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The Couples Report takes a comprehensive look at the Composite chart–the combined chart of a couple. The computerized report examines the placement of the Sun through Pluto in the houses of the Composite chart, the aspects between the composite planets (including the major aspects as well as the semi-sextile, semi-square, and the sesquiquadrate), the midpoints, and signs on the cusps of the houses. The average report runs approximately 25 pages long. This report is best for established couples, and for those looking to discover the potential of a coupled relationship.

Also included in this package is a Relationship Forecast report for One Year. This report reveals the influences of the transiting planets on the composite chart.

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The Couples Report takes a comprehensive look at the Composite chart–the combined chart of a couple. The computerized report examines the placement of the Sun through Pluto in the houses of the Composite chart, the aspects between the composite planets (including the major aspects as well as the semi-sextile, semi-square, and the sesquiquadrate), the midpoints, and signs on the cusps of the houses. The average report runs approximately 25 pages long. This report is best for established couples, and for those looking to discover the potential of a coupled relationship.

Also included in this package is a Relationship Forecast report for One Year. This report reveals the influences of the transiting planets on the composite chart.

Note that accurate birth times are important for this report.

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Couples Report Sample


COMPOSITES 4 – 2 for

Heather Locklear


Ritchie Sambora

Birth Data for Heather:

Heather Locklear September 25, 1961
5:40 PM
Los Angeles, California

Birth Data for Ritchie:

Ritchie Sambora July 11, 1959
7:33 AM
Perth Amboy, New Jersey


Cafe Astrology


The interpretation of your relationship is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, and the composite chart.
For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions, along
with other technical information, are listed below:

Heather: Ritchie: Composite: Sun: 2 Lib 44 18 Can 26 25 Leo 35
Moo: 24 Ari 34 22 Vir 46 8 Can 40
Mer: 28 Lib 30 14 Leo 28 21 Vir 29
Ven: 2 Vir 56 2 Vir 21 2 Vir 39
Mar: 26 Lib 07 24 Leo 27 25 Vir 17
Jup: 27 Cap 20 22 Sco 15 24 Sag 47
Sat: 23 Cap 14 2 Cap 40 12 Cap 57
Ura: 28 Leo 24 14 Leo 54 21 Leo 39
Nep: 9 Sco 41 4 Sco 12 6 Sco 56
Plu: 8 Vir 43 2 Vir 28 5 Vir 36
Nod: 26 Leo 45 7 Lib 15 17 Vir 00
Asc: 2 Ari 08 10 Leo 49 6 Gem 28
MC: 1 Cap 16 29 Ari 41 0 Pis 29
2nd: 10 Tau 48 1 Vir 52 6 Can 20
3rd: 8 Gem 20 27 Vir 41 3 Leo 01
5th: 24 Can 24 5 Sag 59 0 Lib 12
6th: 22 Leo 34 10 Cap 50 1 Sco 42

Tropical Zodiac Tropical Zodiac Standard time observed. Daylight Savings Time observed.
GMT: 01:40:00 11:33:00
Time Zone: 8 hours West. Time Zone: 5 hours West.
Lat. of birth: 34 N 03 08 40 N 30 24
Long. of birth: 118 W 14 34 Long. of birth: 74 W 15 57

Chapter 1: On the Ascendant

Ascendant in Gemini:

You will have to have many ideas going at the same time to use up all of that nervous energy that you share together. The only problem is determining what stage your projects are in, what pile you put them in, or what day it is. Otherwise you are sharp as a tack. As a couple, your minds are quick, alive, alert and inquisitive. You have the ability to absorb and learn very rapidly, but you get bored just as easily. Your minds can become so scattered at times that you may forget where you are, or why. As long as anyone can keep your mind stimulated for more than an hour or so, they will have your complete although somewhat divided attention. People who are serious about life may not understand or appreciate your carefree nature, especially when you are together.

You possess a wonderful sense of humor and make fascinating conversationalists. Do you feel that there are two separate entities here battling for domination? Do you talk with your hands? If you spend much time together, you will!

Your approach to people and situations stems from the mental plane, and any decisions in your life about love, domestic matters, business or social situations will be met with rational thought rather than emotional responses. You have childlike and flirtatious mannerisms and approach life with a vigorous attitude.

If the two of you are not kept busy, your minds can turn to gossip or idle chit chat about meaningless issues, just to keep the brain box active. You only move at one speed which is about 80 miles an hour, while remaining constantly in motion due to an inner restlessness that drives everyone around you crazy. Nervous conditions fire up your emotions bringing verbal attacks on each other. The typical Gemini will always have a gallon of coffee nearby along with an ashtray filled with cigarettes. Does this sound like the two of you?? Your key phrase in life should be “I Know What I Want,. . . I think?” Exercise and extra care in diet will help to soothe those nervous episodes that pop up. If you weren’t nervous before, spending time together will introduce you to it, big time! Look to the house where Mercury is located to see where what you think about as a couple.

People likely see the two of you as talkative and witty. You may seem educated and excelling in communication, able to draw on the appropriate facts as quickly as needed. You move briskly with a joy in your faces when getting to move in multiple directions. Boredom is not a welcomed sight. Reading and learning stimulate your eager minds. Thinking in terms of options is a way of life for you both. Without them, life is missing an important ingredient. The formula for happiness must contain exhilarating experiences.

It is important to understand that you may over-identify with the image of your relationship that you project to others, which is represented by the Ascendant and its condition. You are seen as a lively, lighthearted couple, and there may be times when you don’t feel that way at all. Try not to put pressure on yourselves and on the relationship by trying to live up to this reputation. A relationship cannot be one way all of the time.

Ascendant is in Gemini, Gemini Decanate

Ruled by the planet Mercury, together you will be very restless. There will be strong ties to the family, and you may experience some real insecurities that seem to haunt you. You can also suffer from a changeable and a very moody nature. You will become very fluent in the art of talking and therein lies the lesson of this position. Learn to be still, and listen to the inner self that wants to speak to you. You are more observant, intellectual and powerful. Besides, both of you can’t talk at the same time can you?


Chapter 2: On the Midheaven: How you are seen as a couple

Midheaven in Pisces:

Since this is the most “visible” part of the composite chart, it represents how you are actually seen in the world by others. It represents your more outward or public face and where you are likely to encounter success, and your reputation in the world as a couple. Your mutual goals together push you towards being very easy going and perhaps a bit on the lazy side. Affectionate, ultrasensitive and sympathetic to the plight of others with a seeming weak nature rather than a strong exterior. You seek the advice of everyone, and then do what you want anyway. You will be very psychic and intuitive, but in a negative way, never seeing the good in anything. You are secretive, unrealistic, sentimental, true romantics and dreamers. There will be strong attachments to music and you may have a career in it. There will be times when you prefer to be alone rather than be with others.

Together you will be more passive rather than aggressive and would prefer to stop, wait, watch and observe than to take active participation in anything. You would rather things happen the way they are going to rather than interfere. Your belief structure in religious or spiritual matters is beyond the norm and deals on a one to one basis with the universe. The environment you live in must be peaceful so that you can feel at home with it, otherwise your emotions become strung out and unbalanced. Compassion for all things around you no matter what state they may be in is immense whether animal, vegetable or human. Together you can be of great service to the world through your compassion, spiritual beliefs and humanitarian efforts.

Your perceptions lie in the realm of imagination and fantasy and is a place where you can easily escape to when life gets you down. You draw people in to you like a magnet, especially those in need knowing that they will find a sympathetic soul to connect with. Yes, even those who take unfair advantage of you or don’t know when it is time to face life on their own to fumble and find their own way. You see the frailties in all people and are often making excuses for their weaknesses. You will not follow rational and logical approaches towards everyday life and should anyone be foolish enough to argue with you, they will have to find the cloud that you live on to have any impact whatsoever.

You make observations with your heart and not your head which leaves others in your environment very confused to say the least. You perceive people in psychic and telepathic ways that others cannot easily understand.

The tenth house is the home of worldly aspirations and attainment. This sector shows how you present yourself to the public, and deeds for which you leave behind as your legacy, or what you will be remembered for. The tenth has domain over the profession, public offices held, and your reputation. The combined energy of Pisces here, indicates that it will be very difficult for you both to decide what you want to do with your lives career wise. You have a wonderful imaginative facility, but it needs to be grounded if you are going to do anything at all. A career in saving the world from itself in theory sounds good, but impractical. Working around liquids, music endeavors, theater, motion pictures and literature are favorable fields for you to explore.

Your ideals are the power behind your ambitions. Life will not always seem fair to you two. Your beliefs can lead you to devote time to a special field or cause. Showing faith in each other’s most cherished aims makes you almost indispensable partners. Divine discontent can show you having trouble being pleased with the things that come easy. Your intuitive natures can lead you to paths that offer success. People can be moved by the emotion you put into a plan. Some reality testing will be needed to better define a strategy. Taking small steps toward an objective will take you to the bigger ones. An attraction to alternative professions is possible. Your compassion and the special way you care can touch others.

Look to the house where Neptune is located to see what kind of career you might choose, or how you will be remembered as a couple.


Chapter 3: Planets and Aspects

Sun in 3rd house:

The Sun located in the third house shows a strong need as well as an ability to communicate with each other. Conversations should be all right as long as you talk to each other and not at each other. Emotional ties can suffer here somewhat, because the tie is more of an intellectual tie than an emotional one. It has been noted that this position of the Sun would be much more suited for a friendship than a love relationship because of that intellectual tie. Any emotional issues that surface here will be handled in intellectual ways instead of going with the flow and living and feeling it. Intellectual relationships are not really suited for emotional and love relationships, but you can enjoy conversations with friends, neighbors and relatives with no problem.

Ideas travel back and forth quickly. Your perception of others can be fun to share. The two of you need a great deal of mental stimulation. Give each other enough room to think as individuals. There is no need to tailgate or crowd your partner’s thoughts.Truly listening brings you closer to each other’s hearts. Your insight into each other’s lives is a real plus. Your friends find you a mentally invigorating duo with endless knowledge about a wide variety of subjects.

Flexibility brings mutual admiration. Solving a problem from unique mental angles is a snap for you. You both like to be on the go. Travel is energizing. Reading and hearing about current events is stimulating. You are both good at networking. Your mental ingenuity leaves a lasting impression on others.Jittery nerves might distort perceptions of each other. Indecision or thinking in repetitive circles could prove frustrating. Sticking to a plan is a good remedy.

Teaching what you know can be enjoyable. You make excellent consultants. Communication is a talent that others can’t help but recognize. Show your mastery in painting clear mental pictures with words.

Your hearts are delighted with each new influx of fresh learning material that is hot off the press. You are probably fond of any cutting edge technology that makes communicating with others and the world at large more convenient. Keep dull moments distant strangers, and you can’t help but be happy together.

Sun Conjunct Uranus

If you are looking for a traditional, predictable, down-to-earth relationship, well, this isn’t it! To the contrary, this should prove to be a very unconventional, spontaneous and unusual union. It will seem there is no structure or order that you follow and people on the outside may think your relationship somewhat weird or even eccentric.

Freedom is a key issue in both your personal lives and you both need space to move around in and to grow without getting on each other’s nerves. You can expect to be much less inhibited, more liberated and somewhat detached as you learn some strong lessons about being less possessive of other people. This is not likely to be a relationship where demands on each other will be handled well or at all. Instead, keep your expectations as low as possible and just take life as it comes to you. One of the reasons you are together is so that you can learn things you would never learn separately.

You can bet that your relationship will be somewhat disruptive and bothersome to you both unless you can embrace new attitudes and can learn from changes that occur in your partnership. This relationship will serve to shatter your old conceptions about life and it will introduce you to some strange and off-the-wall experiences. If you are into surprises, then this is the relationship for you!

Metaphysical, psychological, spiritual and astrological subjects may be introduced into your life even if there was never an interest in them before. Your intuition and psychic abilities are sure to get a boost with this aspect, thus making you very much in tune with each other and on a much different level than you have ever experienced before. Any tendencies you have toward rigid thinking an behavior will be sorely tested with this aspect. This is the only way real change can come into your lives, which is why you are together in the first place.

True individualists you are! This is a romance that probably got into an instant take off. Your minds are in the habit of eagerly looking toward the future. You make each other feel that freedom is your birthright. A progressive bent is in your thinking. New technologies capture your interest. Your shared ideas move others to think more openly. A tendency to be aloof will occasionally make you seem distant. It is communication that can restore closeness. Don’t overly intellectualize your feelings. Your friends are probably numerous. It is the insightful approach the two of you display that others find attractive. An inventive streak runs as strongly through your relationship as does a rebellious one. Let your partner discover their personal autonomy. It is a door to happiness and contentment that can never remain shut. Equality is the flag you must fly at high mast!

Sun Trine Jupiter

Jupiter brings substantial advantage, growth, progress, success and increase into your lives. Good fortune, achievement and blessings will arrive in ways that cannot be measured, simply by your being together. It can never be said that you want for anything with this aspect and, instead of limitations being placed upon you, opportunities never imagined can come your way. Higher thoughts of expression and philosophical and religious pursuits may become part of your daily life. Expanding your education or beliefs can be possible through this relationship.

You make each other happy just by being together and the world becomes a much more satisfying place for you because of your togetherness. Travel, especially the long distance kind, or connections to people of different cultures may also play an important part in your lives.

Success in all endeavors is indicated by this aspect. You may notice considerable financial improvement and the happiness you share will rub off on others as you seek to improve their lives as well. Sharing the good life may take its toll in the weight department, though, because Jupiter loves to expand whatever he touches, the old waist line included. You may also enjoy some surprising results with lotteries and speculations, as long as you don’t over do it.

As a couple you will enjoy popularity and any legal matters that happen to arise will probably be settled much more in your favor with benefic Jupiter here.

The biggest danger with this aspect is that you may get carried away with all the bounty and benefits bestowed and overindulge yourselves beyond your means. False pride and showing off can also happen with this aspect, so keep an eye out for that.

Wishing and dreaming. It is in your souls. When you throw coins in a fountain you really expect to cash in on your wishes! You don’t like to think in terms of limits. The realm of possibilities is your world. This is not necessarily your most aggressive side. It’s more like sitting on your lounge chair at the ocean, sipping on your favorite beverage. It may take strong motivation to bring out the effort needed to pursue a goal. You can enjoy exploring everything from new movies to international locations together.

Sun Semisextile Mars

As a couple, you will be active, energetic, courageous and able to accomplish a great deal. You will find that just being in each other’s company energizes you and inspires you to try and excel even more. Sports, physical activities and outdoor pursuits will be your strengths and you will find that you do very well in them.

You naturally inspire each other and become each other’s confidence-builder, gently pushing the other to be more assertive. Not only do you support each other, but you take pride in each other’s work, accomplishments and achievements.

Because this is such an energetic configuration, the sexual side of your relationship may tend to rejuvenate you over and over again. This an excellent aspect for business and personal partnerships. As a couple, you seem to know the right course or path in life to take together and don’t mind taking it. Any emergency situations that arise will be handled efficiently and with level-headed assurance, thus helping you stabilize each other and giving you tremendous strength.

Sun Semisquare Moon

Even though this aspect indicates a strong attraction between you, it also at the same time indicates a rejection of each other as well. There may be a great deal of resistance to the two of you coming together. Yes, there is the excitement you share in being together, but your differences in backgrounds, preferences, dispositions and habits may have you coming from two extremely different worlds. You may find these differences a real turn on at first, but they may not stand up to the test of time. Don’t expect live-in arrangements to last for very long, as separations may occur when each of you decides they need more breathing room. But in the same way a magnet attracts, you will find yourself returning to your relationship over and over again. Over a period of time, and once the bond has been formed, it may be next to impossible to escape the grip of one another.

Another of the negative sides to this configuration is the need to constantly compete against one another for superiority, not realizing that if you just put your energies together, you could rise to a new level of accomplishment and understanding. One of the reasons you were drawn to each other is to help you grow through obstacles and to see viewpoints other than your own.

If one of you is more energetic, outgoing and aggressive and the other is more passive, then this can act to build tension in the relationship. One partner may feel the other is not as serious about commitment or in pulling their own weight. Your relationship is basically out of balance. If you are looking for stability, then perhaps you need to look elsewhere. But if you are looking to grow as a couple, then try it, at least for as long as you can stand it.

Moon in second house:

The Moon always represents your emotional needs and when placed in the 2nd house it indicates that money, security, financial happiness and possessions will be a very strong emphasis in your lives, like the glue that binds you together. You will never be too quick to give anything away that takes away from your secure home life. Now this need for emotional security could cause one or both of you to become “pack rats”, which means you keep adding to what you have, never getting rid of anything. You will find in the long run that material possessions actually start to own you, thus limiting your freedom. Then you are trapped in the relationship because you are afraid to lose the things that keep you together. Even though some of the negatives have been pointed out, this is still a very favorable position for the Moon and the relationship’s security.

There is a need to make each other feel secure regarding money. Joint ownership needs your best cooperation. You can build a slow and steady increase of financial wealth together. Together your productivity can take you far in life.

The gentle and soothing nature of your partnership brings enjoyable intimacy. The joy of being together inspires creativity. Sharing the wealth generously strengthens your commitment. A solid sense of internal security can keep you together. You can be stabilizing forces for one another.

Sensuality and passion expressed for each other is easily awakened. Pleasing your partner is a heartfelt desire. The two of you appreciate being together when you are free from stress and worry.

Your home is a safe haven from the outer world. You probably like natural beauty in the form of plants and forests. No matter where you reside your home needs to have a peaceful atmosphere. There is likely often the smell of spices, incense or other interesting aromas in the air.

Possessiveness need not come between you. Let each other be free to express heartfelt needs. You may not always be able to completely comprehend each other’s choices, but do your best to accept them.

Your shared values can give you confidence in one another. Your willingness to work hard for what you want is a unifying factor.

Let your intuition lead you to full cups of self-esteem. Accepting each other at face value does wonders for feeling close. Positive strokes never hurt either.

Moon Opposition Saturn

If you can stand the separation, frustration, distancing and withdrawing from each other that this aspect tends to cause, then you might grow quite a bit from this experience. Even in the best of circumstances, in time you may become very distant and detached, living a very mechanical and unemotional existence.

There is another possibility, however. This is the one where you want to be together very much, but other commitments and outside obligations won’t allow you to do so on a full-time basis. This will also prove to be a very unfulfilling emotional experience, even though closeness is what you desire above all.

This may be a situation where karmic conditions are teaching you lessons though pure frustration and emotional torment. You will have to find other ways to be emotionally fulfilled rather than looking for support through this relationship.

This aspect is not an indication that you won’t ever come together but it does tend to indicate that the short periods of mutual happiness you may experience will be overcast by long, dry periods of emotional isolation. Both of you may find that you end up quite lonely or insecure because of your experience together.

There is a deep commitment possible when you put most of your cards face-up. Romance is fun. It’s the trust that can scare us. Take it slow. Adjusting to each other’s way of conducting daily business will need attention. A compromise or two never is wrong, as long as both of you are participating. Time can teach you how to communicate. Your moods will sometimes get you to pull away. One or both of you might enjoy periods of solitude to collect yourself. Just don’t make this an excuse for not talking. When you disagree, you will meet with resistance if you force your opinions. Business dealings can make you both rich. You will probably not have much trouble in agreeing on a home, especially if you both get your needs met.

Moon Trine Neptune

This aspect can represent the union of two souls in spiritual harmony. In a very short time of being together you may instinctively share each other’s thoughts, feelings, desires, moods and emotional needs. There will be a real magical blend between you. Compassion, sympathy, sensitivity, tenderness and telepathic communication only serve to strengthen the bond between you. All this sounds really great, right? Well, just be sure that it is there in reality and not simply in your minds. This aspect can cause your imaginations to run away from you and lead you to some very strange places. Deal with the real and the practical.

There is a greater need to nurture and take care of each other with this aspect. As intimated previously, since this aspect has so much to do with illusion and the imagination, you must be careful to ground yourself in a reality, just to be on the safe side. Otherwise, your spiritual world will present itself as only an illusion.

Should either of you have a history of drug problems, alcohol abuse or other escapist tendencies, do not try to “save” or “heal” the other without the proper knowledge or it can end in disaster.

There may be difficulties with sex in this relationship because one or both of you may feel that your relationship should not be brought down to the lower levels from its high spiritual state. You may feel that sex would “dirty” an otherwise pure and holy union. This is fine as long as both of you feel the same way. More likely, however, you may sometimes feel tired after intercourse–a vague feeling of being dissatisfied on a spiritual level–only because your expectations are too high. Sex cannot be ideal every time.

Being together excites your imaginations. It is comforting that someone believes in you unconditionally. Your joint instincts can be poured into creative pursuits. Each of your personal dreams can interface gracefully. Reading each other’s moods is automatic. Romantic escapes enhance your intimacy. Dodging friction when it starts to come between you, can be an art form. You make one another feel like two romantics with a plan that can lead to fulfillment. Your desire for escape may on occasion interfere with finishing a project. This probably will not get you to miss a beat in enjoying the imagination you add to each other’s life.

Moon Sextile Pluto

This is sure to be a very strong and powerful relationship. There is a fated quality that seems to draw you two together and the bond you create will seem irresistible and it will be quite intense. You will want to spend a great deal of time together and will want to know each other very deeply. Should you be looking for just a casual relationship, then you might be advised to move on to something you can better handle. The chances of your being able to do so are perhaps slim, though,

Even with a harmonizing aspect between these two planets, there still may be a certain amount of jealousy and possessiveness between you. You probably need to talk to each other in an honest way to find out why this is so. Does one of you want to control the other? Sharing your feelings and being completely open with each other is a very positive aspect with this configuration.

You may have found that you came together at a time when a very profoundly upsetting experience happened in your lives. Such events can transform you in a way whereby your hearts just naturally open to each other. You can be the healer that your partner needs in order to get over past painful experiences or relationships.

You stimulate one another to express your deepest feelings. Your greatest secrets need to be shared. Trust is sacred to you both. A feeling of mutual empowerment is a benefit in being together. Don’t get too absorbed in each other’s moods. Silence sometimes is due to your individual way of processing circumstances. You may not find a greater companion. Indulge in as many “near life” experiences as possible. Live life with the passion that you truly awaken in one another.

Mercury in 4th house:

Mercury located in the 4th indicates that the basic issues in your relationship and how you view your relationship will be topics of frequent discussion. Your home is likely to resemble a library in some way, filled with books or data and information, or perhaps hobbies and crafts. Since Mercury rules communication, your home may become the hub for get-togethers and conversations. Whatever Mercury touches emphasizes analyzing situations, so be careful of analyzing the relationship, home and family to death, instead go with the flow. Mercury here can actually help the two of you find out more about yourselves and your feelings.

Your minds are pulled to the depths of your innermost feelings. Sharing thoughts about home and family can be a regular event. Your perceptions have a way of getting each other to reveal your vulnerabilities. There is a radar-like intuitive way you can reach the deepest levels of your partner’s mind. Mutual emotional support is a commodity you hope to receive from one another.Communication may take a while to establish. Your emotions are way out in front of your ability to express yourselves in words. Intimacy is something you must trust. Don’t force the closeness. It is more important that you both have enough time to process the effect you have on each other. You do make one another feel more secure about this relationship through talking.

The home is a subject you probably spend much time discussing. Keeping it organized helps. Your residence can be a busy place for meetings. You can get very involved in community activities. You need to live in a city or town that offers enough mental stimulation for each of you. Nervous tension is not welcome where you live. Both of you can be avid readers when alone. Your growing up years might be of interest to your partner.

Patience with each other’s reasoning abilities is good to remember. Your problem-solving approaches are likely to travel on different highways. With practice you can learn how to work great together.

Hidden agendas! Don’t make a habit of indulging in them. State your plans or goals as honestly as possible. Fatigue really fogs your mental objectivity. Deal with the major decisions when you are alert.

Encourage independent thinking and dependency will stay balanced. A feeling of joint decision-making is the way to your lover’s heart.

Mercury Conjunct Mars

Words. They can be sweet; they can be sour. There is a hot bite in some of your conversations. You have a way of hitting the nail right on the head, which can cause angry responses. People may find you a direct couple. Your friends need to possess a bit of mental toughness, or they are apt to get rubbed the wrong way. Listen to each other’s opinions. It makes communication more peaceful. Don’t let a little agitation bother you. You need to be worried if you never argue. Your partner may be encouraging you to think courageously. Think and act with patience. Easier said than done–isn’t it? The two of you need to live active lives. You are doers!

Heated debates, mental sparring and even some down-and-dirty arguments are sure to play a major role in your relationship. There will be no beating around the bush here, as you try to “tell” your partner what you are thinking, rather than explaining it. Disputes, frustration and verbal abuse can be the result of these communications, not so much because you differ in opinion, but because of the ways in which you express yourself to your partner.

Right from the start this relationship might feel like the Battle of Gettysburg as you come under verbal attack and are criticized about every little thing that is important or that which has absolutely no importance at all. Unless you both work on being nicer to each other, this is going to be a very difficult relationship in the communication department. And that will, of course, spill over to all the other areas in your relationship.

Mercury Square Jupiter

There are usually no serious detriments with this aspect. Areas you need to watch have to do with becoming overly idealistic regarding things in your relationship. Expecting too much out of each other and your relationship can cause problems. You both may have the tendency to promise more than you can actually deliver. By keeping your expectations under control, you can keep the real problems between you at a manageable level. Blowing up things beyond proportion can cause you to lose perspective of the good things in your relationship.

Take care not to take risks that are too wild to ever come true, especially in finances, where you can overextend yourselves and cause financial difficulties. If you were always too timid or shy in taking chances, then this aspect can easily throw you in the other direction, as you throw caution to the wind, along with your money, never to see it again. You always see the pot of gold on the horizon together and failure never seems to stop you from trying. In your eyes hope is eternal and just around the next corner is where “our” fortune lies. Even after failure, you seem to experience some good luck that has you bouncing back to try again.

You never seem to be comfortable with where you are, or what you have, always trying to do better than expectations will allow. Travel may play a large role in your lives, either for educational, spiritual or religious purposes or perhaps just for simply having plain fun.

Rash judgments get you into trouble. When sizing up each other’s ideas, don’t jump to immediate conclusions. You inspire your partner to think about options. When you believe in each other, great things can happen. Pay attention to limits. Exaggerating your abilities comes in large doses. When you are reasonable about your know-how, the two of you get along better. You are a persuasive couple. People tend to believe in your ideas if they sound plausible. Be honest with one another, even when there is a temptation to stretch the truth. A love of travel and knowledge is never far from your hearts.

Mercury Semisextile Uranus

This is a wonderful aspect for two people who are working as one, trying to come up with inventive, creative or technological ideas. Being together is sure to be a “way-out” experience for both of you. You will learn many new things from your partner and together you will search unknown territory.

The intellectual stimulus between the two of you will be alive and it should be very much on the same wavelength. You may even come to the point where you have a complete understanding of what the other is thinking without them ever having to express their thoughts. This is nice added support in any relationship.

This aspect will certainly help you stay out of the ruts that a lot of relationships fall into. There should always be an excitement and mental stimulation between you and this will help you learn and grow as individuals.

Mercury Semisquare Neptune

You need to be very clear about what this relationship is all about because the tendency here is to get lost in miscommunication, lies, idealism, deception or illusion. Any hopes, dreams, fantasies or perceptions of what you think this relationship is likely to be are probably faulty. There may even be intentional deception and lies, with one of you purposely using the other for their own gain. You need to be very careful. Even if both of you have your feet on the ground, you may still go around shaking your heads in disbelief over the whole relationship.

There is nothing wrong with living out a fantasy or two from time to time, but you wouldn’t want to reside there full-time, as this aspect suggests you have the tendency of doing. No matter what the case, when all is said and done, one or both of you is likely to be very disappointed at length’s end.

There are going to be times when you don’t understand each other and even downright confuse each other, purposely or not. At other times you will feel that you have communicated something correctly, only to find out that the other person did not understand what you said, refused to hear the incoming message, or heard something quite different entirely from what you said. Trust is an important issue in this relationship and you would be well-advised to keep an eye on this matter as no relationship survives for long without it.

Yes, there is a positive side here. You can act to bring out one another’s creative side in writing, art or music through the use of your combined imaginations.

Venus in 4th house:

Venus is the planet of love, beauty and harmony. Located in the 4th house of the home, it will be easy to see that your home will be very comfortable, filled with warmth and good fortune. The 4th house represents the core or most intimate place in your relationship and people will naturally gravitate to you in the hope that some good fortune or harmony will wear off on them. Even if the two of you don’t have much money, your home will still be clean and inviting.

The two of you will share much love, happiness and warmth no matter where you are together, no matter what your financial status may be. Venus located in the 4th house is an excellent indication of a very intimate relationship.

The two of you can enjoy a special closeness. There is a need to really trust one another early on in your relationship. You respond very quickly to your partner when receiving emotional support. A feeling of being equals deepens your connection. There are times when the two of you will choose privacy over socializing. You could need this to recharge your energy. Your tendency is to be nurturing toward others. It may leave you exhausted if you don’t get the solitude you need together. People probably rely on your strength a great deal.

You take ownership seriously; especially things that have sentimental memories embedded in them. It shows wisdom to respect what each other is attached to in life. Home is another area that is likely a key focus for you both and will challenge you to find compromises. It can easily become a source of harmony if discussed cooperatively. Your home could be a place others like to visit as it has a relaxed atmosphere. Peace in your private life is greatly valued. You may enjoy creating pretty landscapes.The two of you can show patience in starting a new business or career. You have a way of helping each other tune into work ambitions. Working out of your home is possible. Each of your family roots can be a subject of interest. A special closeness with relatives is indicated. You could have friends that are more like part of your extended family. It can be hard to please others all of the time. This is a good point to remember.

You need to know you can count on one another when the chips are down. Being there for each other in the good and bad times deepens your commitment.

Venus Conjunct Pluto

A magnetic attraction brought you together. Let each other talk freely to ensure staying close. Secrets do not get revealed easily. With time, you can trust each other a great deal. You want to be accepted on your own individual terms. This takes compromise and wisdom. Passionate love is part of being together. Extreme emotions are released when you are the happiest or maddest. Happiest is easier to handle. With maddest, you need to get awfully good at not overreacting. You can empower each other. Your joint efforts can produce a comfortable and abundant life. Don’t forget to keep the emotional needs regularly watered. Jealousy and possessiveness are not likely to make a showing, unless you can’t talk for extended time periods. Let go of yesterday’s disappointments, and you have a greater chance to find a more meaningful today. Or better yet, find out what was the source of the problem, and then move on. Your loyalty becomes ferociousness when you get to the depths of why you need each other. Allowing one another to find equal empowerment cuts down on power struggles. Share your resources, whether they are physical or psychological. A fascination with metaphysical subjects is possible. Business interests can be joyful enterprises.

This relationship is sure to completely change all of your previous views about love. You may feel right from the start that there is a fated quality to it – and you may be right. There may have been some tragedy that brought you together or perhaps you were going through a difficult time when you found each other. You can expect to see a strong bond develop rather quickly, as well as the possibility of some quite obsessive behavior. It will be difficult to run away from this relationship! You may try, but the internal pain you probably feel from not being together may seem unbearable.

Be careful that one of you does not try to dominate the relationship or control the other through any and all kinds of manipulation. At the same time you may experience, to some degree, jealous rage, possessiveness, a lack of trust, or the feeling of being used or deceived in addition to an obsessive type of “love”. This is where the term “I fell madly in love” was spawned. Do not take this relationship for granted or think it will be just a one night stand, because you can get burned if you play with fire. Whether this relationship dies and is reborn like the Phoenix or goes up in smoke depends on how well you handle it. I think you can count on being transformed in one or more ways because you are together.

This relationship can easily find you doing things you never dreamed of doing before and breaking all the sexual rules you thought existed. You may suddenly break off other relationships to be in this one, no matter how long you were in them previously and no matter what their status was. This relationship, for good or ill, is likely to be very intense.

Venus Square Asc.

This aspect indicates the possibility of a partnership of real love. The energy here can see you through difficult times and it will help make your relationship stronger. Regardless of your reasons for coming together, this aspect will help to generate a loving relationship. You complement each other and you are stronger when together than when you are apart. This aspect indicates the ultimate in love relationships because it allows you to work with each other, not against each other. You will find that you have what your partner needs and he/she has what you lack, thus filling the gaps in your lives.

Your love for each other can be expressed very openly and publicly, thus drawing the attention of the outside world into your relationship. In a typical love relationship, this aspect shows that your expression of love is well-received and this helps bind you together even more strongly.

Emotions are not easy to hide. It is in your faces whether you are happy or not. Money issues can create tension if there is no compromise. It might be that your choices in entertainment or in finding comfort are different. Allowing for unique tastes to be expressed makes you both happier. There is the potential of being a powerful, creative force together. Putting your values into motion may be more to your advantage than sitting on the fence with them. Each of you can crave attention. Your negotiating skills will not get rusty from not being used in this relationship.

Mars in 4th house:

Mars is the planet of action and aggression and when positively aspected in the 4th, it indicates being able to work together very harmoniously. If the Mars energy is out of harmony, though, then there will be some very real difficulties to work out, especially in the area of ego and the constant arguing over very basic issues that Mars will bring to the surface. Either of you may have very different ideas of what the home is or should be, causing conflict, or your parents can be the source of your discontent. Remember that any difficulties that arise here have their basis in your upbringing and early family conditioning.

The home is a lively topic of interest. The two of you may have quite different views regarding the domestic life. When each of your needs are satisfied on the home front, life does stabilize. Neither of you likes wars to occur in your abode. Angry outbursts will sometimes be traced to hidden feelings. Privacy is a probable need in your relationship. You can be accused of guarding your time alone.

You are protective of each other and family members. You need to know you can count on one another whether the chips are up or down. Helping your partner find the confidence to respond to a challenge will make you popular. With practice, you will learn the times it is acceptable to be a little pushy. You can be wonderful advocates for each other.

The two of you can work tirelessly to finish a project. You expect one another to pitch in with equal effort to make your relationship run smoothly. There is a special emotional closeness that can develop with the passage of time.

You both get motivated through facing situations that cast ominous clouds on your feelings of security. It gives you a sense of renewed purpose to stand tall together when riding out emotional storms. Your trust deepens when supporting your partner through a personal struggle.

Mars Square Jupiter

The two of you will be inclined to take more risks in life than normal. You incite each other to better yourselves and to push towards making your dreams come true. You love to compete against one another and the outside world and you help each other reach for goals you may never have reached for before you came together. You are an optimistic couple and there is nothing you cannot do if you try.

Because of the wonderful energy and enthusiasm this aspect brings, if you do not find constructive outlets for your activities, then you may turn to bickering and fighting between yourselves. The competitiveness you have may find its outlet in pitting you both against each other in a war of egos. Stay active and keep busy because if you spend too much inactive time together, you will tend to annoy and frustrate each other. Restlessness, dissatisfaction and disappointments are the result when physical challenges, sports, outdoor activity and learning adventures are not included in daily activities. Your relationship demands action and activity.

On the negative side, don’t get caught up in the excitement and thrills of gambling. This can bring sorrow to each of you and to your relationship.

Hasty judgments can cause friction with each other. You are a feisty pair. It is important that you both feel free to speak your minds. You can champion the causes that capture your devotion. Your restless tendencies need creative outlets. Neither of you deals well with boredom. Make sure your lives stay plenty active. Travel and seeking knowledge elevate your energy levels. Fun-loving ways might need moderation. You can distract each other from being disciplined. This is a relationship featuring your eagerness to enjoy life to the utmost. You activate a drive to go beyond limiting circumstances. Hearing the word impossible challenges you to be competitive. Figuring out clear directions is the challenge. Risk-taking is a constant temptation.

Jupiter in 7th house:

Jupiter is the planet of good luck, good fortune and expansion. In the 7th house this indicates that your relationship will be aided by the growth and support of Jupiter. This will seem like the perfect relationship, and you will be right. There are no strings attached nor are there any illusions for you to deal with. This is not a possessive placement for Jupiter and you will enjoy being with each other. In fact, you may feel as though being together is your best chance for growth and expansion. Just make sure you give each other enough freedom and room to breathe. This is a very favorable position for the benefits of Jupiter. You expect a high standard of conduct from your partner and are likely to be rewarded with what you expect.

An endless curiosity about the belief systems of others. Does this sound like the two of you? Social interactions are on fire! It is where you as a couple dance freely, showing a gift in relating to diverse types of minds. You can be just as at home amongst friends as with new associations. There is luck in meeting people with influence that can improve your chances of success.You raise each other’s self-confidence more than you undercut it. Just be careful with unfounded overconfidence. Don’t allow your generosity to be taken advantage of by others. Be aware of one other tendency. This is promising more than you can deliver to each other, or to those making demands on you. Be reasonable in your expectations. It is okay to say no, or to limit what you can do.

People probably find you an uplifting twosome. Your self-confidence enhances the well being of those you know. Some individuals may believe you bring them luck. You appreciate people with integrity and vision. Exchanging philosophical ideas with friends and new acquaintances is stimulating. There needs to be the freedom to spend time with your own personally favorite peers.

Jupiter Trine Uranus

If you love adventure, exploring, experimenting and discovering everything about life and each other, then this is a nice relationship for you. The two of you together can be quite creative and innovative and these qualities can help your relationship from becoming stale. At the same time, though, there may still be some amount of restlessness which is best dealt with by giving each other some elbow room when they need it. Together, you will be much more impulsive in doing new and wacky things that you never would have tried before.

Tremendous good luck and good fortune, arriving quite out of the blue, just when you need it, may come with this combination. You may attribute this to being at the right place at the right time.

Mental ingenuity will get you out of many a jam onto clearer highways. Responding instantaneously to a door of opportunity is not that outlandish for either of you. New technologies buzz your interests. You need something speedy to keep up with your minds, like a computer. Travel is stimulating. You don’t ever expect to remain mentally still for long–do you? Your conversations feature interesting sound bites that excite the minds of others.

Seeing the big picture excites you more than the details–what else is new? You can have fun keeping up with each other’s new learning directions. Your goals are the avenues that inspire you to move fast. Seeing opportunities as they appear in front of you is a way of life. You could need to give your partner a gentle nudge to encourage a leap. Mental flashes to new goals excite you. You are companions in the truest sense of the word.

Saturn in 8th house:

Saturn is the great task master and teacher. Saturn located in the 8th house indicates you may be very insecure in your relationship with regard to money, sex, possessions and joint property. There will be a fear of not having enough on which to get by, thus making you work twice as hard to accumulate money and possessions, perhaps making you wealthy in the process. But at what price? On the other hand, you may have very real physical trouble through other people’s money, banks, finance companies, wills, inheritances, taxes and sex. The 8th house represents deep intimacy, but Saturn placed here takes away the drive that makes this happen. If Saturn here is well aspected, it can indicate a relationship where intimacy is not immediate, but rather delayed in some way. Look at the degree of Saturn for a clue as to how long this delay can occur.

This placement of Saturn indicates that important changes are going to occur in your relationship, more than you could have experienced by being single. The danger here is that you may try to resist any changes at all because of fear. Putting all kinds of road blocks in the way of change will only stifle any growth in your relationship and, in the long run, be detrimental for you both. Relax and go with the flow, as the changes will probably be for the better.

There are few people that can get the better of you in financial dealings. You are a couple that usually knows what you want and what it will take to get you there. Individuals will sometimes grow resentful of your success. You do need to know who are your true friends. Business triumphs come through not giving into your fears. Patience has its payoffs. Investments can eventually yield profit. Your determination to own the land and home you desire is intense. You both make excellent managers.Money issues are predictable. There may even be a bit of secrecy concerning how much money each of you has in their possession. The deeper your commitment, the more about yourselves will be revealed. Trust translates into greater passion in this relationship.

You want to know that your partner will always be there for you. Coming through for each other when the chips are up or down makes you feel closer. Do fun things. Keep life simple. Act spontaneously romantic just for the experience!

Uranus in 3rd house:

Uranus located in the 3rd house of communication suggests that your thinking and ideas will be very different and that they will completely revamp the way each of you thinks. You will also find that the two of you have an effect on the people around you as well. Avoid trying to make this relationship fit a mold, as it will take its own direction, with unexpected and electric results. If you try to make it something it can’t be, then communication will be somewhat frustrating and erratic, causing arguments. Instead, just let it go with the flow for best results. You may find that at times just being around each other makes you very nervous and that you both need lots of room to breathe. This is not the most favorable position for Uranus and communication.

You think fast. This may come as no surprise to you. Your minds are accelerated into a faster lane of perceiving and learning in this relationship. Listening to one another gets easier with practice. You will tend to lose concentration when your partner’s ideas activate your own. Experiencing various types of environments through travel is stimulating. Staying abreast of new technologies may be a mutual interest. Making use of a computer could play an important role in your communications.You bring out an insatiable curiosity in your partner to explore options. The two of you can look at situations from as many perspectives as looking into a multi-viewed mirror. People may be impressed with the never-ending insights you possess. When you first met, there could have been a mutual admiration of each other’s speaking ability.

Influencing others to think more openly is a normal event. You have a way of being able to paint animated pictures with words. Even a group may get a wake-up call through your analysis of their thinking. You don’t care to mince words. Friends and strangers are apt to hear the real you. Exchanging information with peers is a way of life. Inventive instincts surround your togetherness. You likely enjoy not having to show any pretense for your partner when it comes to being yourself.

Neptune in 6th house:

Neptune is the master of fantasy, illusion, delusion, deception, unclear, but high ideals and high spiritual aspirations. Placed in the 6th house of work, service and responsibilities, the idea of service will be clear, but the who, what, when, where, why and how will not. One thing is clear, with Neptune here, other people’s needs will come before your own. Please try to remember that it is a blessing to do for others, but with Neptune here, you are going to forget that you have an obligation to yourself and each other as well. If you forget this issue, in time, your feelings for each other and what you are doing can turn to resentment. Are you sincere about your reasons for serving each other and humanity, putting your own needs on the side? Honesty will always win out and here is the test!

Devotion to work and efficiency is a focus in your relationship. Making dreams and ideals become pragmatic entities is certainly within the realm of your imaginations. You believe in taking steps toward a vision, while many people are only watchers. Don’t doubt yourselves along the way. It’s your propensity to see the lack of perfection in what you do. Be sure a revision of a plan does not become so discouraging that it puts a halt to your progress. You are apt to sporadically disagree on how to get a job accomplished. Learn to not be overly sensitive when hearing your partner’s opinions. A tip: It does help to stay away from leveling each other’s ideas in a disparaging way.A mutual interest in maintaining your mental and physical health is probable. You can learn from each other about diet and exercise. You will appreciate encouragement for developing your skills. It is an area where your belief in one another benefits you both. The saying “what is good for one is good for all” works in your companionship.

When you first met, you may have sensed encountering someone as conscientious about work and serving others as yourself. You are a team that moves as predictably as a well made clock. In the ideal world, you could say and do the exact things that light up each other’s hearts. In the real one, you can fuel each other’s fortitude to see limitations as opportunities to shine through, rather than as dark clouds.

Neptune Sextile Pluto

Matters of spirituality, psychic awareness or communication, supernatural forces and mind-reading will be very strong interests in your lives and it may be impossible to deny or to get away from them. There may be times that you can actually hear what the other person is thinking without ever having to say anything. You might decide to play the role of psychic detectives, uncovering mysteries or hidden things. You enjoy anything that has to do with mind expansion or mind alteration.

Pluto in 4th house:

Pluto is the transformer, the reshaper, and the teacher about power. With Pluto here in the 4th, be careful of being tyrannical and turning everyone against you. Pluto here may dredge up parental or old family values or your past conditioning will color this relationship and be changed by the transforming power of Pluto. Make sure that any held over parental influences do not intrude into your relationship, as this can bring great difficulty into your lives. At some point in the relationship you may find excuses to work late so you don’t have to be at home. The reason for this is that Pluto applies pressure to the home front, bringing stress, and you may decide that home is not the place you want to be. Whatever problems you are having with this placement of Pluto, they can be overcome through the transforming ability of this planet.

You impact each other’s security needs in a major fashion. This may come as no surprise to the two of you. Expect to encounter a few moods now and then. You can either make your partner feel comfortable, or as though you are on the sinking Titanic! Sounds like two extremes–doesn’t it? Emotional upheavals will make you sea sick. They are an indication it is time to talk. Listen carefully. Don’t panic. You don’t need to have all of life’s answers in your pocket or up your sleeve. Spend time together. Communicate from the heart. You will get back to the middle ground. The home has special meaning for you both. You can’t afford to let tension and stress come between you for too long. You enjoy being tight allies. When you are truly moving together in spirit, nothing can sink your ship. There are great survival instincts in this partnership. Don’t ever let anyone convince you otherwise. You both thrive on knowing the other cares. Make this clear on a regular basis.

Get out of the house! It will make your domestic life more meaningful and stimulating. There is a tendency to use your home as a retreat. Privacy might be enjoyed. There is nothing wrong with having a place that offers refuge. Just don’t become hermits. Go out and have fun!

Pluto Square Asc.

Yours is likely a very strong and powerful relationship. There are powerful forces here that can work in either positive or negative ways. Pluto is the planet of death and regeneration and as such, he will bring many changes into your lives. Many things will be brought about and brought to light, things and actions you didn’t even know you were capable of. At the very least this relationship may place you upon a much different path than you may have expected and any experiences within your relationship will be much more intense than ever before. One of the effects of a Pluto-based relationship is an intense fascination for each other that overrides all other interests or considerations in your life. This fascination and obsession can be one that has you going down a path of destruction, so you need to be very careful in this regard. There can also be tremendous power struggles within your relationship where one partner is much more dominant than the other and the second partner feels as though they have no will of their own. Under this manifestation of Pluto, the relationship may “self-destruct” when one tries to break free from the other, the result being a very difficult and bitter breakup.

Chapter 4: MIDPOINTS – Additional Influences on Relationship Potential

MC Opposition Sun/Venus Orb:1 Deg 22 Min

Keywords: The uniting of two people can take place; marriage or the coupling of hearts; attainment in matters of love; competent in artistic fields; maturity in expressing love; caring for others; affections for each other person.

You may have met in a work environment or through your careers. You may also be able to work together successfully. This is a strong position for marriage.

MC Opposition Sun/Pluto Orb:0 Deg 06 Min

Key Themes: Unsettled conditions in job or profession connected with this relationship; making changes to fit into society; power and the need to control others will be very strong; working through past mistakes.

Personal power or great physical strength is a manifestation of this energy, and it gives you, as a couple, the ability to make profound achievements and advancements through your life’s work.

Pluto Conjunct Sun/N. Node Orb:0 Deg 42 Min

This relationship will be beneficial in influencing people in positive ways, but be careful of the danger of manipulating and controlling each other for your own benefit; together you can come before the public in some way; secret meetings.

Power struggles are likely, due to outside influences (other people).

Neptune Conjunct Mercury/Jupiter Orb:1 Deg 12 Min

You have a magnetic quality that keeps you together; something of a spiritual nature may inspire you in a very positive way; be careful of getting too far in a fantasy that leads you astray; theories on parapsychology.

At times, you feel you can perceive and understand without talking. On the negative side of this, there could be someone who tries to deliberately confuse or lie about a situation, or general misunderstandings that stem from assumptions and expectations. For the most part, unless this energy is used spiritually, it could cause some real difficulties. On the positive side, you could enjoy spirituality or fantasy together.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury/Uranus Orb:0 Deg 59 Min

As a couple, natural leadership abilities will emerge; nerves; interests in recycling; vulgarities and slurs in speech; attracting reverses or complications in your life that arrive quite suddenly.

Neptune Conjunct Venus/Saturn Orb:0 Deg 52 Min

Separations and deceptions in relationships; dishonest influences can come into relationships as well.

This configuration can suggest an underlying feeling of mistrust that runs through the relationship, undermining it. The feeling of being disillusioned about each other, fear of being betrayed, or one-way feelings are possible. From time to time, reality dissolves the illusions built around the relationship. Over time, the affections between you may cool because of this thread of mistrust, illusion confronting reality, and general ups and downs. Do your best to keep things in perspective and to avoid thinking of your relationship as ideal, as reality will naturally hit and it hits harder when illusions are in place.

Sun Conjunct Venus/Uranus Orb:1 Deg 34 Min

Together, you are primed and ready to go on an adventure with your name on it; as a couple you can be high strung and somewhat excitable; innovative techniques in finances and music; sudden temptations which are aggressively pursued.

The romantic feelings you have for each other started suddenly and with great force. This midpoint configuration relates to falling in love suddenly and possibly committing to each other rather quickly. Sexual chemistry is instant. Over time, there can be issues of on-again off-again romantic feelings, or circumstances are such that you can’t always count on your partner being there.

N. Node Conjunct Mars/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 33 Min

Meetings and associations with each other will be for the purpose of bettering conditions on a mass scale; close ties to rich and powerful people.

Mercury Conjunct Mars/N. Node Orb:0 Deg 21 Min

Negotiations, contracts, agreements and shared cooperation with each other is favored; selling yourself to each other can be very successful.

Neptune Conjunct Jupiter/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 03 Min

As a couple working and domestic objectives are unclear, and so you go with the flow even if you don’t understand it; others see you as mysterious or mystical; deceptions by the promises or intentions of the other; errors in judgment.

N. Node Opposition Jupiter/Asc. Orb:1 Deg 22 Min

As a couple there will be a desire to be around people who appreciate you for who you are; throwing parties where you can be the center of attention; attracting and meeting the right people; presentations that are well received; sexual encounters with political aspirants.

Mars Opposition Saturn/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 35 Min

Through this relationship, instituting changes can be difficult; patience with some things, intolerance for others; a lot of energy, but preferring to be alone.

MC Opposition Uranus/Pluto Orb:1 Deg 52 Min

You will be very alert to conditions within the relationship, and able to make changes to help it grow and mature.

Venus Conjunct Uranus/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 41 Min

A sudden relationship that started out of the blue; hitting it off with someone as friends; old friends can be of sudden benefit to you; sudden events can be a real benefit to you.

Pluto Conjunct Uranus/N. Node Orb:1 Deg 16 Min

You have the ability to influence each other, with positive results; partners who put down your ideas.

Saturn Opposition Uranus/Asc. Orb:1 Deg 07 Min

Decisions will be very difficult to make, as you face one obstacle after another together; antisocial urges; stifled desires to express yourselves; more cautious in your response to each other.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune/Asc. Orb:0 Deg 03 Min

A philosophy of life that supports love and relationships.


Chapter 5: Other Issues in Your Relationship

Cancer on 2nd house cusp

As a couple, Cancer on the second house of money indicates that you are protective of your financial assets and possessions. You won’t be over extravagant with your finances, except perhaps when it involves matters of the home and family. You will be very intuitive and instinctive as to each others needs. You can naturally make your money from some form of commerce, perhaps related to the public. Look to the house that contains the moon to find out more about where the source of your income can come from.

Leo on 3rd house cusp

With Leo on the cusp of the third house of communication and learning, there is a creative flow to your lives together. Together you have an added ability to present your ideas as your communication skills are heightened. You may enjoy telling stories to anyone who will listen, with a flair for exaggeration, just to make the story more interesting, and humorous. Together you seem to know what to say, and what not to say, and…. when to say it. Unfortunately your ideas are fixed in nature, so trying to get both of you to accept something new will be quite difficult. Hurt feelings, whether it is family and friends or with each other, will be forgiven….., maybe! Look to the house where the Sun is located to see where your interests can be found.

Virgo on 4th house cusp

With Virgo on the fourth house of the home, family, roots, real estate, property and security, the two of you will become fuss budgets, critical about everything, and rive each other crazy, including your family. You will find every little thing and then some to nag each other over no matter how meaningless it really is. Everything will have to be in its proper place here, sterilized to death. Perfectionism is the torch you carry, and everyone will run when they see you coming. Working in the home is a key issue here, with your office immaculate, desk organized and waste paper basket emptied even if there is nothing in it. The home and its management will be intellectualized, computerized and operating room clean. Can you be the people that covers your furniture in plastic to keep it clean? Look to the house where Mercury is located to see where your home security can be found.

Libra on 5th house cusp

As a couple, you have Libra on the fifth house of Children, recreation, romance, creativity, artistic abilities, hobbies, writing books (creatively), speculation and investments. The two of you need a creative outlet to be ultimately happy. Constant support and encouragement can have you soaring to new heights creatively. The company that you keep or associate with will have to be more refined, where you can have intellectual conversations, party together and even play sports together. Since this is such an artistic energy, any involvement in the arts, music or love (although fickle) will be fortunate. Your children are sure to be spoiled to the maximum, and you will be sure to spoil each other as well. Together you will have an increase in childlike qualities that should make for a very endearing partnership. Look to the house where Venus is located to see where you might find your recreation and romance potential.

Scorpio on 6th house cusp

The two of you have Scorpio on the cusp of the sixth house of Work, Work environment, responsibilities, health, work and service for others, relationships with employees and co-workers, and your interest in physical fitness. The two of you are very serious, compulsive, passionate and obsessive about health, work and diet. Work in fields that allow you to research, or dig for answers, science or psychology. Health problems that develop are likely connected with being worn out through over-working your sensitive nervous system. Patience is not your forte, and it will be difficult for both of you to get along in close quarters at work, and with co-workers especially when they don’t do their share of the work. Look to the house where Mars/Pluto is located to see where you might find work or service to others.

Sagittarius on 7th house cusp

Relationships, partnerships, marriage, people you have close associations with, cooperation or lack of, contracts, and legal matters are all part of the seventh house, and Sagittarius is located here. Since Sagittarius is primarily a freedom loving sign, there may not be a relationship here as Sagittarius hates to be tied down. Should you marry, you will need a great deal of freedom and flexibility to keep the relationship going. Look to the house that contains Sagittarius to see how you will deal with partnerships.

Capricorn on 8th house cusp

The eighth house deals with joint resources. Possessions that are not earned directly by you, but obtained through the relationship, wills, or pensions. It also has to do with money belonging to others such as taxes, corporate money, insurance, and the stock market. The eighth house also relates to the mysteries of life and sex. Capricorn will have an influence on the above matters in this relationship by adding a great deal of responsibility in financial matters without accumulating debt in the process. Even when faced with the responsibility of having to deal with other peoples money, you take great pride in doing so, honestly and above reproach. Look to see which house Saturn is located in, to see where your joint money can be found.

Aquarius on 9th house cusp

The ninth house is the house of long range goals and long distance travel. Religion, philosophy and higher education are ninth house matters. With Aquarius ruling the ninth house, the two of you will be unusual and free thinkers, and your friends will more than likely be involved in the above matters. Your thinking will be very unorthodox, breaking free from conventional methods, and somehow be very advanced or new age. Look to the house where Uranus is located to see where your interests in higher aspirations can be found.

Aries on 11th house cusp

The eleventh house has domain over achievement of goals and objectives, and hopes and wishes. Humanitarian efforts, clubs, groups, associations, sharing ideals are also associated with the eleventh house. People that support your efforts, friends and connections to the outside world can be found in this house. With Aries located in the eleventh house, the focus of this relationship turns to attracting friends that may or may not be long lasting, keeping your emotional distances. Social endeavors are your strength, and friends can help you reach your goals together. Look to the house where Mars is located to see where you might find your friends, associations and group involvements and interests.

Taurus on 12th house cusp

The twelfth house rules the subconscious mind, problems arising from unseen causes, and limitations in our lives. This house has rulership over behind the scenes activities, emotional problems, secrets, deceptions, problems to overcome, the side of ourselves away from public view, where the soul can step back and take a look at the world around us. The twelfth house also has rulership over prisons, hospitals, and other institutions that would remove you from society. Taurus energy on the twelfth house for you both indicates that you worry about financial matters that make you feel insecure, filling your lives with subconscious fears. Look to the house where Venus is located to find that area in which you retire from public view.

Relationship Forecast Report Sample

Relationship Forecast for

Heather Locklear/Ritchie Sambora

May 5, 2006 – May 5, 2007

Cafe Astrology

The following astrological interpretations are based on the assumption that the two people involved have a close ongoing relationship. As long as the people involved are a couple, transits to the composite chart will be an influence. The closer the bond, the more the influences will be felt and perceived. Thus the interpretations will make the most sense if this is the primary relationship for both people.

Tropical/Placidus Composite (Asc Midpoint) Chart 1: Heather Locklear NATAL CHART Chart 2: Ritchie Sambora NATAL CHARTCalculated for time zone 0 hours Natal positions:
Sun=25LE35 Moon= 8CN40 Merc=21VI29 Ven= 2VI39 Mars=25VI17
Jup=24SA47 Sat=12CP57 Ura=21LE39 Nep= 6SC56 Plu= 5VI36
Asc= 6GE28 MC= 0PI29

PLANET-TO-PLANET SELECTIONS Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Qucnx (150 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Apr 11, 2006 (Mar 23, 2006 to May 5, 2006) Ura Sxtil Sat

There is a comfortable balance between commitment and freedom in your relationship now. Old “ruts” and patterns are relatively easy to change, too.

May 5, 2006 2 PM(May 5, 2006 to May 6, 2006) Merc Sxtil MC

Clear communication and a tone of reasonableness and fair play make this a good time to work on any shared goals or joint plans. As a couple, your judgment is sound, so any decisions you make together are likely to work in your favor.

May 5, 2006 6 PM(May 5, 2006 to May 6, 2006) Ven Qucnx Ven

Disagreements arise now over personal tastes and styles, what each of you considers desirable or beautiful, how you show love or want to be loved. This will not be a direct confrontation most likely, more of a subtle sense that the other is missing something, not “getting it”.

May 6, 2006 5 AM(May 4, 2006 to May 7, 2006) Mars Oppos Sat

You are apt to be ill-humored, easily irritated or frustrated with each other now. Perhaps you believe the other person is purposely opposing and blocking you, or trying to be difficult, which most likely is not so. Patience and a willingness to find the humor in the situation will help.

May 6, 2006 6 PM(May 6, 2006 to May 7, 2006) Merc Trine Ven

You bring out a lighthearted and pleasant mood in one another. A spontaneous small gift as loving note – something small and sweet – would be perfect. Loving words come easily -and mean a lot – right now.

May 8, 2006 6 AM(May 7, 2006 to May 9, 2006) Merc Trine Plu

If one or the other of you has been wanting to divulge a secret, bring up a grievance, or discuss something difficult, now is the time. Conversation is intense, revealing, and profound.

For entertainment the two of you will go for something intense – perhaps a psychological suspense thriller or an old Alfred Hitchcock film!

May 8, 2006 9 AM(May 7, 2006 to May 9, 2006) Ven Qucnx Plu

Issues of power and control arise between you. Any unspoken “bargains” you have made with each other which disempowers one or both of you in order to please the other, may be up for change. Unreasonable fears of loss, or jealousy could also emerge.

May 8, 2006 11 PM(May 8, 2006 to May 9, 2006) Merc Oppos Nep

This is not a good time to give one another direction, arrange to meet someplace you have never gone before, or, in fact, much of anything that requires clear, logical thought and action. Muddled communication and misreading one another in some small but critical way is very likely. Make every effort to be clear and direct with each other, as confusion abounds right now.

May 9, 2006 3 AM(May 9, 2006 to May 10, 2006) Ven Sxtil Asc

Both your friendships and your romance blossom now. You are getting along splendidly, and whatever you do together should work out very well.

May 9, 2006 1 PM(May 9, 2006 to May 10, 2006) Ven Qucnx Nep

A vague feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion arises now. One of you feels you are sacrificing too much, or you just don’t know where the other person is coming from. Check out your concerns and perceptions with one another because something you may be imagining about your partner is likely to be not quite true.

May 9, 2006 7 PM(May 9, 2006 to May 10, 2006) Merc Sxtil Moon

This is a good time to introduce one another to old friends or to your family, to plan a trip home, or to share personal memories and stories with one another. You understand and sympathize with one another and can gain a new clarity about each other’s emotional make up.

May 11, 2006 1 AM(May 11, 2006 to May 12, 2006) Ven Sqr Moon

The mood between you is soft, loving, understanding, supportive. The need for love is strong in one or both of you, perhaps more than you are comfortable with. A little reassurance goes a long way.

May 11, 2006 10 PM(May 11, 2006 to May 12, 2006) Merc Trine Sat

Topics under discussion now: money, investments, material security, practical realities and limitations and how they figure in to mutual wishes and desires. If your relationship is fairly new, keep your eyes and ears open to discover how the other person deals with or avoids adult responsibility.

May 12, 2006 9 AM(May 11, 2006 to May 13, 2006) Sun Trine Merc

You flow together rather easily now, especially on a mental or intellectual level. This is a good time for you to talk, air things out, further your understanding of one another’s ideas and beliefs. Going for a drive, to a movie, or on some other short outing is favored also.

May 12, 2006 1 PM(May 11, 2006 to May 13, 2006) Sun Sqr Ura

Excitement, surprises, or an unusual turn of events color your relationship now. Routines may be upset or plans go awry. You also seem to bring out the untamed side of one another, and one or the other of you may “act out” in an impulsive or reckless urge for freedom.

May 12, 2006 (May 4, 2006 to May 21, 2006) Jup Sxtil Sat

Aid from elders, mentors, or teachers can benefit the two of you now. This is a good time to consult with an expert, planner, or counselor to help you with anything the two of you want to do.

May 14, 2006 7 PM(May 13, 2006 to May 15, 2006) Ven Sqr Sat

You may be having some serious reservations about this relationship right now, perhaps because you are focusing on the lacks, flaws and least pleasing aspects of one another. Your mutual fears, insecurities and barriers to love and intimacy are up right now. Although unpleasant, it would be wise to take responsibility for your unhappiness rather than conveniently blaming the other. Temporarily pulling back and having some solitude may not be a bad idea.

May 15, 2006 7 PM(May 15, 2006 to May 16, 2006) Sun Qucnx Jup

The two of you experience some minor inconveniences or injustices. At worst, you could have a run-in with the law over something you overlooked or were lazy about doing. This time may pass with no perceivable effects, however, as long as you do not get sloppy. There is also a tendency to take one another and the good of your relationship for granted right now.

May 15, 2006 11 PM(May 15, 2006 to May 16, 2006) Merc Trine Merc

New ideas and stimulating conversation flows. This is also a wonderful time to take a trip together, or at least to plan one.

May 16, 2006 1 AM(May 15, 2006 to May 17, 2006) Merc Sqr Ura

You stimulate, excite, and/or irritate one another intellectually now. Unexpected differences of opinion may arise which lead to a sudden change of plans or the reversal of an agreement you thought was certain. This is a brief fluctuation, however, so try to ride it through. Also, you both tend to thoughtlessly blurt things out which you may feel foolish about later.

May 16, 2006 7 AM(May 15, 2006 to May 17, 2006) Sun Trine Mars

You energize and invigorate one another, and you are a “dynamic duo” right now. Confidence and a positive spirit runs high in one another’s presence. Joint work projects are favored, as is any vigorous play.

May 16, 2006 2 PM(May 15, 2006 to May 17, 2006) Sun Sqr Sun

Even if your relationship is basically sound, a challenge or crisis is apt to occur around this time. Your basic differences come out now, and can cause a sense of separateness or conflict. If you are harmonious most of the time, this will be relatively minor.

May 17, 2006 12 PM(May 17, 2006 to May 18, 2006) Merc Qucnx Jup

The two of you do not have very good judgment right now, especially in money matters. This is not a good time to make a joint purchase; avoid gambling, too!

May 17, 2006 5 PM(May 17, 2006 to May 18, 2006) Merc Trine Mars

This is a good time to bring up something that may be difficult for you to talk about, and to state your point of view clearly and unambiguously. Expect a bit of intellectual bantering as well.

May 17, 2006 8 PM(May 17, 2006 to May 18, 2006) Merc Sqr Sun

There is a sort of busy, quick, restless quality in the atmosphere between you now, and you could even get on one another’s nerves a bit. Or, it could be mentally stimulating and fun, if a bit frenetic. It is not the best time to bring up a touchy subject, however, as you have a tendency to overstate yourselves or blurt out something you might regret.

May 20, 2006 2 AM(May 19, 2006 to May 21, 2006) Merc Sqr MC

Right now both of you tend to say more than is necessary. If you have plans for the day, make sure you do not fritter away the time discussing your various options or negotiating over trivialities. Nit picking over details can create tense moments.

May 20, 2006 2 PM(May 18, 2006 to May 22, 2006) Mars Sxtil Merc

This is a good time for the two of you to put your heads together and make plans. Problem-solving is favorable now. You will also want to start implementing some of your ideas; the pace of the day is active and lively.

May 21, 2006 2 AM(May 21, 2006 to May 22, 2006) Merc Sqr Ven

This is a favorable time to discuss matters of the heart -what you both want, need, wish for, long for, delighting. You are flirtatious and playful, also.

May 21, 2006 5 PM(May 21, 2006 to May 22, 2006) Sun Sqr MC

The two of you are apt to be wrapped up in one another, and somewhat oblivious to the rest of the world right now. This is a good time to air out any problems you have been having, and to “set the record straight”.

May 22, 2006 5 AM(May 21, 2006 to May 23, 2006) Ven Qucnx Merc

A minor social embarrassment or some awkwardness between the two of you occurs now. Someone inadvertently strikes a discordant note. As long as you can laugh at yourselves, you will be fine.

May 22, 2006 8 AM(May 21, 2006 to May 23, 2006) Ven Trine Ura

Spontaneous playfulness, singing, dancing, or lovemaking adds zest to your time together. Music and movement open you up. Your rhythms are in harmony.

May 22, 2006 10 AM(May 21, 2006 to May 23, 2006) Merc Sqr Plu

This is a time to have a conversation about something you have both avoided in the past. One of you may confront the other with unsuspected grievances, acute but unwelcome observations, or some problem that has been brewing for some time. Even if somewhat difficult or heavy, your interaction can deepen your understanding and knowledge of one another tremendously.

May 22, 2006 8 PM(May 22, 2006 to May 23, 2006) Merc Conj Asc

This is a time of conversation, intellectual exchange, curiosity, teaching, or making a presentation, movement, perhaps taking a short excursion together. While not especially dramatic, the two of you can make a significant connection with one another and with other people at this time.

May 23, 2006 1 AM(May 23, 2006 to May 24, 2006) Merc Qucnx Nep

As a twosome, you are not likely to have very sound judgment or clear perceptions right now. Fantasies, illusions, even a seemingly innocent “white lie” can cloud the atmosphere between the two of you, and someone is apt to get rather confused.

Obviously this is not a time to make practical commitments or decisions that will affect both of you for a long time. Make every effort to be unambiguous and truthful right now.

May 23, 2006 11 PM(May 23, 2006 to May 24, 2006) Sun Sqr Ven

Although you may really want to be together or relax and enjoy yourselves right now, some sort of obstacle temporarily hinders this. Also beware of excesses and indulging yourselves in too much of a good thing.

May 24, 2006 (May 10, 2006 to June 5, 2006) Sat Sxtil Asc

Things should be humming along quite smoothly and steadily now. In fact, nothing much is likely to change radically for the two of you during this period – which is good if you are happy and satisfied and not so good if you are trying to make changes. “Maintaining the status quo” is the theme at the present time.

May 25, 2006 1 AM(May 25, 2006 to May 26, 2006) Ven Trine Jup

Let the good times roll! The two of you put one another -and those around you as well -into an upbeat, exuberant, expansive frame of mind. All you really want to do when you are together now is to play or relax. Festive events and social gatherings are favored; work or serious matters are put on the back burner.

May 25, 2006 12 PM(May 25, 2006 to May 26, 2006) Ven Qucnx Mars

Some subtle awkwardness or tension creeps into your relationship. Something just is not clicking between you right now, romantically or sexually. One of you may be missing the other’s cues or inadvertently putting the other off.

May 25, 2006 6 PM(May 25, 2006 to May 26, 2006) Ven Trine Sun

Love is flowing and romance flourishes. Whatever you do together now will be beautiful, and beautifully received. If you have been neglecting each other or have some hurt feelings between you, this can be a day to bring love back into your relationship.

May 25, 2006 8 PM(May 25, 2006 to May 26, 2006) Merc Qucnx Sat

You tend to miss one another’s messages right now, both literally and figuratively. Beware of blaming one another for simple human error.

May 26, 2006 3 AM(May 24, 2006 to May 27, 2006) Mars Qucnx Jup

If the two of you are together now, avoid speeding or breaking the law even in a trivial way, as you could have a run-in with the authorities. Your timing is a bit off, too, so minor accidents are possible too. With careful attention, all of this can be avoided.

May 26, 2006 11 PM(May 25, 2006 to May 28, 2006) Mars Sxtil Mars

You bring out a spirit of enthusiasm and confidence in one another now and you can get a lot done together. You are apt to reinforce and aid one another rather than fight or get in each other’s way. Anything you undertake as a couple should work out very well indeed.

May 27, 2006 12 AM(May 27, 2006 to May 28, 2006) Sun Sqr Plu

There may be a “heavy” or intense encounter between the two of you at this time, or between the both of you and someone or something in your environment. You may see clearly something which has been operating subliminally or beneath the surface in your relationship. On a very practical, material level there may be breakdowns of machinery, or of something else that has been needing repair for some time.

May 27, 2006 10 PM(May 27, 2006 to May 28, 2006) Sun Conj Asc

This is a special day for the two of you. You are likely to feel especially strong as a couple. Together, you attract the attention and recognition of other people in your environment, so if you want your privacy, do not go out in public together. On the other hand, if you want to make a favorable impression as a couple, this is the time.

May 28, 2006 10 AM(May 27, 2006 to May 29, 2006) Sun Qucnx Nep

Confusions, mix-ups, not showing up on time or at all, forgetting something significant, or just feeling a little fuzzy or spacey in each other’s presence is likely now. Do your best not to let each other down or be unreliable toward one another right now.

May 29, 2006 11 PM(May 29, 2006 to May 30, 2006) Ven Sxtil MC

You are fortunate together at the moment, and no matter what you do it is likely to work out very well. A spirit of friendliness, agreeableness, and harmony with others infuses your relationship and you make a good impression as a couple.

May 30, 2006 12 AM(May 29, 2006 to May 30, 2006) Merc Sqr Merc

Your communication with each other takes on the quality of a ping-pong match: quick, lively, but not necessarily purposeful. You may spat about trivial matters, or go on and on about very little.

You may enjoy word games, playing cards, or similar activities now. Intellectual and mental energies are stimulated.

May 30, 2006 2 AM(May 29, 2006 to May 31, 2006) Merc Sxtil Ura

If you are together now, you are not as apt to be focusing on one another as on doing something exciting or out of the ordinary. You will both want to pursue new friends, fresh or unusual ideas, or a different social or cultural scene than you are accustomed to. There is also an increase in the mental telepathy between you.

May 30, 2006 (May 17, 2006 to June 10, 2006) Sat Sqr Nep

Some struggle arises now between your wishes and fantasies versus practical limitations, earthly reality, or the way things really are. If either or both of you has any problems with substance abuse, dependency, deceit, or evasiveness this will have a strong effect upon your relationship now, and has to be dealt with. If not, you may simply feel somewhat discouraged about the disparity between how things are and how you wish they were.

May 31, 2006 4 PM(May 31, 2006 to June 1, 2006) Merc Oppos Jup

Conversations about your personal philosophies and understanding about life, your religious beliefs, and attitudes, or your personal dreams and aspirations for the future come up now. This is also a favorable time to travel or plan a vacation together.

May 31, 2006 7 PM(May 31, 2006 to June 1, 2006) Ven Trine Ven

You are pleasantly at ease and flowing harmoniously together at the moment. You could attract something wonderful into your shared lives at this time – it is your “lucky day”. The spirit of Eros, of love, is blessing you in some way.

May 31, 2006 11 PM(May 31, 2006 to June 1, 2006) Merc Sqr Mars

Nerves are edgy and tempers flare. You may feel inordinately irritated by the opinions and ideas expressed by your partner. What seems atrocious now, however, may well seem not worth fighting about later.

A hot game of tennis or some other one-on-one sport would be fine, as long as you leave the game behind when it is over. Apologize immediately for any rudeness toward one another.

June 1, 2006 2 AM(May 31, 2006 to June 2, 2006) Merc Sxtil Sun

There is a good flow of ideas and conversation now, and you certainly will not be bored as being in one another’s presence stimulates you intellectually and mentally. The emphasis is on curiosity, exchanging thoughts, clarity, and understanding.

June 3, 2006 8 AM(June 2, 2006 to June 4, 2006) Ven Trine Plu

The two of you can experience the magical, transforming power of love, if you are willing to really be vulnerable and open with one another now. Sexual and emotional healing through deep contact, deep acceptance, and your love for one another can occur. Share the longings you have had, the secret wishes and desires, and the losses you still carry. Superficial relating is not on the agenda now.

June 3, 2006 4 PM(June 2, 2006 to June 4, 2006) Sun Qucnx Sat

Frustration, doubts, or feeling rather disconnected from one another colors this time period. Small problems may seem more serious than they are, and issues that do not have immediate, clear solutions may arise. Forbearance, patience, and a gentle approach are called for.

June 3, 2006 6 PM(June 3, 2006 to June 4, 2006) Merc Trine MC

This is a good time to gather information about joint projects and plans, and to make contacts. Any business dealings or legal matters that involve both of you go well now, also.

June 4, 2006 11 AM(June 4, 2006 to June 5, 2006) Ven Oppos Nep

Wishes, fantasies, and sweet dreams of love color your responses to one another now. This can be a particularly enchanting, even intoxicating time – or a disappointing one if your partner does not fulfill your ideals. Share your heart’s secret wishes with one another.

June 4, 2006 2 PM(June 2, 2006 to June 6, 2006) Mars Qucnx MC

You are not as prone to disagree about what you both want as how to go about achieving it or doing it. Avoid pushing your own agenda without considering your partner’s reservations. Premature or one-sided decisions will have to be redone.

June 4, 2006 11 PM(June 4, 2006 to June 5, 2006) Merc Sxtil Ven

This is a pleasant, lighthearted time. Save the heavy subjects or deep emotional discussions for another day. Socializing, visiting friends, going shopping for fun, or some other bit of frivolity would be just right.

June 5, 2006 11 PM(June 5, 2006 to June 6, 2006) Ven Sxtil Moon

It is family time, and being with young ones is favored. You may want to “adopt” others’ youngsters for the day if you do not have any of your own. Or you may want to spend some time with a beloved pet. Visits with relatives go very smoothly also.

June 6, 2006 5 PM(June 6, 2006 to June 7, 2006) Merc Sxtil Plu

The two of you play spy, detective, private investigator. You may find something lost, inadvertently uncover a secret, or get some inside information. A friend comes to you with a problem that requires discretion.

June 7, 2006 1 PM(June 6, 2006 to June 8, 2006) Merc Trine Nep

A shared flight of imagination brings pleasure: you could write a song together, discuss your latest psychic experiences, visit a tarot card reader, plan an exotic vacation, talk about your dreams. Spiritual topics or otherworldly tales fascinate you now. You may want to see a film that interests the idealistic, believing, hopeful sides of you.

June 8, 2006 3 PM(June 8, 2006 to June 9, 2006) Merc Conj Moon

Go for a walk in the moonlight! This is a time for intimate confidences and sharing your personal stories with one another. A flow of mutual understanding, sympathetic interest, trust, and support can make this a special time.

June 9, 2006 2 PM(June 8, 2006 to June 10, 2006) Ven Trine Sat

Things are on an even keel between you right now. Though not necessarily wildly exciting or the stuff dreams are made of (unless you have some other astrological influence operating), being with one another is comforting, reassuring, stabilizing. Quiet pastimes are favored.

June 10, 2006 (Apr 24, 2006 to July 21, 2006) Plu Trine Sun

At this time you will begin to feel a stronger sense of shared destiny and shared purpose. If you don’t feel this way, you are likely to uncover the deeper reason for your coming together. There is a quality of inevitability, fate, or karma which makes itself felt now. Aspects of your relationship may change irrevocably or die now, and this will be all to the good for you both.

June 11, 2006 11 AM(June 10, 2006 to June 12, 2006) Merc Oppos Sat

You are seeing something of the shadow side of one another and your relationship now. Perhaps you will observe how the other person handles frustration or a tough situation. Communication between you is inhibited also, and one or the other may be unwilling to talk openly or may even temporarily cut off communication altogether.

June 12, 2006 2 PM(June 12, 2006 to June 13, 2006) Sun Sqr Merc

Expect lively conversation, which can lead to bickering or arguing for the sake of an argument. You may get on one another’s nerves a bit, or simply be unreceptive to what the other person is trying to convey. A short trip will be fun as long as you do not disagree on who should do the driving.

June 12, 2006 7 PM(June 12, 2006 to June 13, 2006) Sun Sxtil Ura

Something new, unexpected, surprising, or unusual adds sparkle to your relationship now. The atmosphere between you is lively, spontaneous, open to novelty and discovery.

June 14, 2006 12 PM(June 12, 2006 to June 16, 2006) Mars Sxtil Asc

Together you will want to be active and getting something accomplished. You are prone to push each other to do more, but in an encouraging and positive way. Sports or outdoor activities are also favored.

June 15, 2006 6 AM(June 13, 2006 to June 16, 2006) Mars Sqr Nep

Either or both of you experience a vague sense of dissatisfaction or confusion about what you want right now. What is in fact happening is that you are wanting to act out some fantasy or dream-wish, and are uncertain or unclear about it. You encourage each other to pursue the impossible dream – which may not be impossible at all if you are able to distinguish fact from fiction and are completely honest with each other. Some kind of weirdness and a taste for the bizarre or unattainable are part of the scenario.

June 16, 2006 1 AM(June 16, 2006 to June 17, 2006) Sun Oppos Jup

This is a positive time for the two of you, when people and outer circumstances seem to be on your side. Whatever comes your way now will give your relationship a boost. Together, the two of you are hopeful and forward-looking and it is an excellent time to make plans for your future. Travel is favored also.

June 16, 2006 2 PM(June 16, 2006 to June 17, 2006) Sun Sqr Mars

You aggravate one another for no particular reason, and conflicts may erupt over rather minor issues. This is especially true if one or the other has the tendency to dominate or try to tell the other what to do or how to do it. Pushiness will back fire now. As long as the two of you are not cooped up together -say on a long car ride or in a small office space – battles can be avoided, if you give one another plenty of breathing room.

June 16, 2006 8 PM(June 16, 2006 to June 17, 2006) Ven Trine Merc

This is the time to send one of those lusciously romantic or sentimental cards. Even better, write a love letter or song for your partner. At this time your relationship is enhanced through WORDS artfully or heartfully expressed. Speak or write about your appreciation, admiration, passion, or affection for one another.

June 16, 2006 9 PM(June 16, 2006 to June 17, 2006) Sun Sxtil Sun

This is a good time for the two of you to be social together. Accept invitations, or extend them, join friends, neighbors or other groups you enjoy. If you are working together on a project, that too will go well. Cooperation and mutual encouragement are the tone of this time period.

June 16, 2006 11 PM(June 16, 2006 to June 17, 2006) Ven Sqr Ura

A restless mood and a yearning for something different comes over the two of you. Perhaps you will want to do something you have not done in a long time, like going roller-skating, or dancing, or to see an erotic film. If you are both open and willing to experiment, you have some exiting, even thrilling, moments.

June 18, 2006 3 AM(June 18, 2006 to June 19, 2006) Merc Sxtil Merc

There is mental and intellectual compatibility between you now. Even if you usually disagree on any number of topics, you will find areas of harmony and agreement. Thus it is a good time for discussion, or just being together. Friends come into the picture as well.

June 19, 2006 3 PM(June 18, 2006 to June 20, 2006) Ven Qucnx Jup

You bring out in one another tendencies toward excessive spending, partying, or consuming. Too much of a good thing can cause mutual regret later.

June 20, 2006 1 AM(June 20, 2006 to June 21, 2006) Ven Trine Mars

Currents of warmth and magnetic attraction are flowing between you, and you respond lovingly and passionately to one another. Creativity is inspired, too, and you can make something or design something beautiful together. This is a wonderful time just to enjoy one another’s presence.

June 20, 2006 7 AM(June 20, 2006 to June 21, 2006) Ven Sqr Sun

This is a time of lighthearted pleasure and you encourage one another to relax, feel good, maybe a bit self-indulgent. Romance flourishes.

June 21, 2006 10 AM(June 20, 2006 to June 22, 2006) Merc Qucnx Jup

The two of you do not have very good judgment right now, especially in money matters. This is not a good time to make a joint purchase; avoid gambling, too!

June 21, 2006 10 PM(June 20, 2006 to June 23, 2006) Merc Sxtil Mars

This is a good time to plan a joint work project, or to do something together that requires both brain and muscle. You are an effective team right now.

June 21, 2006 (May 11, 2006 to Aug 7, 2006) Plu Sqr Mars

Even if you are both relaxed, agreeable, mellow individuals something about being with each other right now triggers a deep fierceness. There may be a complete unwillingness to back down or set aside your own agendas. You challenge and provoke each other. Passions – both angry and highly sexual – run high.

June 22, 2006 1 AM(June 22, 2006 to June 23, 2006) Sun Trine MC

This is a time for clarifying or affirming your mutual long-range goals and the direction you see yourselves headed together. Happy and useful plans can be made now.

June 24, 2006 7 AM(June 24, 2006 to June 25, 2006) Sun Sxtil Ven

Conviviality is featured now. This is a great time to spend just relaxing or having fun together, and you will want to include other friends or loved ones as well.

Affection flows freely. This is also a favorable time to work out differences or difficulties you have been having, as a spirit of cooperation permeates your interactions with one another at present.

June 24, 2006 10 AM(June 24, 2006 to June 25, 2006) Ven Sqr MC

You will definitely want to be together now, and you will miss each other if apart. You will be focusing on your relationship too and considering ways to improve it or make things go better. Gifts of affection – like flowers sent to the office or something else you know would delight the other – are happily received now.

June 25, 2006 3 AM(June 23, 2006 to June 26, 2006) Mars Qucnx Sat

Very poor timing can make for some tense, unpleasant, frustrating times. The two of you may have to re-do something you thought you had already finished.

June 26, 2006 6 AM(June 26, 2006 to June 27, 2006) Ven Sqr Ven

Disagreements about personal tastes and styles, some lack of consideration or thoughtfulness, or one of you wanting more attention and affection will lead to… kissing and making up! Or, it will lead to an awareness that you need to be doing things differently to please one another as well as yourselves.

June 27, 2006 9 AM(June 26, 2006 to June 28, 2006) Sun Sxtil Plu

You are drawn to the mystery or secret depths of one another now. You may discover something about your partner you only glimpsed before. This can be a revitalizing time for the two of you. Certainly it will not be a superficial encounter.

June 28, 2006 5 PM(June 28, 2006 to June 29, 2006) Ven Sqr Plu

Forces within both of you which sabotage the closeness you could be experiencing come to the fore. You may touch upon some long standing or “hidden” problems which you have tried to ignore. If one or the other feels dominated or controlled, unloved or unappreciated – all of this may come up now. Passions and deep feelings of all kinds are intensified between you now.

June 28, 2006 7 PM(June 28, 2006 to June 29, 2006) Sun Trine Nep

You are very open and physically sensitive to one another at the moment, and can experience unusual extrasensory perception, or telepathy with one another. You are in a dreamy, imaginative space together. Perhaps you can take a long walk on the beach and tell one another your dreams.

June 29, 2006 11 AM(June 28, 2006 to June 30, 2006) Ven Conj Asc

This is a very favorable time for you as a couple. The spirit of Eros – love, affection, pleasure, beauty – flows though and brings the two of you together. Any sharing you have now will be delicious! If you live together you may spend time making your environment much more appealing, harmonious and inviting.

June 29, 2006 9 PM(June 29, 2006 to June 30, 2006) Ven Qucnx Nep

A vague feeling of dissatisfaction or confusion arises now. One of you feels you are sacrificing too much, or you just don’t know where the other person is coming from. Check out your concerns and perceptions with one another because something you may be imagining about your partner is likely to be not quite true.

June 30, 2006 12 AM(June 27, 2006 to July 11, 2006) Merc Qucnx MC

You may notice that there is altogether too much thinking going on now. Trying to second guess one another or figure things out, the two of you may be just spinning your wheels. Be discreet now, as there is a tendency to say too much or tell something to the wrong person, which can adversely affect the two of you as a couple.

June 30, 2006 2 PM(June 30, 2006 to July 1, 2006) Sun Conj Moon

At this time your shared history or events from the past dominate your relationship. If it is a relatively new relationship, you may find out something particularly personal and intimate about your partner which increases your feelings of closeness. If you have been together quite a while and your relationship is sound, the comfort, security, and sense of belonging you have with one another will be emphasized.

You will see what habits you have developed as a couple, and whether or not you are emotionally satisfied, feel supported, and are feeling close to one another. If hurt feelings over past behavior come up now, let the aggrieved one fully share those feelings. Simply LISTEN and RECEIVE one another. A tone of nostalgia, or longing for what was, may pervade this time period.

July 4, 2006 10 PM(July 4, 2006 to July 5, 2006) Ven Qucnx Sat

You have difficulty connecting to one another right now, and either or both of you may want to separate or temporarily withdraw from the relationship. Fortunately this is apt to be short-lived if your relationship is essentially good. Use this time to clue yourselves in to what could be improved in your ways of relating to one another.

July 5, 2006 2 AM(July 4, 2006 to July 6, 2006) Sun Oppos Sat

Questions about the seriousness of your commitment to one another, or personal insecurities, creates a rather heavy tone. One or the other of you may put the brakes on or have some serious doubts. A joint project may encounter a delay, set back, or rejection also.

July 6, 2006 (June 14, 2006 to July 27, 2006) jup trine moon

An increased sense of well-being, contentment, abundance and ease emerges in your relationship now. You are very tolerant, forgiving, even indulgent toward one another right now as well. Expect blessings, helpfulness, or gifts from your families or those people the two of you have helped in the past. If the two of you struggle with an ongoing problem, difficulties can be eased now by reaching out for help.

July 9, 2006 7 AM(July 7, 2006 to July 10, 2006) Mars Conj Ura

This is a time of very dynamic and potentially explosive energy between the two of you. You bring out the wild, dare-devilish, thrill-seeking side of one another. You could behave erratically toward one another, too. Impulsive actions, unexpected out bursts, or surprise upsets are also quite likely.

July 9, 2006 2 PM(June 27, 2006 to July 11, 2006) Merc Qucnx MC

This astrological influence (Merc Qucnx MC) also occurred on June 30, 2006 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

July 12, 2006 1 AM(July 12, 2006 to July 13, 2006) Ven Sqr Merc

You seek out amusement or entertainment that is just fun and which does not demand much of you intellectually or emotionally. You also enjoy flirting or teasing one another in a friendly way. Some of these “jokes” or playful remarks contain quite a bit of truth about your thoughts and feelings towards each other, but you sweeten them with humor and affection.

July 12, 2006 (June 2, 2006 to Nov 28, 2006) Plu Conj Jup

Being together during this period will transform your personal beliefs and philosophies, your ways of understanding the world, and/or your relationships to authority and the principles of society. You may find yourselves in deep philosophical discussions, or pursuing a teacher, class, or group which changes and expands your view of life. You also encourage one another’s growth and ambitions in a big way.

July 12, 2006 4 AM(July 12, 2006 to July 13, 2006) Ven Sxtil Ura

The two of you could start up a relationship with some new people. Follow your spontaneous impulses as they will lead you to new pleasures and vitality for your relationship. Music and movement play a role.

July 14, 2006 1 AM(July 14, 2006 to July 15, 2006) Sun Sxtil Merc

If the two of you need to attend to any business matters, commercial negotiations, or joint projects, this is a good time. Communications are favored.

July 14, 2006 9 AM(July 14, 2006 to July 15, 2006) Mars Trine Jup

You have an encouraging, strengthening, and beneficial affect on one another now. If you enjoy sports or outdoor activities together, this is an excellent time.

July 14, 2006 7 PM(July 14, 2006 to July 15, 2006) Ven Oppos Jup

Good humor and a desire for fun prevails. Whatever you do together now, you will have a grand time doing it. You are inclined to live it up, enjoy the moment, and not consider consequences too much. Even so, you two are quite “lucky” together now.

July 15, 2006 5 AM(July 14, 2006 to July 16, 2006) Ven Sqr Mars

Tensions in the sexual aspect of your relationship – perhaps due to differing interests, desires, preferences, or love styles – can cause some friction now. Most likely one of you is more ready than the other. Trying to balance the satisfaction of your own desires versus pleasing your partner is at issue here.

July 15, 2006 10 AM(July 14, 2006 to July 16, 2006) Ven Sxtil Sun

You are feeling sociable and festive together now. Spend time with people you enjoy or attend a cultural event together. In general, you are getting along beautifully now.

July 15, 2006 4 PM(July 14, 2006 to July 17, 2006) Mars Conj Sun

Your interactions are infused with greater heat, vitality, and energy now, and if you are together you will not want to do anything passive, like watch television or sit and talk. You can accomplish a lot together at this time, as long as neither of you tries to override the other. In fact it is an excellent time to initiate a joint project. Passion and enthusiasm run high.

July 17, 2006 12 PM(July 16, 2006 to July 18, 2006) Sun Qucnx Jup

The two of you experience some minor inconveniences or injustices. At worst, you could have a run-in with the law over something you overlooked or were lazy about doing. This time may pass with no perceivable effects, however, as long as you do not get sloppy. There is also a tendency to take one another and the good of your relationship for granted right now.

July 18, 2006 1 AM(July 18, 2006 to July 19, 2006) Sun Sxtil Mars

You can accomplish a lot together right now. Hard work or strenuous physical play is favored. Being together puts both of you in a self-assertive mood, but not so much that you run over each other’s desires or feelings. Actually you will be a strong force together at this time.

July 18, 2006 4 PM(July 17, 2006 to July 20, 2006) Merc Sxtil Mars

This is a good time to plan a joint work project, or to do something together that requires both brain and muscle. You are an effective team right now.

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Report Order FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to Report Orders

Reports are generally delivered within 24 hours of order placement, or if there were missing details, within 24 hours of the receipt of full information needed to generate the report(s). Occasionally, an order might arrive a little late if there was an unexpected influx of orders, for example, a power outage, etc.

However, if 24 hours have passed and you don’t find an email from Kristen – Cafe Astrology (reports in your inbox or spam folder, then please write and let Kristen know. Please understand that we make every effort to send your order, and if this is impossible, you will receive a refund.

Some people have problems with email delivery, particularly with emails that have attachments. In these cases, we can put the report(s) in a secure place online for download. If you prefer this method regardless, write Kristen an email with the request or add the request in the notes with your order placement.

By default, Kristen sends report orders to the email address associated with Paypal. That’s the email that comes in with your payment and order details. You can specify another email address if you’d like, but keep in mind that a Paypal receipt email is automatically sent to the customer as soon as payment is made, and that email will go to the email address registered with Paypal.

No, you should specify that the birth time is unknown rather than guess it so that the report can be created specifically for unknown birth times.

Although unknown birth time reports can be a little shorter than the reports with known birth times, they only include information that is known. Most importantly, the ambiguous information is excluded from the report.

Some people feel that they will get more for their money if they guess at the birth time, as they assume that more interpretations in the reports are better. However, it’s much better to have a shorter report with accurate interpretations than a longer report with a mix of accurate and inaccurate interpretations! In this case, less is definitely more.

Yes, absolutely. The start date of a report can be any date in the past or the future.

In the case of a Solar Return, the start date will be on or in the two days surrounding the birth month and day due to the nature of this type of forecasting technique, but the year of the report can be any year in the future or past.

In the case of the Time Line report, the software only allows the start date to be the first of any given month, for example, May 1st, 2017.

No, the shopping cart used on the site is run by Paypal, but all the usual payment options are included so that you can use credit cards, debit cards, and the like. There are different shopping cart technologies available to sellers, and Cafe Astrology has selected the Paypal shopping cart as its solution. All payment details are sent to Paypal and not to Cafe Astrology. Paypal sends Cafe Astrology an email with each order that lists the order details and email address, not any payment information. We are not set up as a merchant at this time.

Reports are based on your birth time, while horoscopes are based on solar charts. A solar chart places the Sun’s sign on the Ascendant, and most people don’t have the same Sun and Ascendant in their natal charts. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at.

For reports, the default house system used is Placidus. However, you can request another house system for your order (example, Koch, Equal, Whole Sign, etc.).

It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right.

If you receive unexpected results, please send an email to Kristen who can look into the matter and explain the reasons for it, such as an ambiguous time zone or a particular calculation method. It’s important to provide as many details as possible.

The Solar Return chart is drawn for the date and time of the return of the Sun to its exact position at birth, and not to the birthday itself. The Sun returns to its birth position once a year on or near the day of birth, and rarely coincides with the time of birth. For example, if my birthday is September 2nd, 1970 @ 5:00 PM, my Solar Return could be September 1st, 2016, @ 4:24 AM one year, September 2nd, 2017, @ 1:22 AM the next, and so forth. If the birth data is entered correctly on the report, you can expect the Solar Return date and time to be accurate.

Report orders are promised within approximately 24 hours from the time of order placement and complete information required to create the report. Kristen sends out reports by email and she is at the report computer typically eight hours a day. Because orders and responses come in from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, rush orders are not possible. However, to prevent delays, making certain that you’ve included all information requested and that it’s accurate will prevent the need for email back and forths that will cause delays.

Typically orders are emailed out within 12 hours or so, but they do sometimes come closer to 24 hours. The most common reason is a sudden influx of orders. There are times when more than the usual number of orders come in and it takes much longer to complete orders.

Within 24 hours of order placement, you should receive an email from Kristen, either as a request for further information or clarification if there is missing/unclear information or with a report attachment. If the information is incomplete, Kristen will request it from you and you will receive your order within 24 hours of receipt of the full information necessary to create your report.

If you are buying more than one report in one order, you can enter birth information only once if you prefer. However, it’s important to note that some reports require different or additional information, so be sure to supply all that is needed to create your reports.