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The Kidzone Report is a computerized report that focuses on children, although adults will enjoy it for themselves as well! These reports average 45 pages and are written by New Zealand astrologer Marise Payne. Light and compassionate, as well as detailed and accurate, the text of these very thorough reports describes the child in the third person by using the child’s first name.

The report calculates and interprets the three most powerful planets, signs, and houses in the child’s chart and then delineates the elements and modalities that are most abundant or lacking in the chart. The reports include interpretations of the 144 Sun/Moon combinations together with descriptions of the combination of the Moon with the Ascendant. The combination of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant gives a very accurate reading.

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The Kidzone Report is a computerized report that focuses on children, although adults will enjoy it for themselves as well! This report averages 45 pages and is written by New Zealand astrologer Marise Payne. Light and compassionate, as well as detailed and accurate, the text of this thorough report describes the child in the third person by using the child’s first name.

The report first calculates and interprets the three most powerful planets, signs, and houses in the child’s chart and then calculates and interprets the elements and modalities that are most abundant or lacking in the chart. The KidZone report includes interpretations of the 144 Sun/Moon combinations together with descriptions of the combination of the Moon with the Ascendant. The combination of the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant gives a very accurate reading.

The KidZone report is not just for the parents of children. Many adult tendencies start in childhood. Achieve the deepest understanding of anyone’s psychology with these combined delineations.

Please keep in mind that every chart has difficult aspects in it and these aspects do not reflect parenting skills.

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Report Sample




INTRODUCTION to the Kid Zone Report

This is an Astro-Analysis based on the exact time, date, and place of birth calculated on the details supplied.

It is not intended to predict a budding mega-star or a future world leader – the objective is to provide some insights into the psyche of Annie to give everyone concerned a better chance of understanding, and hopefully helping this special child through the difficult growing times that they will face.

The astrological Chart is a little like a jigsaw puzzle without the benefit of a picture to follow. Some pieces are easy to recognize and they fit together beautifully. Another batch might fit well – but seem unrelated to the first “batch”. Several straggly bits probably seem to belong to another world altogether, but that is the human psyche. The depths are immeasurable with many, many forms, faces, and dimensions.

Any Astrological chart will have seemingly several contradictions – again – just like human nature and our psychological make-up. But these apparent differences are all shades, shapes, and forms of the full picture. These “contradictions” should be seen as a balancing factor, knocking some of the edges off our sharp corners or, sharpening up the “softness” in the areas defined.

It should also be recognized that all of us have our own very personal lessons to learn in this life and these lessons unfold throughout the span of our entire life on earth. The learning experiences will not be systematic – they will be random episodes and experiences. Some interpretations of this Chart will give a glimpse of these very personal lessons that are an obvious part of this little one’s character. Others may be so private or subtle that the child “learns” all by itself. And then there will be further lessons that will not have emerged or even seem significant yet.

It is hoped that the brief explanations throughout this analysis will help to explain the meanings and terminology of basic Astrology to give as much understanding as possible.

The two most valuable things that we can give to any child are our unconditional love and our time.


The following passages give a comprehensive summary of the character traits of this child and a brief description of each section explains the specifics. It has been kept simple deliberately because, as mentioned in the introduction, Astrology is a complex subject, and the intention is to clarify, not confuse.

Included are:

The Sun/Moon sign combination

The Ascendant, when the birth time is known

The Sun, Moon and planets in the Signs and, when the birth time is known, the Houses

The major aspects

The Balance of the Elements and Modalities

The strongest Signs, Houses and Planets

Nothing is quite like having a Chart done on a “one-to-one” basis, but this enormous electronic age has opened the way for anyone who is interested to have a closer look at this ancient science and benefit from its wisdom. Planets in Signs and Houses

Sun in Virgo, Moon in Pisces

The “SUN SIGN” is the one part of the Astrological Chart that most people know. It is the inner core that drives and motivates us. It is our own true light. When we read and discuss our Sun signs we can easily recognize bits that fit, and maybe, question bits that do not seem to apply. The contrast noted is often related to the power of the other luminary – the Moon. The Moon is our instinctive response. It reflects our earliest conditioning. The Moon governs our emotional responses, – our likes and dislikes – our innate sensitivities. Often the Moon sign is related to the maternal influence, or perhaps, the general home environment.
Both the Sun and the Moon are the two major players. When in a very different sign this does complicate the projected personality. This can be an essential but difficult learning curve that can be confusing for all concerned. Our Sun can try so hard to shine only to feel over-shadowed by a powerful, or competitive, Moon. Some of us will need to learn to accept and understand our emotional conditioning and allow the Sun the right to burst through, combining both strengths in a positive way.
This combination attempts to tie together both of these very significant forces and come up with a sharper, more focused picture.
Some signs are very compatible – others compete.

This is a bricks and mortar combination of Earth and Water that uses two very different elements well. But, Annie will have a rather muddy persona that is difficult to read. There will be plenty of patience, an eye for practicality, but also a whole lot of deep sensitivity. There will be times when the head and the heart come from strikingly different places, which will be confusing. The nature can be introverted because of these differences, with Annie not knowing quite what path to follow. However, with maturity, and accepting the gifts of both the Sun and the Moon, the imagination and the common sense will work together beautifully. There will be a confidence and a self-belief that will be solid and valuable. On the negative side, these kids can be highly resistant to change. They can get bogged down in the tried and true and refuse to accept progress or alternatives. They can become moralistic and staunch, with a tunnel vision. Annie will probably seem to gravitate to similar friends throughout life in an effort to preserve a strict and unbending point of view.

Annie has the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in the deep and watery sign of Pisces. This is a very caring little soul who will be so tuned in to human nature, the world and the universe. This willing child will never have to be asked, but will simply know when help is needed most. True empathy will be a gift that has been bestowed on Annie, a gift that is easily recognized by all concerned. This gentle child will be there for any soul in need.

Annie will have a highly developed imagination and sense of imagery. This is an artist that has the scientific precision and creative eye to transform beautiful ideas into tangible and credible results. For example, this child will be able to craft a beautiful garden. The Virgo Sun is highly attuned to the soil and the Pisces Moon is equally attuned to spiritual growth. But any area of practical creativity will be a natural source of joy for Annie.

This will be a gentle child who oozes compassion, but who will also be objective. The nature is timid and shy, with a quiet inner strength that becomes a protective aura. But these kids do struggle with the rest of the world at times. There is an innocence that can develop into a cynical attitude when it is realized that human nature is not as nice as Annie would like to believe that it is. Disappointments can mar this lovely disposition when reality hits home. The analytical Virgo Sun is still capable of questioning this modest Moon. When life hits a “low” ebb, the nerves can take a hammering and depression can be a force to be reckoned with. This will need to be nipped in the bud and Annie will need to be guided onto a positive plane. Annie will probably have an affinity with the more mysterious things in life. This can also cause some confusion, with a doubting Sun challenging the idealistic Moon. But, later in life, it is entirely possible that these “gifts” will be used to help others in a tangible and enlightening way.

Annie combines a gentle Piscean Moon with a fiery Aries Ascendant. The projected personality is often pure camouflage that is a brave effort to hide the vulnerable emotions. Annie will be very self-critical, asking many silent questions and will often expect far too much – a whole lot more than is possible. These kids set themselves up for failure as a matter of course, and then get mad. Being deeply sensitive and touchy, these kids are easily hurt by a casual remark or an indifferent attitude. Annie will take everything personally and, when upset; will retreat to a private place somewhere else on the planet. Even when badly wounded, the whole issue can pass by without explanation. Hence, the immediate atmosphere can suddenly become very hazy and heavy for seemingly little reason.

However, this sensitivity can be of value to Annie. The ability to “read” people will be very accurate, although the tendency to keep this private will not make this a trait that is easily recognized in the child. Try to teach Annie to open up, feel free to spit it out and not be so afraid. It can be done.

This is a perfect example of a powerful Ascendant that can be hampered by a deep and mysterious Moon. The Aries character wants to set the world on fire and the Pisces is rather afraid of the heat.

With the Pisces Moon relating to the maternal figure, this influence could well be very loving and caring, but not particularly practical. The “mother” could rely heavily on others for emotional support for some reason, teaching Annie to handle the tough stuff in private. Alternatively, Mother could be highly evolved and involved in “good works” outside of the home. This can leave little spontaneous “quality time” for Annie. Consequently Annie learns early to avoid making a fuss. When under pressure or upset, Annie will simply pack up and leave and seek resolution in private.

Aries Ascendant

The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac, which was rising on the horizon at the time of birth. The term Ascendant and Rising sign are the same. Every 4 minutes the degree of the Ascendant changes. This is why it is so important to know the exact time of birth. This is the starting point of the astrological wheel and defines the signs on each house cusp in an anti-clockwise direction.

The actual houses and their meanings are just as important as the signs on the cusp. The sign of the Ascendant is as important as the Sun sign, and its effects are often more obvious to other people. The Ascendant represents how the personality appears to others. Each sign has its own potential strengths, which should be developed, and weaknesses, which should be minimized through understanding.

Annie may run into problems if the rising sign is quite different in nature from the Sun sign. There will be conflict between an element of the inner self and the projected image. So, if any recurring social problems do occur, it is necessary to look within.

The Ascendant in the chart is very important. It indicates the ways in which we interact with the world around us, the energies we put out, and the energies we receive from others. Aspects to the Ascendant indicate what kinds of interaction we experience with others, the impressions we make on people, and the areas of our life that most involve other people. Often these aspects tell us about ourselves.

Aries the Ram is the Ascendant, or rising sign, that is, the start of the wheel in the chart, for Annie. Imagine the powerful little beast that “rams” through life, and this is the Aries personality. Aries rules the head, or the ego. These children will think in terms of coming first – coming second just never occurs to them. Annie will be the first out of the starting blocks every time. An idea is barely formed before it is put into action and any discussion will be an after-thought. These kids like to compete, especially in one-to-one situations. But they must learn to accept losing gracefully and to compromise now and again. This is sometimes a problem because these kids are so independent and always in so much of a hurry.

As a youngster Annie will truly enjoy play groups or pre-school activities just to keep the mind stimulated. It will also help this child to use some of their relentless energy. This can cause Annie to be impatient. As these kids start to develop, this is something they will have to work on – even if it does drive them mad – to have to wait a bit. These kids will tend to be rash and impulsive, acting first and thinking later. At their best, they are pioneers, but at their worst, they are reckless. Annie will need to learn to be a little more thoughtful.

Much of the valuable energy these children burn is because of a need to prove something. If something can be done a better way, Annie will work to the death to find that way. The ego might be strong, but Annie is not selfish. Annie will be quite happy to share any good results. Annie can, though, have many unfinished symphonies. Boredom sets in quickly and when the initial interest in a project has died, it will just simply be abandoned. To keep Annie on track, toss in a bit of clever imagination to make what is being done more interesting. Besides, if you have lost interest in this masterpiece this child has started – so will they. Ensure that praise is forthcoming for any finished projects.

No matter how they are feeling inside, these kids always try to keep up an image of being totally independent. But sometimes this can be more of a mask than a reality. If this little person feels like being caring, gentle and soft, they should be encouraged to be just that. They need to learn that it is OK. When unhappy, Annie may try to hide it – make a joke about it, letting others think that this big brave kid does not take anything seriously – even pain. This is why it is important that these children do not feel that they have to be big, tough, and strong all of the time.

Remember that Annie will have very strong views. These kids will prefer their own opinions and their own ways of doing things. Annie will fight hard against restrictions or parenting that does not allow for individualism. This child may not fully understand the mechanics of normal and necessary discipline. They will see opposing opinions as a power struggle. Explanations can go a long way in coaxing Annie to stop and think. In many ways, the parents have to dig their toes in to teach this little one to be considerate and co-operative, but if the attitude is too dogmatic, this little Ram will do what they do best. They will simply head-butt all attempts right out of the door. Confrontation will add emphasis to even further confrontation.

Tact is not usually a strong point. These kids say it as they see it. They are usually absolutely honest and will be highly offended if they are not trusted. Annie will shoot from the hip, will shoot straight, and will be quite proud of that fact. This can also upset a few people, but generally, these types are admired for this honest and uncomplicated attitude.

It is likely that the parents will have high expectations for this child to achieve. They will be ambitious for Annie to do well. But this kid with the Arian Ascendant will have their own ideas on just what they want to do and that could cause a few upsets. The family environment should be warm and caring with, perhaps, one parent who is a little more dominant. Or perhaps, where the roles are clearly defined – i.e. one parent brings home the bacon and the other cooks it.

The Ruling Planet in this Chart for Annie is Mars – the ruler of Aries. Pay special attention to the interpretations of the energetic little planet Mars, as this will be a power point of this personality. The House the Planet Mars falls in will give an indication on where the action and initiative will be at its strongest.

Sun in Virgo

The Sun in the chart is our personal light. It is our vitality, our creativity, and our basic ego. It is the Sun that provokes and promotes emotional security. The Sun represents our individuality. Within the Sun sign is our reason for being, our sense of pride, and our confidence. This is the basis of the search for the real person within. The sign occupied by the Sun at birth describes the nature of these basic drives and patterns. It describes the desire to be important to the people that matter and the ability to be independent and self-reliant. It will give us an indication of the methods used to develop psychologically. The House will describe the areas of life that will be important and play a major role in our lives. It is here that we have the tools and the gifts to use as they were intended. But we may have to learn some vital lessons before this happens.
Much more is revealed by the aspects to the Sun. Positive aspects (trines, conjunctions or sextiles) are good indicators of self-reliance, confidence and the ability to stand on one’s own two feet. The difficult aspects (squares, oppositions, and inconjunctions) will suggest psychological problems which can have a profound effect on life. However, learning to deal with these difficulties ultimately produces strength and understanding of the self. The rewards of working through these problems are great. The efforts will be productive. Sure, work is needed, but it is worth the effort. However, whenever the planet, Saturn, brushes up against the Sun, it will suppress and depress the energy of the most exuberant Sun sign.
The Sun is the “self”, the “life path”, the “true” personality behind all the facades and defenses we all put up.
The child will start to grow into the Sun sign during adolescence which can be another reason why these years can be so dramatic and traumatic – this is just another set of growing pains that we all have to endure. The actual Sun sign is often not fully developed until nearer 30 years of age, but the inner spirit will emerge and glimpses will be seen throughout the growing years.

Annie has the Sun in the sign of Virgo. Orderly and thoughtful, hardworking, conscientious, and well organized – this is the Virgo child. This will be a good student who takes learning seriously. Everything Annie does will be done well. These kids are practical and down to earth. They are highly analytical and exacting; in fact this is often the sign of a perfectionist. These kids are very neat and tidy but rather cautious. There will be a strong sense of privacy. Ask before you borrow their pen – they will know it is missing in a flash. These kids have a strong sense of ownership and also like to be respected.

With highly varied interests, the Virgo child can accumulate a vast network of knowledge. They instinctively know that they must grasp the full facts and the correct facts, so they are seldom wrong in their theories and statements. Annie will deliberate before making a point and will stand very fast in the knowledge that whatever stated is correct. And these kids usually are. They will win an argument on the basis of the minor points of fact if they have to.

Virgo children are often fussy eaters as this sign is notoriously health conscious. It could be a good idea to play down childhood ailments like coughs and colds. Try to put these things into perspective as Annie might well get out the medical books and end up scared half to death. Often a strong Virgo character develops a strong interest in health matters and can make it their career.

The Virgo child should be encouraged to work with their hands. They are highly creative and will be quite gifted in the area of imaginative crafts. Play dough, paints, building toys – will all appeal and give enormous satisfaction. Annie will always apply the perfect “finishing touch” to anything, be that physical or mental. These kids are also the bookworms of the Zodiac so plenty of books are a must.

Annie will be very caring, and this sign responds well to having a pet to look after. A tiny animal can serve a lot of purposes – like giving the chance to use the nurturing instinct. It also gives another life to think about – another subject to study, a friend that this child can trust completely. And it will help to make Annie realize that a bit of mess or “less than perfect” now and again is OK.

If there are quite a few planets in the signs directly before or after Virgo (Libra or Leo,) this child will be more relaxed and not so meticulous.

Virgo rules the digestive system and the hands.

Some Keywords for Virgo: Analytical. Willing. Perfectionist.

Negative: Intolerant. Fussy. Critical.

Virgo is ruled by the clever little planet, Mercury, and is at home in the sixth House of work, service, and health. Sun in the Sixth House

6th House: This House is where the child develops work ethics and a sense of pride in workmanship. This House is about “duty”. It is about precision – “getting things right”. This House is the classroom, the school environment, and learning. It is about books and study. This House is also about health and personal habits. Attitude and mental competitiveness begins here in the Sixth House.

Annie has the Sun in the Sixth House. This careful little planner has a strong set of ideals and principles. It is quite likely that these little ones operate very well on their own because they enjoy results, especially theirs. These kids do not particularly push to be the center of attention. They are quite happy being out of step with the common herd on occasions. In fact, Annie will quite like to be different. But there will be time and effort put into always making sure of the facts. These children will not make an issue just to hear their own voices. There is a pride on being able to research quite a bit deeper than most of their peers. They deal only in “facts”. They will never take anything on face value. These kids will question and go find their own answers – even if this is just that they love to prove everyone else wrong. Annie will just have to be “right”. But whatever these kids do, they want to do it very well. The standards that are set can be impossibly high.

Annie will be quite creative, so play dough, building toys, paints and colored pencils will be a real source of pleasure. This little perfectionist will produce some fine stuff, but the end result will never satisfy this perfectionist. In all areas, Annie will be extremely painstaking and careful. These kids need to be more self-confident and less self-critical. They tend to actually compete against themselves by constantly trying to improve and be “the best”. There is a big need to relax and not be quite so serious. Encourage this little one to have some fun, where there are no winners and losers. Learn to be a bit more laid back and casual.

The general health could be cause for minor concern. Annie could suffer allergies, hay fever, or sinus problems, so will need to be taught to take care of seasonal maladies. This will need careful handling to make Annie aware of taking care but avoid becoming hung up on health issues. This serious kid can get too involved in general well-being and make illness a mission in life that is probably not necessary.

Moon in Pisces

The Moon is our instinctive, emotional response. It is the innermost feelings and sensitivities that stem from the subconscious. Our Moon will always be our natural reaction when our defenses are down. The Moon reflects our early conditioning, our habits, and the automatic responses that come from our early environment. Often all of this relates directly to the “Mother” figure. It is perhaps the “child” in all of us.

In reading a child’s chart, the Moon, in the house, the sign and the aspects, needs to be given special understanding. These are the indications on where Annie could need special attention very early, to cope with feelings of insecurity, lack of confidence, or a low self-esteem. Recognizing these needs, and working through them, will help to produce a secure and confident adult. The Moon often reflects the “Mother figure” in our lives, which is consequently why the Moon figures so strongly in a child’s chart. The placement of the Moon often describes the relationship with the Mother, which is why the “Mother” is mentioned in many areas of the Moon explanations.

The Moon sign is the more noticeable personality trait in the formative years. We tend to “grow into our Sun sign as we develop and become the person we were meant to be. The Moon in the Chart signifies the unconscious attitudes and feelings and whether or not we feel supported and accepted. It is also the accumulated attitude reflected by our own past and the historical past. The Moon will echo values and instincts that are picked up from our early environmental experiences.

This luminary is the most important factor after the influences of the Sun and the Ascendant. It describes how we express our emotions and how well we deal with them. In some cases, the ever-important Sun can put up some defenses against the Moon. When very different, we can struggle to assimilate our emotions and our reason. Like the other planets, the Moon has strong and weak points in any sign, and we should try to develop the strong points. If the Moon is in compatible company, we will express our emotions very easily and we will be sensitive to other people’s needs and feelings. With competition, the Moon can mean that there can be difficulty letting our feelings flow. The Moon and the Ascendant can be of an awkward mix, making the projected personality, and how we actually feel inside, quite different. But, this is all a part of the character and we are well able to bind the differences and round off the disposition.

The Moon and the emotional problems it produces can sound negative but this is not so. This is a beautiful and fundamental part of our deepest psyche that we must all accept and use to its fullest advantage.

Annie was born with the Moon in Pisces, which is perhaps the most sensitive and psychic Moon in the whole zodiac. Emotions will run this little one’s life, and if not recognized and dealt with, can ruin their life too. Tears probably come very easily and are very genuine.

A Pisces Moon is very sensitive to the environment. A harsh look, a snappy word, or a tense atmosphere, and this child will take it all on-board — taking it very personally. Annie will be able to pick up bad vibes in an instant, and usually will automatically retreat to a better place – inside the wonderful, imaginative mind, that “safe place”. These kids really do need a peaceful environment because they do get afraid and disturbing energy can make them quite ill.

These little ones feel so strongly for others too. They will go to the ends of the earth for someone that is ill, unhappy, or in need. Annie will offer all the love, comfort, and support possible. From a very early age, this child will probably be the counselor on the block, the one who listens to everyone’s problems.

This child does have a rich and colorful imagination that makes them highly creative, which should be encouraged. They probably have lots of “friends” that only they can see. It will be in their bedroom where all the “monsters” lurk at night. Annie will probably have vivid dreams. Coax this child to talk about those dreams – paint pictures if they do not have the words. Or write wee poems, because this imagination, that comes from the pure depths of the subconscious, is a gift. Get this child to share these beautiful talents. Draw Annie out because often these kids do not see themselves as all that important. Confidence does not come easily or naturally. This little one needs lots of love and cuddles and lots of encouragement. They must be taught to feel good about themselves.

Annie is the sort of kid that will need some private and personal space from time to time. These kids will need to take time out in their “special place”, but care should be taken not to allow this child to withdraw too much. Make them fully aware of how important they are to everyone around them. From a realistic point of view, ensure that they have some chores to do, to bring them into the real world. But do it kindly and lovingly.

Annie could well develop an interest in the occult, mysticism, or some supernatural subject. There will be a natural fascination with the deeper subjects. This deeply sensitive little one is highly likely to be quite psychic and drawn to the world of spirits and the after-life.

But, these children can also be susceptible to the more dangerous intrigues too. Annie is deep and will not have a lot of confidence, so can be attracted to strange cults, groups, gangs, or perhaps the drugs or artificial stimulants that can be the temptation of the era. Annie can feel “different”, so go in search of similar friends. Attention should be given to encouraging interests, hobbies, music, art – or some other form of “escapism” that is creative rather than potentially destructive. Moon in the Twelfth House

12th House: This is a rather abstract House. It is the place of retreat – and rejuvenation. It is the dream world. It is where and how the child escapes. This is the House where learning and getting in touch with the inner self occurs. This House can harbor fears and phobias. In many ways, the 12th House can be a lonely place, but many lessons are learned from this area and many talents emerge. The realms of the deepest imagination are touched through this House.

Annie has the Moon in the 12th house. These kids do not have a lot of confidence and tend to keep their emotions and feelings private. They often have rather low self-esteem, thinking that by keeping feelings to themselves, they will not be noticed and they cannot be criticized. Annie will crave emotional security, but can feel short-changed in this vital area. This sensitive kid will need even more loves, cuddles, and verbal reassurances than most.

Annie will need to be drawn out, and confidence has to be instilled, because these imaginative kids have a whole lot to offer. Once they have learned to accept themselves as OK, and build up a sense of self worth, their true light will shine through. The Moon in the 12th House is not only very psychic but it also indicates a whole lot of artistic and creative ability.

The deep sensitivity allows these children to pick up the feelings of others easily. They want only to make sad people “feel better”, not liking anyone to be unhappy. These kids do not like any sort of disharmony. They are not only willing, but also very able, to help others through any traumas that can come along. In a real sense, these children know how to give, but they must learn how to accept as well.

When the going gets rough, Annie will retreat into the realms of fantasy. Fantasyland is a wonderful place to go to when the time is right, but Annie can use this exit increasingly and lose touch with reality. Again, special time and patience will be needed to build up self-confidence. This is not an easy Moon. These kids do feel emotionally isolated. They are extremely impressionable and respond to every subtle influence. Confidence will need to be carefully nurtured.

Later in life, this child could well find success in work within large institutions such as hospitals, or large corporations, or for public welfare. Annie will prefer to work in the background. These kids tend to shun the limelight.

Annie may seem to have a private cross to bear. These kids really do suffer much inner distress. What they need to do most is to reach out to others to find themselves, but this needs confidence.

Mercury in Libra

The little planet Mercury is the mythical Messenger of the Gods. This planet is never far away from the Sun, often falling in the same sign at the time of birth, so it does tend to add emphasis to our Sun Sign. Even when Mercury is in the sign before or after the Sun, this is always considered a very personal planet. Through Mercury, we learn all the basics in life. It indicates how we communicate, because it is here where we begin to watch and copy the rest of the family. This is the very beginning of questions and curiosity that fires up and fuels the learning process. From that point, we move on to recognizing the senses, and so our personal tastes and style develops. We learn how to exchange ideas and show how clever we are. We start to question and analyze. We learn to reason and classify what we have absorbed and then stretch for more information.
Mercury is our first experience of moving out into the world beyond the back yard, armed with all that we have learned. Through this planet, our flexibility and dexterity is revealed. This planet covers the intellectual stimuli but it also has a say in how clever we are with our hands and how well balanced we are physically.
Mercury is also associated with the nervous system. This is a busy little planet at the best of times, and responsible for a big part of our intrinsic character. When put under too much pressure, the nervous system buckles. Mercury is indicative of our sense of humor, the body language we exude, and our powers of expression. This is the planet of logic and reason. So, Mercury is indeed a very important planet. It might be tiny, but it is very potent.

This little person with Mercury in Libra will not be rushed into a decision. Annie will naturally sift through all the options available, and, even then, will tend to be hesitant when making a choice. The thing is, this agreeable child will see the merit in all options. This can be good at times, but in other instances, Annie can take so long to make even a simple choice that it becomes impractical. Like what to wear, where to go, and who to see, or when – it can be frustrating for all concerned. Sometimes it can be best to choose for this child.

Whenever two points of view conflict, Annie will sit on the fence, seeing both sides clearly. This is when their arbitration skills will be apparent. The ability to see both sides of a problem or of a theory is very effective. There will be the ability to make a cool and rational decision, but it might take some time. However, it will seldom be wrong.

There will be a true disdain of arguments or confrontations in this child. These little ones try to be diplomatic and will avoid getting involved in any nasty stuff. The natural instinct is to soothe with pleasantries when the going gets rough. These kids thrive on peace and harmony. However, Annie will need to make some personal decisions and not be afraid to rock the boat now and then. There is no need to be the “good guy” all the time. But the ability to compromise is a gift. Annie will always be easy to talk to because it will be obvious that the interest is genuine and that this child is actually “listening.”

Annie will develop very polished expressions and will be beautifully spoken. This naturally diplomatic child will not like extremes of any sort. The aim is to present a polished and sophisticated impression in every sense. And this also means an “unruffled look” at all times. Even anger and frustration is usually handled with dignity. Annie will have been born with exceptionally good taste and genteel manners. Often Mercury, the planet of communication, in the sign of Libra means that there will be a love of music and arts with perhaps a talent in one of those areas. These people are often highly social and can become elitist, feeling drawn towards the “beautiful people”. These types can also be outrageously flirtatious.

Although friendly and broad-minded, Annie can be stubborn where principles are involved. Justice and integrity is strong in the nature of this child. Principles will be of very high standards and will be held on to tightly.

The intuition will become highly developed allowing the mature Annie to “size” others up in an instant. There will be the ability to offer advice and criticism in such a constructive way that it is usually readily accepted. This is simply another branch of the exquisite arbitration skills that go with the territory. However, Annie may be better at solving other people’s problems at the expense of sorting out personal problems. When closer to home, Annie will tend to look the other way.

Annie will have some high ideals and will be quite ambitious. But there can be a lack of direction. Although mentally equipped to succeed, often the easiest way wins. Mercury in the Seventh House

7th House: This House is about close friends and best friends. It involves relationships and learning to interact with others. It is about sharing and receiving. The lessons from this House will mould the character that will evolve into the “outer self” through interaction. The seventh House will always involve “intimate associates or friends”.

This child with Mercury in the 7th House will love having loads of friends and being included as part of a group. Communication and acceptance is so very important. Annie will always enjoy being with other children who communicate well, because it through interaction that Annie will learn the most. These youngsters do not like to be alone. They will like at least one other friend, because there is need to bounce any ideas off someone else. However, Annie will only want to be a part of happy, friendly, and congenial company. The emphasis here is on “social.” There will be no attraction at all for rough and tumble types where there is hostility and fighting.

Annie will learn to be very skilled in debate. A verbal challenge will become the norm, and it can seem that these kids argue just for the sake of it. However, the aim here is to hone and perfect the rather exceptional communicative skills and to expand their knowledge. Annie may need to learn though that this habit of vocal combat can sometimes be tedious for others.

These youngsters will have the capacity to get along with anyone with very little effort. They will use exceptional “peoples skills” to encourage others and will seem to manage to bring out the best in any company. This very persuasive nature will also be quite charming.

With maturity, Annie should be adept at communicating with the public and later in life could well succeed in sales, public relations, or law. Any sort of arbitration, mediation, or counseling will be a special forte too. There is no fear of standing up and being heard here as these little people gather confidence all the way along the line. Their expression is easy to follow and easy to listen to, and also very credible.

Venus in Leo

Venus is the planet of love. This tiny planet is responsible for the stirring of the soft and sensual pleasures of nature. Venus opens the doors of appreciation to beauty, harmony, creativity, and of course, love, and affection. Venus arouses and stimulates our senses.Venus is important because it shows how youngsters interact. It is where children learn to share and give. Venus shows how Annie attracts love and attention and also what and who Annie is attracted to. This planet will indicate whether the basic nature is warm and affectionate or whether there is some reserve attached.
Venus is also about our creature comforts and possessions – what we need in life to feel good. Venus indicates our creativity and artistic talents and the ability to appreciate beauty. Good, bad, or unusual taste will be seen through Venus.
The house that Venus is in indicates the area in which artistic talent is expressed. This is where the expressions of sensual understanding will be valid and utilized. It can also suggest where Annie may need special attention and nourishment, in order to learn how to interact with others.
For future reference, Venus in the signs, houses and aspects will be quite revealing about romantic relationships and matters of the heart.

With Venus, the planet of love and comfort, in the sunny sign of Leo, Annie will be warm, loving, and very demonstrative. These children are strong willed. They are honest, frank and generous, and they love to entertain. They are very social and thrive on company. This child will always want to look good, smell good, and feel good. They like to be noticed, to be the center of attention. They like to be admired. Consequently, Annie will be attracted to friends who reflect back this flamboyant nature, preferring to steer towards the ‘in crowd’ who enhance the image significantly. There could well be great acting ability, as this little one loves to dramatize, especially when there is an audience.

This flamboyant child will love bright colors and all the glitz available. There is a real party animal in the making here and a whole lot of work will be put into learning how to set the right scene and maintaining the spotlight.

Annie will be very loyal to friends. Once a friendship has been established, this child will stand behind that person, no matter what. However, if a buddy lets them down, this child might turn very quickly and terminate the friendship with little or no explanation. Pride is at stake here, and Annie will not accept being made a fool of. In friendships, this child will need to learn to compromise. They do tend to dictate and make all the rules. A few gentle lessons will do the trick because although they do not like to be wrong in anything, they need to be totally accepted. Annie will accept any help that will make the personality seem even more charming and more ‘loveable’ than ever. The message will get through. The basic warmth, friendliness, and infectious smile will ensure that Annie is a winner in any company. This is a totally sunny child. Venus in the Sixth House

6th House: This House is where the child develops work ethics and a sense of pride in workmanship. This House is about “duty”. It is about precision – “getting things right”. This House is the classroom, the school environment, and learning. It is about books and study. This House is also about health and personal habits. Attitude and mental competitiveness begins here in the 6th House.

Venus in the Sixth House is a child that likes to be seen as able and competent. Annie will love to be helpful and feel of use. So, do not be afraid to hand over some basic chores here. And then, give lots of praise for a job well done. Emphasize how much that help was appreciated. This is important. It is vital not to take advantage of this willing child, because a big lesson that needs to be learned is how to receive as well as give. These children should not have to work so hard to be accepted and loved. Bear in mind that this is possibly how Annie thinks. Make sure that there is not a bit of an inferiority complex hanging about. Make sure that Annie is not trying to buy affection or approval. These children simply do not need to do this. With confidence restored, there will be no problems. This child will have the ability to bring the best out in people because they know how to soothe and smooth ruffled feathers.

These children can have artistic ability. Encourage the many crafts available, the likes of play dough, or other creative materials. This can be so relaxing for Annie, it can help to instill confidence and you could be surprised at the results. These types could well head for a career that has an artistic nature. Or perhaps, work in an area that deals predominantly with women or feminine needs.

Venus in the sixth house is indicative of robust health and strong recuperative powers. It is also indicative of neglecting the health to a degree as well. Any problems that might occur can be related to overindulgence in the area of food. The taste buds can be attuned to junk food or hasty snacks rather than to good solid fare. Mars in Sagittarius

Mars is essentially the “I am” in us. It is the “I -me -and -mine” – the basic, subjective ego. It is our energy, our initiative, and our drive. It is our aggression, our temperament, and our passion. Mars is the physical side of our psyche. A strong Mars makes for great sports people because they will be competitive with a real desire to win. Later in life, Mars indicates our sex drive. This is a fiery little planet, so a strong Mars is a “fiery” little person who runs on high octane – one who will never know when to stop. The “water signs” can dilute this energy somewhat, or can perhaps drive the passion inward. The “fire” will then not be so obvious. However, once we get the hang of our Mars sign, it is an important part of us. It is the fuel on which we run.

Annie has Mars in the sign of Sagittarius. This child will be the self appointed defender of the people. They are the ones to stand up and fight for any cause they believe in. These youngsters “think big.” Annie will love the outdoors. Being outdoors gives this child a real sense of freedom and this is a good outlet for their abundant physical energy. This feeling of freedom is very important to them. They need the fresh air and they just love the wide-open spaces. In fact, Annie will rebel against any sort of restriction. There will be a sheer fascination and love of adventure. Their fondness for animals, especially horses will be strong. These kids love to learn, but they do have a tendency to scatter their energies and try to take on too much. Their attention span will be short. Although their interests will be many, getting these little ones to finish a project can be an up-hill battle. Annie will be quite outspoken, often lacking diplomacy, but that sparkling personality is so pleasant and so loveable that this trait seldom draws offence.

It is rather common to find excellent athletes with this placement. These youngsters often succeed because they just do not think much about failing. They are energetic, determined, and they LOVE to win. Annie will also be there to make sure everyone is fairly treated. The natural instinct will be to play by the rules. This is the sign of the true sportsperson in every sense of the word.

This child’s actions are motivated by their ideals. Annie will work for a principle but it must be considered important. These kids do not like to waste their energy on something that does not matter a lot to them. If Annie is working as part of a group, the mundane stuff will not be a priority. Their task of choice will be at the front where the action is. Annie will do anything that needs doing, willingly, but will resist being forced to do anything at all. There’s that freedom thing again. As this child develops, you will find that high moral standards and high ideals motivate them above everything else.

With the onset of puberty, Annie will be fascinated with the idea of a brand new era that needs to be explored. Interest in romance or sensuality will certainly start quite young. This whole transition for Annie should be relatively comfortable and at the same time, quite exciting. And one more thing – even though they love the chase, they can be difficult to catch. Mars in the Eighth House

8th House: This House is about the parents’ values and the provisions that they make. Look here for psychological input from the parents. It is about secrets, subliminal learning and deep changes. Lessons from this House lead to profound understandings often brought about by inevitable change. It is the stirrings of new beginnings and the ashes of the past.

Annie has Mars in the 8th house. These children will always be noticed in a crowd. Both deep strength and energy will be easily recognized. Annie will be quite intense and seem to be quite domineering. This child is black and white with no gray areas. They may seem as though they have accepted defeat but they never will. This youngster will never give up.

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