Business Compatibility Report


Compatibility and Conflict Report for Business

This computerized report by Dorothy Oja is based on methods employed through her years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that the author begins with when determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central to a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression.

As such, the report is good for summing up a relationship through the interpretation of key connections between charts.

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Compatibility and Conflict Report for Business

This computerized report by Dorothy Oja is based on methods employed through years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that the author begins with when determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central to a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression.

As such, the report is good for summing up a relationship through the interpretation of key connections between charts.

All computerized reports are sent by email as a PDF attachment usually within 24 hours of purchase and receipt of the full information required to produce the reports.


Report Sample

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Business Compatibility and Conflict Report for


Snoop Dogg




Martha Stewart


Birth Data for Snoop:


Snoop Dogg
October 20, 1971
6:20 PM
Long Beach, California


Birth Data for Martha:


Martha Stewart
August 3, 1941
1:33 PM
Jersey City, New Jersey


Cafe Astrology
Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along with other technical information, are listed below:


Positions and Data for Snoop:
Sun position is 26 deg. 59 min. of Libra
Moon position is 15 deg. 51 min. of Scorpio
Mercury position is 5 deg. 20 min. of Scorpio
Venus position is 11 deg. 21 min. of Scorpio
Mars position is 22 deg. 01 min. of Aquarius
Jupiter position is 6 deg. 36 min. of Sagittarius
Saturn position is 5 deg. 38 min. of Gemini
Uranus position is 14 deg. 47 min. of Libra
Neptune position is 1 deg. 31 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto position is 0 deg. 34 min. of Libra
Asc. position is 0 deg. 46 min. of Taurus
MC position is 19 deg. 05 min. of Capricorn
2nd cusp position is 2 deg. 28 min. of Gemini
3rd cusp position is 26 deg. 34 min. of Gemini
5th cusp position is 14 deg. 22 min. of Leo
6th cusp position is 17 deg. 25 min. of Virgo


Tropical/PLACIDUS Daylight Savings Time observed. GMT: 01:20:00
Time Zone: 8 hours West. Lat & Long: 33 N 46 01 118 W 11 18


Positions and Data for Martha:
Sun position is 10 deg. 58 min. of Leo
Moon position is 25 deg. 25 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury position is 25 deg. 25 min. of Cancer
Venus position is 9 deg. 09 min. of Virgo
Mars position is 16 deg. 18 min. of Aries
Jupiter position is 14 deg. 49 min. of Gemini
Saturn position is 27 deg. 18 min. of Taurus
Uranus position is 29 deg. 54 min. of Taurus
Neptune position is 25 deg. 47 min. of Virgo
Pluto position is 4 deg. 07 min. of Leo
Asc. position is 10 deg. 15 min. of Scorpio
MC position is 18 deg. 39 min. of Leo
2nd cusp position is 9 deg. 18 min. of Sagittarius
3rd cusp position is 12 deg. 53 min. of Capricorn
5th cusp position is 21 deg. 21 min. of Pisces
6th cusp position is 18 deg. 20 min. of Aries


Tropical/PLACIDUS Daylight Savings Time observed. GMT: 17:33:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West. Lat & Long: 40 N 43 41 74 W 04 41

Dear friends:

Welcome to the Compatibility and Conflict Report for Business and Friendship and the myriad ways of expressing the continual dance of relationship. This report is based on methods employed through years of working with relationships of all kinds, observing them and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this program are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals. But they are the core patterns of relationship analysis that I begin with in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central for a strong relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression.

In many of the interpretations, I’ve described the highest potential that one can strive for with a particular combination. Yet this is only a potential and being human we have complex emotions and contradictory issues and reactions at any given time in our lives. Use this report as a guide to make your relationships as rewarding and fulfilling as you possibly can while knowing that your relationships are simply mirroring your own soul’s struggles. Each relationship will fulfill something within you and challenge you to look at your shadow and transform yourself. Sometimes this means staying in a relationship and sometimes the learning process requires that you let the relationship go. These decisions are never easy and they should only be made after careful and truthful introspection, reflection and guidance. But ultimately, these decisions are yours and yours alone to make. Remember that although you may have some difficult areas of relating with a particular person, it is in those areas that you can learn the most about yourself and others and grow in wisdom. It would be a mistake to look for a business partner or friend with whom you have no disagreements at all and this kind of relationship is a fantasy, rarely if ever, a reality.



Chapter 1: Bonds For Energy, Fun and Lasting Impressions


This section is based on the idea that there are three basic needs in every relationship:

Interest, energy and stimulation.

Enjoyment, abundance, expansion of awareness/possibilities and sense of contentment or happiness.

Commitment, consistency, teaching each other, sharing values or reaffirming/confirming something essential in each other.

The sort between your charts is for eleven separate aspects that define energy, fun and lasting impressions between you. Most strong relationships have at least four to six of these aspects between their charts.


Snoop’s Sun Sextile Martha’s Moon:

Core Themes: With an easy aspect of the Sun and Moon between your charts, there is an instant recognition of familiarity and compatibility. You naturally like each other and enjoy each other’s company. You share some very similar attitudes, habits, likes and dislikes. You reflect and expand each other’s instinctive and emotional behaviors. You may find yourselves saying the same things simultaneously or even having the same thoughts at the same time. Clearly, you will experience being comfortable with each other more often than not whenever you are together.

There will be many areas where you will readily agree with each other, yet at the same time, be sure to allow yourselves to have your differences. This smooth way of relating that you generate so naturally will serve you well when you come up against difficulties or obstacles. You have a day-to-day ease and familiarity that sustains you. With this combination, you will tend to reflect each other well and enjoy each other’s personality and ways of expressing yourselves, which makes working together natural and pleasant. Often you will feel joined by the other in stimulating ways and volley energy back and forth in a way that’s satisfying and makes you smile. You have many of the same likes, dislikes, attitudes and sensibilities, possibly similar backgrounds. There is a natural understanding of each other’s essential being. The intent of this aspect is to create ease and harmony between you.

Martha’s Sun Square Snoop’s Moon:

Core Themes: A challenging aspect of the Sun and Moon between you can initially attract or repel or both. The outcome depends on other planetary connections between your charts. Respect and recognition of each other’s essential personality is vital with this combination. Your approach and attitude toward life or some of your habitual patterns will be very different from the other person’s. Sometimes these aspects indicate a lack of appreciation for the life view, habits or patterns of the other. Lack of appreciation or respect will quickly erode the relationship you wish to forge. This aspect can indicate that, on a regular basis, you’ll need space away from each other or to get away from shared projects you are working on. Then, when you get together again, each of you will appreciate what the other can offer and bring plenty of new experiences or ideas into the mix.

As you get to know each other, you may find that you disagree on some important or basic issues concerning your work or a project. Initially, this will produce conflict but it also offers you the opportunity to understand something more about your business associate and subsequently yourself. Do not minimize or belittle the other’s strong feelings or opinions. Learn instead to allow each other to have your say and find ways to strike a compromise. If one of you always gives in to the wishes or demands of the other conflict will ensue. Of course, you cannot expect to agree at all times, but you can learn to tolerate a style or strengths in the other that are different from your own. These differences can in fact complement your business relationship. There will be times when you feel that the two of you are going in opposing directions or that you just rub each other the wrong way. This may in fact be true but it allows you the opportunity to talk about what each of you want and how you can find common ground.

Martha’s Moon Sextile Snoop’s Mars:

Core Themes: You feel more energized, even exhilarated when you are in each other’s company. In fact, the intent of this aspect is to activate your moods and stimulate new feelings in each of you. Perhaps, even feelings you have never felt before or not felt in a long time. There is always likely to be a charge of energy between you and, you have a way of reaching each other on a deeply emotional level. There is a healthy, normal tendency to confront issues that arise between you. Resolving conflict will be easier to handle with this aspect.

Because you generate energy when you are together, the two of you can be counted upon to take action or be in the lead, especially when you are part of a team or group. In fact, you may be involved in social causes or any project where goal setting and forward progress are necessary. Although there is a marvelous, naturally occurring energy between you, don’t allow habit to make it dull. Be sure to plan new projects together to regenerate and rejuvenate your business relationship. With a bit of conscious awareness, this aspect is excellent for trading new ideas and enhancing any partnership projects. You will both encourage an atmosphere of aliveness and vitality when you are together. The expression of emotion between you is typically direct or candid and in that way describes a healthy release of emotions. Beyond the work you commit yourselves to, there’s more than enough fun and laughter.

Snoop’s Asc in Taurus and Martha’s 7th House in Taurus:

Core Themes: With this aspect, you will feel an easy natural relating when you are together. Although your approaches may differ, you will often complement each other. The intent of this aspect is to focus and strengthen your ability to relate harmoniously without giving up individuality within relationship. The ASC’s personality reflects what the DSC person is in part seeking from relationship with others and vice versa.

Even though it’s true that your natural approaches to people and projects differ, you have much to offer each other in a complementary way. What one overlooks the other will pick-up and vise versa until before you know it; you operate like a well-oiled machine. Be sure to give praise and credit where it’s due, so as to avoid getting locked into only a single way to get things done. If you’re working together on a project, play to each other’s strength, allow each other to take on the role most suited and you will win the day. This is the classic “complementary opposites” situation, with a great deal to offer both of you.

Snoop’s Moon Conj Martha’s Asc.:

Core Themes: You will feel a strong and quite natural emotional connection with each other, although at times it can be overwhelming. You will stimulate a variety and wide range of emotions in each other. These emotions arise readily but may not necessarily be comfortable or easy to deal with. The intention of this aspect asks that you process stored emotions and discover how you are using past emotional issues in relation to present circumstances. Sometimes the emotional reactiveness to each other creates misunderstanding, or you simply rub each other the wrong way. Giving to others, caring for their emotional well-being or security through community service can be one way that utilizes this energy. Creative outlets can be another.

You will discover quickly that you respond readily to each other’s mood shifts, and that in fact, you can influence each other’s moods. You are even likely to tap into the past and bring forth feelings in the other that has long been held in check. Because of a certain amount of unspoken understanding, you may be so much at ease in each other’s company that you reveal personal information readily, surprising both of you. In the moment, you may feel free to tell all but after the fact you may be concerned about what you’ve so readily revealed. Something about the other person makes you feel safe enough to allow this, just be sure you can trust your colleague. Because you have this uncanny non-verbal communication you can be a strong team with each of you sensing important nuances in business meetings and important projects. The emotional component of your interaction can be vital in understanding the human element in business plans and situations.

Martha’s Moon Trine Snoop’s Asc.:

Core Themes: There is an easy outlet for the expression of emotions in your relationship and your association will have a strong emotional component. Provided you can handle the extra measure of emotional sensitivity, your relationship is enhanced by support of each other’s feelings. The intent of this aspect is to increase your caring and nurturing capacities with each other and those whose lives you touch. Compassion and understanding in action is an important feature of your relationship.

You are likely to enjoy many of the same activities and have a unique and relaxed understanding of each other, that makes being with together very comfortable. Interfacing with others and the public at large is an important additional and easy way the two of you relate when you are together. People, the public and social issues are not only of interest to you but you’re natural with the public. Most people will find you caring, compassionate and sincere, because somehow you are able to put yourselves in the other person’s shoes. Business activities involving the public or any aspect of community concerns including finances and housing, commodities and commerce will be easy for you as a team.

Martha’s Sun Trine Snoop’s Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to have you experience large doses of good fortune, joy, exuberance, adventure, opportunity and optimism. Your lives will open up and expand as a result of your relationship. There is a distinct desire for comfort and ease but, if not balanced well, this can lead to laziness or procrastination. The challenge in this aspect is to maintain the health of both the mind and body. There’s an inclination to take a philosophical attitude toward life experiences and to gain from life’s richness and variety.

There is a philanthropic quality to your business association. Together, you are willing to do things in a big way and take risks in the process. As business associates you will enhance and benefit each other. Goodwill and positive thinking, provided that you’ve done your homework and accepted the consequences, will bring you many wonderful experiences and praise from others. Because it will be easy for you to give of yourselves or your resources, you will need to choose carefully. Overextending yourselves is a real problem and can easily cause your optimism to crash. Boredom is anathema, and so both of you will have your antennae out for the next project to tackle. A regular amount of physical activity is vital and will keep you healthy and your ideas prolific.

Martha’s Venus Square Snoop’s Jupiter:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expand the full potential of your creative expression while still taking into account possible consequences and risk factors. There is no expansion or expression without universal feedback and this aspect teaches you responsibility for your use of energy, your own, or others. You seek variety, as this is a renaissance energy and you can tolerate a fair amount of risk-taking. Your over-optimism, however, and somewhat laissez-faire attitude, are like wearing rose-colored glasses and you’ll need to take them off now and then to deal with the important practical realities of life.

Essentially positive, expansive, generous and joyful, this aspect between your charts generates its share of exaggeration and excess, if not handled carefully. This is the classic, “too much of a good thing”. The truth could be inflated, unnecessary risks taken with resources or sometimes by adopting a lazy or careless attitude. Guard against taking too much for granted, or misjudgment because you may easily lose something that’s valuable. If expectations are too high, or you’ve promised more than you can deliver, it could damage your business reputation. Be aware of boasting or showing off, since it is likely to bring you the opposite of what you want. The general impulse is for improvement in your business associations. However, the compulsion of this aspect may be to get it all at once. Take the time to discern the experiences and influences that really matter and look at the long term, at least part of the time. There will always be the urge to push the envelope, and it’s up to the two of you to decide when that’s in the best interests of business or not.

Chapter 2: Emotions and Communication


The following aspects detail the quality of your emotional connection, your basic level of comfort and your ease or difficulty in communicating, and discussing emotions and simply understanding where each of you is coming from. Additionally, these aspects help describe how you reason together and resolve issues or problems.


Snoop’s Moon in Scorpio, and Martha’s is in Sagittarius:

Core Themes: Dissimilar emotional needs are indicated and to some extent different dispositions. Some of each other’s daily habits can be annoying or irritating, making sharing the same physical spaces for long periods of time more difficult. In matters of timing, it is likely that, occasionally, you will be on a different page than your partner and operate on another timing pattern. The intent of this aspect is to find your way to emotional understanding despite different sensibilities and to respect the feelings of the other person although unlike your own.

Although you are fond of each other on many levels, your basic day-to-day habits are probably very different. You approach life’s mundane chores and happenings in ways that may not be clearly understood by your partner. Your feelings and responses can sometimes be confusing for the other person as much as they like you and want to understand. This can cause not only friction but also frustration on a regular basis in the course of working together. Your habits and peculiarities can grate on each other and be the cause of arguments and misunderstandings. If you need to work together, it behooves you to practice patience and show willingness to compromise so as to resolve some of these differences. This aspect definitely requires more tolerance and acceptance, to allow for differences in mood and reaction. You have attracted this combination because of your own need to dig deeper into your habitual ways of responding and to search out the roots of your behavior by exploring your upbringing. There are many things you do that are unconscious and automatic, and contact with your partner will allow you to take a closer look, modify the negatives and also reaffirm your strongest feelings.

Martha’s Mercury in Cancer, and Snoop’s is in Scorpio:

Core Themes: Shared perspectives or styles of problem solving, even communicating, are the hallmark of this aspect. The intent of this energy combination is to facilitate communication, speaking, reasoning and so forth, in order to swiftly and creatively resolve issues, find solutions to problems that arise and create original ideas.

There are many different ways to communicate and the two of you seem to be on the same wavelength most of the time. In other words, your business partner or associate understands and responds well to your style and method of reasoning, thinking and expressing your thoughts and ideas. You usually have the benefit of making yourselves understood the first time, without rehashing and reiterating endlessly. Of course, you won’t agree on everything all of the time, but coming to agreement on issues important to you or perceiving what the other wants to communicate will be easier. Your styles of intelligence are also similar and your preferences for mental stimulation could be the same. Teamwork is favored because when you put your heads together, you’re more likely to arrive at a creative solution you can both live with than either of you could accomplish separately.

Chapter 3: Fulfilling Each Other’s Relationship Needs


These aspects explain how you meet each other’s needs in important business or friendship partnerships. These aspects are based on what your natal chart describes that you’re looking for in any major one-on-one relationship interaction.


Snoop’s Mercury Sextile Martha’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to open communication between you and keep it open to facilitate the discussion of ideas and interests that motivate you and then, share those interests with others. Consideration and compromise to negotiate for value and comfort are indicated.

Stimulating and intelligent conversation is a mainstay of your business partnership. Activities relating to travel, writing, the arts, advertising, lecturing, marketing are also likely. In fact, the ability to discuss many topics is probably what drew the two of you together in the first place. Wittiness, word play and joking will keep you both laughing and will create many shared memories and make working together a pleasant experience. Being business partners will put to good use the fair and open communication you share. If you choose to become collaborators, the natural willingness to give time and ideas to new projects will be a big bonus. The tendency will be to continue to build more and more value into the product or service you provide by accepting feedback and remaining alert to changes and responses from clients.

Snoop’s Venus Sextile Martha’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is balance, since life requires both cooperation and confrontation in the right measure and at the right time. The quality of all relationships is in focus including appreciation and consideration.

You will come to value being reasonable and finding ways to share both work and recreation with your business partner. Dividing your responsibilities according to your individual talents or taking turns will strengthen your bond with each other and create trust and good will. Remember, however, that in the best of partnerships, solo or independent activities are healthy. You have that unique capacity to master the ability to express your displeasure with someone without making them or yourself angry. Although you are good at negotiation and compromise, make sure that what you give up is equally fair to you. Resist giving in to keep the peace. The purpose of your business partnership is to create mutually harmonious relationships first with yourselves and then with others. Peace, tactfulness and consideration are qualities worth striving for, and you appreciate those characteristics in others. Direct confrontation is likely to be more difficult for you, and you can be turned off by those who are too blatant, coarse or obvious.

Snoop’s Jupiter Square Martha’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to open your hearts fully, express generosity, seek experiences that teach wisdom and encourage others to express themselves positively. At the same time, you will be taught to distinguish between worthy risks and unwise choices.

You are drawn to each other’s goodwill, optimism and positive spirit. Together, you expand each other’s options and offer opportunities and choices to enhance each other’s lives and any business situation that you’re involved with. You are likely to be so enthusiastic that you can easily go to extremes or overextend yourselves. Because of this, it is important for you to consider the longer-range consequences of any important undertaking. For the most part, you will feel very positive in each other’s company and you will seek ways of developing and learning that suit your values and the project at hand. Another important feature of this aspect is to teach you to distinguish between risks that are worth taking and those that are based on unreliable facts, not enough information or questionable motives.

Snoop’s Saturn Square Martha’s 7th house ruler, Venus:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to define and strengthen your commitment to yourself, your primary interests, to your important and close relationships and to maintain a solid foundation for growth. This pattern will test your criteria for what takes priority in your life or what are important values for you.

You are drawn to each other because you are ready for a stronger commitment in a work relationship. Perhaps you’re seeking a solid business partnership or a project collaborator. As you get to know each other, you will feel a sense of something important between you or that you will learn things of importance from each other. Some might say there is a fated feeling or inevitability to the two of you meeting. It may take time for the two of you to feel that you can really trust each other or that you’re both serious about the goal you want to pursue. It’s possible that you feel indebted to your partner or that you agree to commit to a project together that will take a great deal of your time and energy. Whatever the case, a strong sense of responsibility will be a part of your relationship to each other for better or worse. Respect for one another is vital and it has to be a two-way street. A lack of respect, a lack of support and excessive or unjust judgment or criticism, real or perceived, will quickly undermine the relationship.

Martha’s Moon Square Snoop’s 7th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to bring forth deeper feelings and find a way to make them work for healing rather than destroying. This aspect encourages healing past wounds to prevent them from interfering in your present happiness.

You’ll push each other’s buttons even the first time you meet. This can be positive, or you can arouse anger in each other. There’s no doubt you will generate strong feelings towards each other personally or in the way you conduct business. At times, you may feel out of control with either the depth or volume of feelings you have for your partner or other issues in your life. Be aware that this aspect can create a range of emotions that can easily turn into possessiveness, jealousy, suspicion and controlling urges. Most of these extremes come from the fact that on some level you are uncomfortable with the intensity of the feelings that are generated in your association with your partner and the resulting vulnerability you feel. Being self-honest about this goes a long way towards remedying the situation. Take your focus off your partner and place it into a project instead. If at all possible, process any resentment that arise and confront them head-on in a reasonable way and not in the heat of anger. By being strong, knowing your bottom line and being honest, you have the ability to forge a very strong and lasting partnership.

Martha’s Saturn Trine Snoop’s 7th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to test you and your motives and to show you very deliberately, the consequences of your decisions, which can result in permanent life conditions. Certainly your decisions will mark turning points in development.

You will feel something powerful and magnetic at work between you. Once you get to know each other better, you may find that you have important work to accomplish together. In fact, the two of you, with your mutual skills, could move mountains. This aspect generates a great deal of determination and strong self-reliance. When you make up your mind to pursue a set course, there will be little that can dissuade you from changing it. You will seek to create something lasting and permanent and you will, with consistent effort, probably succeed. That’s why it’s important that you choose well what business project you want to pursue. You can easily assume leadership roles in your community because you aspire to conduct yourselves with integrity, and others will recognize that. There will be times of trial with this combination that will test your character and your principles. The decisions you make will determine your business reputation and the course of your life. Sometimes you may feel that there is a fated quality to your lives because the desire to move in a particular direction or engage in a particular activity seems so overpowering.

Martha’s Uranus Trine Snoop’s 7th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to expose the more hidden aspects of your unconscious, including your motives, and bring them to light. This is not always a pleasant experience, and you’re in for some surprises, shocks and unexpected creative enlightenment.

With this combination, the unconscious meets the conscious and creative potential is released. One of you is a catalyst for the other in an important way, or one of you perceives something that is not easily apparent to the other. This is one of the ways you can benefit each other in a business situation. It’s like having eyes on both sides of your head! Be cautious, however; too much blunt truth can bring reactions of anger and resentment in your partner and others. One of you will be able to perceive more easily the hurts and wounds of the other. Treading carefully, especially around the wounded places of your partner’s psyche, is important. Not that you need to walk on eggshells, but some consideration is necessary and required. Freedom and respect go hand in hand. At other times, nothing but a strong statement will do to get the message across. The trick is, knowing what to do when. You can have sudden and unexpected changes in your business orientation or with your resources. Make sure you have processes in place to protect your assets. Your combined energies can serve as a lightening rod, and you can attract some unusual people or situations into your life.

Martha’s Neptune Conj Snoop’s 7th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to dissolve barriers and release pent-up emotions to allow for a renewed flow of the life force. This aspect encourages you to recognize the subtler forms of energy at work in life and relationships and also to learn about your blind spots.

One of you can bring insight and a visionary quality to the development of products, services or resources. It’s important that you’re both on the same page with what you want to achieve. If your direction is left unclear, you could each proceed at cross-purposes to each other. Also, be sure to be completely clear about any financial arrangements you have with each other for services rendered. This aspect wants nothing if not complete immersion in the project at hand. So, go for the gusto, yield and refuse to live half a life. You can create products and services together that will be nearly impossible for the public to resist, provided you are in sync with each other. Guard the creative sensitivity you share and trust each other. If you don’t have trust, the relationship is likely to self-destruct. Deceptions and insincerity cannot be hidden between you, and your combined energies will react adversely against them. You are a team and what exists in the being of one partner, affects the other partner, however subtly, and in turn, affects the whole system of your relationship. Substance abuse will erode your strength.

Martha’s Pluto Sextile Snoop’s 7th house ruler, Pluto:

Core Themes: The intent of this aspect is to maximize your resources and to reach higher levels of personal fulfillment by releasing outworn attitudes, habits or even associations. Understanding the give and take of empowerment is another lesson to be learned.

When you meet, you will quickly intuit that you have a life view or a sensibility that is similar. It will also be apparent that there is much beneath the surface of your business partner or associate that will be revealed slowly, some of it remaining forever a mystery. You are likely motivated by many of the same desires and ultimate life goals. Because this aspect stimulates self-analysis, you can find yourselves processing issues, sometimes obsessively and ad infinitum. Set a time limit, so that your discussions and possibly endless repetitions don’t become counterproductive. This aspect creates a certain amount of pressure but when properly applied can mean growth to ever more optimal levels of performance in whatever area you choose to focus. If you apply yourselves, you can become a force for positive change in your community or in politics. If you are in business together, your partnered instincts can create quite a success. Remember also that this aspect requires regular renewal and letting go of elements that just don’t work. This can be difficult but at the same time permit you to transform your lives in more positive and productive ways.


Chapter 4: Your Closest Contacts, Your Strongest Themes


This section interprets the closest connections between your charts. The wisdom of this section says that the closest aspects explain the major or central themes of your relationship and the reason you have come together. The nature of these aspects will also define the main activities, interests and patterns that affect your relationship life together.

Notice that, in this section, each paragraph contains both the easier expression of energies and the more challenging ones. Both interpretations are included because these close connections pertain to the central learning curve of your relationship. Based on the premise that the more exact the connection (also the closest energetic contact) between your pair of planets, the more psychologically significant the aspect will be for each of you. This means that you are likely to be strongly influenced by each other in the areas described. Because of this, it will be useful to consider both the easier and more challenging interpretations even though you lead with one of them. You will, from time to time and in various circumstances, probably exhibit some elements of each interpretation, both the easier expressions as well as the more challenging ones. Another thing – it’s possible with both types of aspects that you will have the same challenges but simply respond or react to them in different ways. The goal is to rise to the best possible expression of each combination. This is the learning curve and this bestows the necessary wisdom to develop your relationship.


Martha’s Sun Square Snoop’s Venus (challenging aspect):

Core Themes: If this is the most exact contact between your charts, you will be concerned with the quality of your relationship and the balance or harmony within it. Maintaining and building your relationship and those that arise as a result of your partnership will also be important to you. How to resolve conflict through cooperation and negotiation is a core principle of this combination.

Challenging aspects: Although you do appreciate and genuinely like each other, there will be times that you act in ways that seem to be unkind, inconsiderate, or lack caring. At those times, you can also appear to be taking your partner for granted, and this is not good for your business relationship. No relationship can survive without sufficient praise and acknowledgement. Self-indulgence or a lax fiscal policy can be issues you need to deal with. Compromising too much to satisfy your partner and thus losing self-esteem can be another sore point.

Easier aspects: Together, you have naturally cooperative and partnering tendencies. In fact, you prefer to work as a team, to give and receive mutual support. It seems easy for you to practice consideration and fairness in your dealings with your business partner and with others associated with your work. The need and desire for harmony and balance can pervade other aspects of your business life, such as the environment you work in. Even your work itself may be associated with beauty and smoothing out relationship conflicts and tensions through negotiation and cooperation.


Report Order FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to Report Orders

Reports are generally delivered within 24 hours of order placement, or if there were missing details, within 24 hours of the receipt of full information needed to generate the report(s). Occasionally, an order might arrive a little late if there was an unexpected influx of orders, for example, a power outage, etc.

However, if 24 hours have passed and you don’t find an email from Kristen – Cafe Astrology (reports in your inbox or spam folder, then please write and let Kristen know. Please understand that we make every effort to send your order, and if this is impossible, you will receive a refund.

Some people have problems with email delivery, particularly with emails that have attachments. In these cases, we can put the report(s) in a secure place online for download. If you prefer this method regardless, write Kristen an email with the request or add the request in the notes with your order placement.

By default, Kristen sends report orders to the email address associated with Paypal. That’s the email that comes in with your payment and order details. You can specify another email address if you’d like, but keep in mind that a Paypal receipt email is automatically sent to the customer as soon as payment is made, and that email will go to the email address registered with Paypal.

No, you should specify that the birth time is unknown rather than guess it so that the report can be created specifically for unknown birth times.

Although unknown birth time reports can be a little shorter than the reports with known birth times, they only include information that is known. Most importantly, the ambiguous information is excluded from the report.

Some people feel that they will get more for their money if they guess at the birth time, as they assume that more interpretations in the reports are better. However, it’s much better to have a shorter report with accurate interpretations than a longer report with a mix of accurate and inaccurate interpretations! In this case, less is definitely more.

Yes, absolutely. The start date of a report can be any date in the past or the future.

In the case of a Solar Return, the start date will be on or in the two days surrounding the birth month and day due to the nature of this type of forecasting technique, but the year of the report can be any year in the future or past.

In the case of the Time Line report, the software only allows the start date to be the first of any given month, for example, May 1st, 2017.

No, the shopping cart used on the site is run by Paypal, but all the usual payment options are included so that you can use credit cards, debit cards, and the like. There are different shopping cart technologies available to sellers, and Cafe Astrology has selected the Paypal shopping cart as its solution. All payment details are sent to Paypal and not to Cafe Astrology. Paypal sends Cafe Astrology an email with each order that lists the order details and email address, not any payment information. We are not set up as a merchant at this time.

Reports are based on your birth time, while horoscopes are based on solar charts. A solar chart places the Sun’s sign on the Ascendant, and most people don’t have the same Sun and Ascendant in their natal charts. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at.

For reports, the default house system used is Placidus. However, you can request another house system for your order (example, Koch, Equal, Whole Sign, etc.).

It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right.

If you receive unexpected results, please send an email to Kristen who can look into the matter and explain the reasons for it, such as an ambiguous time zone or a particular calculation method. It’s important to provide as many details as possible.

The Solar Return chart is drawn for the date and time of the return of the Sun to its exact position at birth, and not to the birthday itself. The Sun returns to its birth position once a year on or near the day of birth, and rarely coincides with the time of birth. For example, if my birthday is September 2nd, 1970 @ 5:00 PM, my Solar Return could be September 1st, 2016, @ 4:24 AM one year, September 2nd, 2017, @ 1:22 AM the next, and so forth. If the birth data is entered correctly on the report, you can expect the Solar Return date and time to be accurate.

Report orders are promised within approximately 24 hours from the time of order placement and complete information required to create the report. Kristen sends out reports by email and she is at the report computer typically eight hours a day. Because orders and responses come in from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, rush orders are not possible. However, to prevent delays, making certain that you’ve included all information requested and that it’s accurate will prevent the need for email back and forths that will cause delays.

Typically orders are emailed out within 12 hours or so, but they do sometimes come closer to 24 hours. The most common reason is a sudden influx of orders. There are times when more than the usual number of orders come in and it takes much longer to complete orders.

Within 24 hours of order placement, you should receive an email from Kristen, either as a request for further information or clarification if there is missing/unclear information or with a report attachment. If the information is incomplete, Kristen will request it from you and you will receive your order within 24 hours of receipt of the full information necessary to create your report.

If you are buying more than one report in one order, you can enter birth information only once if you prefer. However, it’s important to note that some reports require different or additional information, so be sure to supply all that is needed to create your reports.