and you are trying to experience that truth through your relationship and incorporate it into your lives. Adding some type of spiritual practice into your routine can help you in this process.

Venus square Neptune (Strength: 1.07)

You will definitely be attracted to each other, but this can be a difficult aspect for your relationship, although you may not figure that out until it is too late. Very likely you see in each other the image of the love of your life and believe that your partner is the ideal and perfect mate for you. And this may indeed be true. Unfortunately, for some with this combination, this will be more illusion and delusion than ideal. When the illusion fades and you wake up from the dream, there will be disillusionment, and too often severe disappointment. There is most probably a lot of confusion regarding what you want from each other. You have been drawn together by romantic relationship fantasies. You will tend to remain in your fantasy without realizing that your perfect partner is someone quite different from what you imagine. You will have expectations based on your dreams and not on reality. It is important to ask, what is real here?

If you understand this in a very practical and realistic way, then you might be able to make your union into the fantasy that you have envisioned. You see in each other a spiritual element that excites and enlivens your imagination. That image is real, but it is not connected with the reality of your physical mundane existence and the very real mundane relationship into which you have been attracted. There is work to be done here. You have shown each other an ideal potential. Now it is up to you to make that potential real. Learn to look at each other as real people with shortcomings and personal issues. See the spiritual potential that underlies these blemishes and try to embrace it as a manifestation of your ideal reality. Meditation and other spiritual practices can help you to connect your dreams with reality.

You tend to see perfection and imperfection as irreconcilable differences. Once your dreams of perfection dissolve, you are faced with the dull gray harshness of imperfection. This creates a disappointment so severe that you might decide that you cannot go on. The reality is that perfection and imperfection are two sides of the same coin. You naturally approach this duality as a fight rather than as a dance of complements. If yours is not an ideal relationship, then you can work together to make it into one.

Mercury trine Neptune (Strength: 0.91)

This aspect could initially bring you together by creating sympathetic communication between you. You are extremely sensitive to each other’s minds. There is a deep and powerful level of psychic mental compatibility between you. You share an intuition that allows each of you to know what the other is thinking and feeling, even when you are not physically together. Although you see each other’s blemishes and shortcomings, you are idealistic about your relationship and intellectually recognize the potential of what it promises to become.

Various spiritual traditions teach that dreams, the dream world, and the imagination are actually realities where creative energies emerge and enter our physical reality. Some traditions hold that they may be more real than our solid mundane world. Part of your spiritual evolution is to learn how to create what you want for yourselves from your own imaginations, thus giving you power over your world and allowing you to become creators in your own right. Your relationship presents this opportunity to you. As you progress along this path, you also have an opportunity, if you so choose, to teach what you have learned for others to follow in their own lives.

Mars sextile Uranus (Strength: 0.24)

Life is an adventure for the two of you. You will love to venture forward into the unknown and carve out a new life path involving more creative and meaningful ways of living. The creative spirit of life is all around you, and it is most obviously present for you in anything that is unusual or unpredictable. You will seek new and unusual ways of doing things, and this will lead you in new and unpredictable directions. In this quest, you can learn to balance your old conventional ways with your new adventurous spirit. You will be able to take life to the limits safely without going over the edge. There is danger in going too far too fast, and the wisdom of your more conventional nature will keep you right at that edge between newness and danger. This is where life sparkles for you and your relationship comes most alive. In many ways, yours is a spiritual path that leads you deeper into the electric light of a life lived fully and with meaning.

You walk your path effortlessly yet stay on the edge between the dangers of living and the creative intelligence of life. As you do so more consciously and deliberately, you will be able to pass on what you have learned. So many others would love to add a little more eccentricity to their quiet and boring lives.

Mercury sextile Saturn (Strength: 0.06)

This aspect favors a technical, professional, or business partnership. Your mental abilities allow you to think very clearly and to analyze whatever is presented to you in a cautious and practical manner. Methodical planning and execution will help you to become very successful. You can look at a problem or a project, study it from all sides, and come up with a practical course of action that will usually bring you success. Communication between you will be sparse, yet professional. Indeed this professional structure and the requirements of your work will allow you to be much more talkative than you would ordinarily be. You have something productive to talk about, as well as a professional reason to communicate often.

If yours is an intimate relationship, you will tend to approach your union as a practical partnership. You will bring all the precise intellectual abilities that can make you successful in business to your relationship. You see your union as something socially important and serious. You are committed to each other and you intellectually approach your relationship in a sober and pragmatic manner. You can focus your minds together on common goals and are able to accomplish what you set out to do. Because of this, your relationship will be able to survive most challenges and hardship and will support you well into old age. All relationships have problems, and your first instinct is to fix your relationship with planning and analytical precision. Although this can work for you, it can also keep you emotionally cool to your partner, and therefore prevent your relationship from emotionally growing.


Remember that there is a practical reason for small talk and emotional sharing between lovers. Engaging each other in this way becomes a practical project, with the common goal of building a solid relationship that is stable and enduring. You may love each other very dearly, and you need to learn how to communicate that to each other in a loving way. Aside from your difficulty expressing yourselves, your thoughts and feelings for each other will remain constant throughout your life together. You hold common goals and are able to plan well for your future.

Sun trine Neptune (Strength: 0.02)

You have a strong potential for a very idealized and spiritual union, and you may feel as though you are soul mates. There is a strong psychic connection between you and you often communicate with each other from this higher level without the need for words. There is a dreamy, otherworldly quality to your relationship that makes it seem perfect and without blemishes of any kind– mental, physical, or emotional. The spiritual ideals are so strong in your relationship that you might choose to remain on an idealized platonic level. Among friends, a platonic relationship is sufficient to maintain your relationship. In a love relationship between two flesh and blood individuals, this can create problems. You may wish to include a spiritualized and idealized perspective to your sexual connection in order to help keep your romantic relationship healthy. Spiritualizing sex with your partner allows the seemingly mundane act of sex to become a devotional act that can strengthen the bond between you, both sexually and spiritually. There are many traditions that approach sex as a powerful spiritual practice. Adding some spiritual sexual practices such as tantra to your relationship can create a ritualized and idealized approach to sex that can add to the devotional love you hold for each other.

You must openly discuss and take both partners’ feelings and needs into account. Neptune is also the planet of illusion and deception. If you just let things slide, without having continual frank discussions, then this aspect, especially when strong (strength greater than 5), raises the possibility that one of you will bring the relationship to an end through serious deception.

Although your relationship might give the impression that you have attained a spiritual goal, there is still work to be done. Together, you are connected with the spiritual and the ideal. The next evolutionary step is to bring that idealized vision of relationship down to the mundane, material level of relationship. It is important for you to pay attention to the practical chores of everyday living and to apply your ideal vision to those seemingly tiresome tasks. Paying bills becomes a spiritual practice – the tao of bill paying. Working on improving your relationship is a spiritual practice. Talking to each other about what bothers you is an integral part of this process. You can find the ideal in the practicalities and irritations of daily life, as well as in beatific visions of heaven.


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It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right. 

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