Love Styles: About Her Report – Unknown Birth Time


What kind of lover is she? Is she romantic and tender, slapdash and freedom-loving, or a bit of both? What kind of person is she most attracted to? What are her fears in love? What are her biggest relationship challenges?

This unique report is written to help understand a woman’s style in love, relationship, and in bed. Through this report, you’ll learn her approach to life in general, what turns her on, what turns her off, the strengths she brings to a relationship, and the challenges she faces in love. Order this report if you are a woman and want to learn more about your unique path in love, or if you are interested in knowing more about your female lover.

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What kind of lover is she? Is she romantic and tender, slapdash and freedom-loving, or a bit of both? What kind of person is she most attracted to? What are her fears in love? What are her biggest relationship challenges?

This unique report is written to help understand a woman’s style in love, relationship, and in bed. Through this report, you’ll learn her approach to life in general, what turns her on, what turns her off, the strengths she brings to a relationship, and the challenges she faces in love. Order this report if you are a woman and want to learn more about your unique path in love, or if you are interested in knowing more about your female lover.

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Report Sample

LoveStyles: About Her Chart Interpretation for Anne Heche

—No Birth Time Sample–



This LoveStyles report examines various factors in your natal chart, Anne, in terms of love, romance, partnership, and sexuality.

You may note that some of the following descriptions appear to contradict each other–and indeed we are all walking bundles of contradiction.  If you examine yourself carefully, you will probably realize that you do in fact possess the qualities of both conflicting descriptions.  Even though some parts of the reading may seem to clash, you will see that certain themes are repeated throughout the following pages.  These are the ones that will become major issues in your life.

The readings stress that you are the ultimate decider of your fate.  The stars may indicate the hand you were dealt at birth, but it is up to you to play that hand well enough to achieve your goals.  Also, bear in mind that every “bad” aspect of a chart also has a “good” side.  How it is expressed is really up to you.  We tend to work at expressing ourselves more positively most of the time and only lapse into the negative behavior described when depressed, angry or scared.  Or it is possible that some aspects may better describe your personality or behavior earlier in life.  They may seem alien now because you have already worked through them.

A “Strength” number precedes each aspect description; this number takes into account how exact the aspect is, whether the aspect is a major or minor one, and whether an aspecting planet is close to one of the four chart angles.  The higher the Strength, the more you are likely to feel the aspect and to act it out in your life.

Anne Heche

Sunday, May 25, 1969  12:00:00 PM

Unknown birth time.

Cleveland, Ohio

Time Zone: 04:00 (EDT)

Longitude: 081° W 41′ 44″

Latitude: 41° N 29′ 58″



In Your Element


Comparing the elements of the Moon, Venus, and Mars.


The Moon represents our feeling nature-the world of emotions. Venus represents our romantic nature, and Mars represents our desire nature. When these planets are in different signs, we may send out conflicting messages concerning what we feel we need, like, and want!

The 12 signs of the zodiac are divided into 4 groups, called elements. The following paragraphs examine your Moon, Venus, and Mars signs with respect to the elements Fire, Earth, Air, and Water.

Moon in Virgo, Venus in Aries


Emotional Earth, Romantic Fire


Although when you begin dating a person, you do so with plenty of enthusiasm and even gutsiness, your deepest emotional needs are for security and stability.  Your romantic bravado hides a sensitive and practical emotional nature.  You can be torn between the need for a “regular”, stable existence and the desire for romantic excitement and adventure. On the one hand, a relationship that has “settled” is appealing to you, because it feeds your emotional needs for endurance, certainty, and stability. Too settled, however, and you feel unappreciated.  Attention on a romantic level is extremely important to you, but if a relationship is too “exciting” or unsettled, you feel insecure.  Ideally, your partner offers you both commitment and romantic excitement. You need your romantic fires stoked, and if they are, you are a solid and loyal companion.

Venus in Aries, Mars in Sagittarius


Romantic Fire, Fiery Desires


You readily throw yourself into the burning passion of the moment.  Spontaneous both romantically and sexually, you value directness in a lover.  You need to keep the flames of romance going or you quickly burn out in a relationship. You are romantically and sexually adventurous, active, and forthright.  Your innocently blunt approach to love and sex is apparent.  This trait can be a huge turn-on to partners who value directness, and it can be intimidating to more sensitive lovers. Your sexuality is largely uncomplicated. You can be outspoken when your sexual interest is aroused.  You are warm, playful, and enthusiastic. When in love, you are totally involved in your heart, mind, and soul.  Crushes feed your spirit, and you are constantly looking for inspiration from a lover–a trait that can exhaust some lovers!  You have a big appetite, both for love and sex.  Never pretentious, you say it like it is, and treat sex almost like a sport.  You thrive on attention from your lover.

Planets in Signs


Sun in Gemini


“I wish you wouldn’t keep appearing

And vanishing so suddenly

You make one quite giddy!”

This time it vanished quite slowly,

beginning with the end of the tail,

and ending with the grin,

which remained for some time

after the rest of it had gone.

–Lewis Carroll

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Like the Cheshire cat that Alice encountered in Wonderland, Geminis are very unpredictable and constantly changing.  The sign is ruled by Mercury, and the metal of the same name is also known as Quicksilver.  If you’ve ever tried to grab a ball of liquid Mercury, you can understand how elusive Geminis are.

The Gemini personality is ever-changing, and it may seem as though there are at least two people inhabiting his or her body.  Geminis seem to buzz with energy and are constantly on the move, usually handling several different projects at once.  They need variety and change in their life, and they should never choose an occupation that involves redundant or repetitive work.  Natives of this sign love to communicate and probably talk a lot.  They enjoy intellectual discourse, are often masters at debate, and are usually well-informed and well-read.  They often have a talent for and a desire to write.  Open communication is very important to them in their relationships.

The older they get, the younger Geminis seem to grow.  They never lose their impish smile and youthful attitude toward life.  And they often get along quite well with children.  Like a child, Geminis do not often engage in introspection.  It takes a drastic situation to get them to sit down and probe their own motives.  Geminis are often more aware of others’ inner workings than their own.

Geminis have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and take great delight in new discoveries.  They also enjoy traveling and can learn a great deal from journeys to other parts of the world.  Since they do like to chase all the lovely butterflies that fly past them in life, they can often be unreliable and have a problem meeting commitments.  In fact, Geminis find such responsibility to be somewhat scary.  There’s always something newer and more exciting just around the next corner.

Gemini women will try anything at least once.  They appreciate lovers who have brains, who are flexible, and who don’t take life too seriously.

Moon in Virgo


You are kind, helpful, and sometimes rather self-effacing. There is a natural shyness about you, and a distinct love of simplicity.  You may be easily intimidated on a sexual level. You aim to please, but it can take some time for you to come into your own on a sexual level.  In youth, you worry a lot about measuring up. You are extremely “body aware”, and if this awareness combines with a lack of self-confidence, you may be TOO aware of the parts that make up the whole. This can lead to a tendency to be intensely self-critical. With time and experience, you begin to come out of  your shell. You have a lot to give a partner. When you relax and feel secure with someone, your earthy sensuality comes through. It can take time before you do, indeed, feel secure with a partner, as you tend to worry, sometimes excessively, about the future.  Over-analyzing seems to be as natural to you as breathing. One drawback of this placement is the tendency to suffer in silence through unsatisfying relationships.  This only prolongs the misery and creates bitterness in the relationship.  Don’t be afraid to speak up when you are feeling unhappy.  It’s no fun being a martyr.

With the Moon in an earth sign, security and certainty are what comfort you in your personal relationships.  Without these very important “ingredients”, you can never feel content, nurtured, supported, or loved. Your motto is “actions speak louder than words”.  You need a partner who makes a real effort to be with you.

Mercury in Gemini


Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and is very comfortable in this sign.  You have a clear, rational mind as well as a sharp wit and sense of humor.  Your imagination is very active, and it is imperative that you do not allow yourself to become bored intellectually.  Your intellect is well-developed and you may have natural linguistic abilities.  Since you have a knack for communication, others will find you to be a stimulating conversationalist.

Your mind moves so fast that you must sometimes slow it down deliberately.  Otherwise, you may tend to overwork your mind and may even risk nervous breakdown.  Although you are very curious and quick to grasp new concepts, you must develop patience with others who are slower to understand.  Also be careful not to speak too quickly in anger without thinking your words over carefully.  You can do great damage with hurtful words when you are angry.  In fact, even when you are being playful, your wit may be interpreted as insensitive.

You very much enjoy relating to others and communicating your ideas.  Others may see you as a “chatterbox” because you talk rather quickly and abundantly.  Your partner may not be able to get a word in edgewise sometimes!  However, you are naturally curious and interested.  The lack of heart behind what you say and think can be frustrating to more personal communicators.  Your lovers need to understand that sometimes you just enjoy talking for the sake of talking.  They should try not to take things too personally.  You are an interested and interesting conversationalist, but you can also be quite detached, easily discarding or ignoring more personal issues. You don’t get attached to your opinions and ideas for too long, and the result is a changeability and coolness that can be frustrating to others. On the other hand, your curiosity and willingness to adapt to the environment around you often endears you to others. Because you possess a versatile mind, your lover won’t have much of a problem convincing you to change your mind!

Venus in Aries


“To be alive is to be burning.” (N. Brown)


With Venus in Aries, you have a naive, impulsive approach to love.  If you are not careful to take time to get to know someone, you may marry on a whim.  Since you tend to act impulsively in relationships, you can sometimes be inconsiderate of the feelings of others.

Although you are romantic, you are not necessarily subtle.  You seek immediate gratification of your needs–in effect, you move in for the kill.  If a potential lover shows no interest, you will not wait around until they do.  You approach each new love with enthusiasm and joy, enjoying every moment for itself.

Because you are harder to “tie down” than the average person, you would be better off with a lover who is more stable and patient than you.  They would serve as an anchor to keep you still long enough to appreciate being grounded in a love relationship.  They must be able to see that you are not really fickle, but rather childishly enthusiastic about life.

You are “in love with love” and are frequently disappointed when your torrid romances don’t last.  Instead of jumping into relationships head first, you should learn to be patient and really get to know your partner before giving your heart away.  It would be best for you to choose a partner who is more cautious than you are and to let him set the pace of the relationship.

You flirt by being up-front, direct, and even daring. Your style of expressing love can be maddeningly “me”-centered, but the right person for you will find this approach charming. Your aura of innocent charm can be a real turn-on, even when you are being childish and impatient.

You are turned on by energy and activity. Turn-offs include a relationship that you consider stuffy or too “mature”, vagueness, and beating around the bush. In love, you can be hopelessly addicted to the conquest. In order for a relationship to remain fresh and new for you, you require plenty of stimulation.

Pleasing you involves fueling your need for action. You don’t like game-playing or evasiveness, unless it is in the complete spirit of fun. Your lover needs to feed your need for spontaneity, and appreciate your playfulness. You tend to like to take the lead in love. You love the idea of “winning over” a lover.  If they don’t like you right away, no problem! In fact, all the better.

With Venus in a Fire sign, you expect your lover to inspire  you.  You feed off this energy, and attention is the most important “ingredient” in a satisfying love relationship.

Mars in Sagittarius


You are most impressed with a man who is playful, fun, intelligent, and honest. An energetic, happy aura surrounding him is most appealing. Joking around is a must, and a huge turn-on for you! You want to have a good time, and to have long conversations with your man as well. You are not especially attracted to men who are overly groomed; you generally don’t like too much “decoration” or men who put on airs.  A tousled, casual appearance is just fine with you–in fact, it’s preferred.  A man’s status is not of huge interest to you–you are looking for honest guys whose egos aren’t tied up in what they do for a living or how they look.

With the exception of the above preferences, you generally don’t have a “type”. Philosophically, you understand that humans are all the same no matter what background, race, or culture.

You are an independent thinker and enjoy a good philosophical “discussion.”  You can become very excited when telling a good story and must be careful that you do not exaggerate too much when relating your adventures.  It would be good to work some of this mental energy out through physical outlets.  Also, remember that most people are not used to your brutal honesty and would prefer that you use tact when speaking your mind.

Because you tend to jump into any affair with vigor, you may need to develop more patience for engaging in prolonged foreplay and building up the anticipation before rushing into sex. However, you love to “wing it”, and planning ahead is somewhat of a turn-off. Since you are very enthusiastic about sex, you need a partner who is similarly inclined.  You have a talent for cheering up your lover when he or she is down, and you set a good example with your optimism and zest for life.  It is important that your partner has a philosophical outlook on life and holds strong principles.  This will attract you more than anything else.

Your direct, blunt approach is most obvious in bed. You’re a  passionate lover, and you’re turned on by open-mindedness and good humor. You are not usually patient when sex gets too intricate or serious. You treat sex somewhat like a sport. You are direct and forthcoming with your desires and needs. You have an almost innocent frankness about you, and you love to have fun in bed. Laughing and roughhousing are huge turn-ons. You can actually be a bit selfish in sex, and your need to “get off” will almost always be expressed. Games are acceptable for you, just as long as they are not too time-consuming or intricate. You have little patience with people playing hard to get or beating around the bush. The same goes for too much seriousness or romancing. The best way to approach sex with these people is to just do it, and then talk about it after the fact, if need be.

Planets in Aspect


Mercury opposite Mars  (Strength:  3.90)


Your mind is quick and sharp.  Your words can truly bite and sting, so be careful not to say something you will regret during lovers’ spats.  You will never turn down an opportunity for a debate-debates invigorate you!  You need a lover who understands that debates and arguments are often games to you, not much more. Others may resent your intellectual capability, and these are often the people you attract!  You sometimes exude an air of superiority, and you don’t mean to.  However, this can cause others to act defensively toward you.  Learn to compromise in order to avoid confrontations.  Try not to be so easily baited into an argument with a lover.  Try to leave debates for the appropriate situations.  Mind you, the right partner for you finds your mind exciting, and is turned on by your feistiness. You tend to love profanity.

You are good at finding fault in anything.  Again, this is a game for you, and you need to remind more sensitive lovers of this fact.  Be careful not to jump to conclusions in your dealings with others.  Learn to listen to their side of the story before forming an opinion.  This will decrease your chance of alienating them–and you may even find that they have something to teach you.  Guard against your own tendency to be defensive.  This will allow you to make a good impression on others, which will benefit you in the long run.

Sometimes this aspect suggests that you attract partners who tend to pick on you, nag you, and criticize you.

You tend to be restless and prone to boredom. You need a partner who can keep up with your lightning responses to your environment-and one who truly understands your love of intellectual competition and sparring.

Jupiter sextile Neptune  (Strength:  2.96)


You are an idealist when it comes to people.  Your perspective on life is broad, and you have a natural, inherent understanding of human nature. You expect the best from people, and you sometimes see the world, and the people in it, as you want to see it.  Naturally, when things go wrong, you can feel somewhat disheartened.  You have a tendency to wear your heart on your sleeve – an admirable quality.  You want to believe that your lovers have good intentions.  Often they do, but they are only human.

Sun trine Uranus  (Strength:  2.68)


Your personal magnetism makes you a pleasure to be around, and your understanding of people attracts many to you.  You have an uncanny ability to tell when someone needs your help.  Unconsciously, you project your own positive energy toward those who are down.  You are always willing to listen to others’ hardships, and you give generously of yourself.

Not afraid to be different, you naturally express yourself in unique-even inspiring-ways.  You are progressive, unpretentious, and you easily relate to people from all walks of life. Because you are generally open-minded, fair, and non-judgmental, others generally appreciate and respect you.  Your life story is an interesting one, simply because you invite unusual or adventurous experiences into your life.  You take most things in stride, and you are rarely shocked by human behavior.

In love relationships you openly express your feelings and need a partner who is similarly inclined.  Your partner will benefit from your optimism and enthusiasm for life.  You deal well with emotional changes in a relationship and may have to be understanding if your partner does not.  You are highly imaginative and inventive in lovemaking. Open to experiment, not much surprises you or takes you aback. Your enthusiasm and open-mindedness are traits that others usually find extremely attractive.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  2.31)


You literally want to get all the gusto out of life that you possibly can.  Your tremendous drive and ambition make it impossible for you to be satisfied with less than what you want in life.  As a matter of fact, you can grow very impatient with delays in obtaining your goals.  You do not accept the possibility of defeat, and have an unwavering determination to be all that you can possibly be.  You ask things of yourself that no one else would dream possible, and you inspire envy in those around you who are less motivated.

Growth potential is extremely important to you in all areas of life, including relationships.  If a relationship is not clearly moving forward, offering you ways to grow and expand your mind, then you really have no use for it.  You will look for a mate who is as ambitious and growth-oriented as you are.  You would not be happy with a “wimp” because you could not respect their lack of inner strength.  The relationship should be one of mutual admiration, with each partner encouraging the other to achieve his or her goals.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus  (Strength:  2.18)


You are optimistic about your future and are creative in developing your talents to your best advantage.  You have a strong respect for knowledge and education and have an insatiable appetite for new information.  You understand that knowledge empowers as well as liberates the mind and admire those who have attained a high level of intellectual skill.

Even as a child you had more than an average ability to absorb information, and you probably grew up in an environment that encouraged education, directly or indirectly.  You are quick to recognize opportunities when they present themselves and are eager to grow and learn.  You take a somewhat philosophical approach to life and see a larger meaning behind every occurrence. You surround yourself with others who share your attitudes about life and are generous to a fault with your friends.  You require a love partner who is as excited about each daily development in the world as you are and who shares your view of the future.

Moon conjunct Pluto  (Strength:  2.16)


Your love nature is a deep and intense one, and you will seek a committed relationship rather than waste your time on superficial ones.  Since your feelings are so deep, you seek someone who can respond on the same level.  This may present problems at times when others who are not so strong emotionally are threatened by the intensity of your feelings.  Once you are in love, you are prone to become possessive and demanding.  If you should be rejected, it will affect you much more deeply than it would most others.  Rejection brings up intense, primal feelings in you.  It is one of your deepest fears. You are not always in control of your emotions, and are forever searching for the ideal lover who will fulfill you.

You experience much inner turmoil, emotional angst, and transformations.  What you feel, you feel deeply, on a primal level.  You need outlets for your intense emotions.  At different points in your life, you struggle with feelings of jealousy, fear of rejection, and a deep feeling of being alone in the world.

Your sex drive is quite high, and you may find yourself held captive in emotionally unfulfilling relationships that have a hot sexual component.  Even if the sex is wonderful, you will not be satisfied until you also possess your partner’s heart and soul.  You want complete and total commitment and you find it hard to settle for anything less.

Your emotions fluctuate from one extreme to the other– always hot or cold, with little in between.  Superficiality is not your bag, and in time you will learn to concentrate most of your energy on those relationships that provide the depth you crave.  If you are lucky enough to find the ideal mate, you will reach depths of emotional and spiritual growth that are rarely known by others.  It is common with this aspect for you to search most of your life for the perfect love only to discover one day that it is someone you have known for years.  Sometimes this realization comes too late.

You will do anything in the name of love, and for this reason others may take advantage of you.  Because you are aware of this weakness, you become defensive in your personal relationships.

Emotional satisfaction for you runs deep and is very complex. You yearn for intensity, but at the same time you may fear your own emotional nature, leading you to take great pains to keep it under wraps. Compulsiveness is a byproduct, and you find yourself easily swayed by your emotional yearnings and desires. The desire to merge with another human being is strong, yet can also be a fear at the same time.

You are a born psychologist, understanding the inner workings of those with whom you come into contact. It’s as if you have emotional feelers, and this trait can be used for and against yourself. When used constructively, you are able to heal others by helping them come to terms with what motivates them, what they fear, and what they may be doing that is self-destructive. This process, of course, can occur only after you have begun work on the very same issues within yourself. On a more negative note, if you are overcome with insecurity, you may size others up with a negative slant. You may imagine more sinister motivations than may actually be the case. This possibility stems from your own fears of loss and betrayal. If you expect to be wronged, you could easily “see” traits in others that may not even exist.

It is very possible that you were especially sensitive to your maternal figure’s emotions, and picked up on her feelings of being overpowered, overwhelmed, resentful, or mistrustful. A strong love-hate attachment to her, or crises surrounding your experience of her, may be something that you live with and it could be undermining you in some manner. Some people with this aspect feel the need for early independence from their mother or families in order to feel released from the intense and conflicting emotions they attach to them. However, removing themselves entirely from the problem may not be a healthy, long-term answer on a psychological level. At some point, confronting early childhood conditioning is a necessary process. You may find that you can use music as a means by which you can express and release the emotional drama inside of you.

Fear of loss and rejection can lead you to hold on very tightly to the people you love. It will be important for you to learn to loosen the reins you have on those you hold dear so that they don’t feel smothered or trapped. If it goes too far, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you find yourself trying to control your emotions and the emotions of those around you, you might ask yourself what it is that you fear within yourself. Obsessive-compulsive behavior can be a serious by-product of your own fears of abandonment.

The superficial is not enough for you. You hunger for emotional experience and you want “more” from life than simply living on automatic pilot. At some point in your life, you are likely to be attracted to psychology, although you tend to trust your own instincts and experience more than you do the theories of experts.

Venus inconjunct Pluto  (Strength:  1.59)


You are prone to excess in relationships, driven by your needs for acceptance and intensity.  You want a relationship to be all-consuming, yet you also fear being consumed!  If your partner is not showing intense interest in you, you fear the loss of partnership.  You may resort to all sorts of “tactics” to keep yourself in your lover’s consciousness.  It is easy for you to be misled by partners who lavish affection on you.  You may encounter lovers who demand that you demonstrate your love for them physically.  Don’t fall for this line; learn to protect your own interests.

You have tremendous sexual energies and are not often “wasted” following a sexual encounter.  Although this may leave you feeling that something is missing, try to see your leftover sexual energy as a head start on future enjoyment.  You need to practice patience in bed.  In some situations you may try to use sex to manipulate or control others, and you would probably succeed.  You should resist the temptation to use your power this way.

If you find your relationships tend to be obsessive or tumultuous, you might want to examine why you are attracting these scenarios.  You fear the loss of affection, and rejection touches you deeply, so you may find yourself doing everything you can to keep this from happening.  You may end up very suspicious of your partner because of these fears.  You are likely to come face to face with your “dark side” through your partnerships.  Domination and submissiveness are themes in your partnerships.  Your love life can be somewhat of an emotional rollercoaster ride.  Problems with self-esteem are at the root of attracting people who tend to dominate you.  You often feel you get the short end of the stick, but it is important to examine whether you might be attracting these situations due to your own negative expectations or a feeling that it is simply your lot in life.

Pleasure and pain seem to be experienced at once in your relationships.  Love for you is erotic and intense-even overwhelming. Anything less would not satisfy you.  Becoming obsessed with your lover is a real possibility, as is the tendency to attract lovers who are demanding, controlling, and manipulative.

Sun conjunct Mercury  (Strength:  1.40)


You have very strong opinions and don’t hesitate to state them without being asked.  This can be irritating to people, especially since you tend to dismiss their own opinions as unimportant.  You usually have the first and last word in any discussion.  In your haste to be first, you may make decisions prematurely.  This means you may have to retract what you’ve said later, and this is not easy for you.  You don’t like to admit you were wrong and can be very self-centered.

You are creative and could be a good leader if you would take the time to make good decisions.  You need to take others’ needs into consideration and to learn a little humility.  At times you can be something of a “know-it-all,” which can be very annoying to others.  Try to cultivate some objectivity.

Communication comes naturally for you, and you can express yourself articulately.  You love to give orders but may become frustrated if they are not followed.  You are not above intimidating others to get their support.  Express this aspect more positively by inspiring rather than threatening others.  Your enthusiasm can be infectious, and you can work well with the public.  You are good at making and carrying out plans.

In your love life, be careful of your tendency to misinterpret your partner’s signals.  Try to see yourself through their eyes during times of misunderstanding.  Your partner should be able to take your directness and lack of diplomacy.  You speak straight from the heart.

Moon square Mars  (Strength:  1.36)


Your greatest liability is your quick temper.  Because of your difficulty in controlling your feelings and making adjustments to others, you encounter problems in your personal relationships.  You are afraid of being too vulnerable and allowing others to take advantage of you.  In truth, you are only trying to protect your very sensitive feelings; but be careful not to become paranoid and suspicious of everyone who tries to get close to you.

You become irritated when someone challenges your opinion and are a sore loser in competition.  It is possible that you even throw temper tantrums or exhibit similar immature behavior when things don’t go your way.  Until you develop more self-discipline, you will alienate others with your outbursts.

Learn to compromise with others and to work cooperatively to achieve common goals.  Your extreme defensiveness is really a side-effect of your own low self-esteem.  Build up your image of yourself rather than living in fear of recrimination by others.  This is especially true in your domestic and professional life.  Be careful not to bring the frustrations of your job home with you.  This can lead to problems in your domestic affairs.

As you mature you will learn to restrain your strong emotions.  As a matter of fact, it is imperative for good health that you accept this challenge.  Otherwise, you will find yourself suffering from stomach and intestinal disorders as well as very uptight nerves.

Become less demanding of others and more responsible about meeting the demands of your loved ones.  This will help you achieve a healthy emotional balance between giving and receiving love.

Uranus sextile Neptune  (Strength:  1.22)


You were born during a time when there was a great deal of unrest among America’s youth (in the mid to late 1960s).  Our universities were the breeding ground for revolutionary minds, and young adults began crying out against social injustice and corrupt governments.  As you mature and come into power, your generation will complete the tasks begun in the late 1960s.  Therefore, you and others born during this time period have retained the quality of that time.  You are a revolutionary thinker, and you are suspicious of any attempt by organizations or governments to withhold or distort truths in an attempt to control the masses.

Persons with this aspect will insist on living life their way.  They will not compromise their values and will not hesitate to loudly voice their opinions.  People born during this time become social activists very young and will be quick to demand that their interests be represented in government.  Individual rights are very important to members of your generation, and you will not be forced into anything.  And you will not hesitate to take on City Hall if you deem it necessary.

In your love life, you may find it easier to relate to those close to your own age, for they will share the perspective of this aspect.

Balance of Elements and Modalities


Abundant Earth


Sensual pleasures and delights are what make you tick. You value what you see before your  eyes. If your partner isn’t there in front of you, you don’t feel especially appreciated. This is not to say that you need constant contact. You do, in fact, need your space. But you value the world of the five senses. You need to touch, caress, and hold–and get the same kind of experience back from your partner–in order to feel complete. Long-distance relationships or  partnerships that keep you out of touch for too long would erode your spirit over time. You are in touch with the real world.  More than others, you know where the rubber meets the road; persistent study has shown you how to make things happen in a practical sort of way.

You enjoy the satisfaction that comes not just from starting projects, but from finishing them.  Your steady, organized approach is actually more productive in the long-run than is that of  the quick, flashy types.  You know how to establish a pace and keep it. You also know  how to keep a relationship going. You can be a little slow with expressing your affections, simply because you want to feel secure before you do so. Once you feel that stability and safety, however, you feel free to express your earthy passions, which are considerable! Although you’d rather work on an existing relationship than start a new one, you’re practical enough to go through the motions of getting to know someone new, if need be. Loyalty and commitment are your strong points. Like the Energizer Bunny, you keep going long after the flashier personalities have come and gone!

Do not let your awareness of the material world make you unappreciative of the  spiritual plane that underpins our life here — to which others may be more sensitive  than you.  Practicality is fine, but try to understand that dreams, feelings, and  enthusiasms are also important and should not be squelched.  Others might surprise you  with what their optimistic risk-taking is able to achieve.  You can be so cautious and  reserved that some people find you too conservative.  If you yourself become bored  or depressed, admit that security isn’t everything and try to be more spontaneous.   Open up to the new and follow your bliss (in a careful sort of way).

Lack of Water


For you the world of feelings may be terra incognita.  Close interpersonal relations, which require the expression of feelings, and empathy for others’ feelings, do not come naturally or easily for you.  You have difficulty putting yourself in someone else’s shoes in order to feel what they feel.  You will learn how to deal with life in a tough, mental sort of way.  People looking for someone to empathize with them should not come to you.  Those people who are comfortable with you are not looking for emotional closeness.  It’s not that you don’t have emotions and feelings, but they do not come out easily in your relationships.  If you are an artist, they may come out in your art.  You probably take refuge from the difficulty of forming emotional connections by concentrating on intellectual, practical, or inspired activity.  Your best companions would be those who are able to inhabit these realms with you, but who are also in touch with their feelings.  They can help you to contact your own feelings and teach you to respect and honor other people’s feelings.

A lack of planets in Water signs can be offset by a Water sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the houses of Endings.

Lack of Fire


You are willing to let flashier individuals take center-stage and lead the way.  You can sometimes be quite detached.  More fiery, impassioned lovers may find this frustrating!  However, your objectivity can be valuable to such partners, and they may be in awe of your ability to keep your cool.

Abundant Mutable


With an abundance of planets in Mutable signs, you adapt easily to changing circumstances.  Life seems to offer you a succession of roles to play.  Skilled at diplomacy and compromise, you make a good negotiator and appear to be everyone’s friend.  You actually are other-oriented, rather than self-oriented, and can be so busy meeting others’ needs that you lack direction in your own life.  Concentrate on finding friends of true worth and value.  Be discriminating in your associations, in whom you choose to help.  The endless flow from your mind, tongue, and hands will then work to return real value to you, which is what you deserve.  You can probably only follow this advice just so far, though, because more than others the Universe sends you people in need, people for whom you are able to make a real difference.  The assistance that you provide to the powerless may actually be remembered long after your facile mental output is forgotten.  Because you are sensitive to others’ needs, you need to choose your partners wisely!

Lack of Cardinal


With a lack of planets in Cardinal signs, you may have trouble starting things.  You may be timid about developing and carrying out plans.  You would prefer to let others break the first ground of a new venture, so that you can pitch in and help once the outlines of the venture are clear.  You probably lack confidence in your mastery of the real world and survival in it.  You may substitute a rich inner life for your lack of action in the outer world.  In its highest form, you may be unusually creative or spiritually committed.  Ideas filter up as you focus on ‘being’ instead of ‘doing’.  Watch out for the lower manifestations, which are delegating tasks to others and pitying yourself over the lot that befalls you in life as a result of your lack of direction and initiative.  Your different perspective on life gives you valuable insights that let you make real contributions wherever you are.

A lack of planets in the Cardinal signs can be offset by a Cardinal sign ascendant or by abundant planets in the Angular houses.

Lack of Fixed


You are more flexible than most people, and you are frequently on the move.  You are a multi-tasker, and you are able to move forward with change and growth when desirable.  You are a free spirit, not overly weighed down by attachments.  You may be daring, brave, and filled with ideas, but you need individuals in your life who can provide you with structure and stability.

Sun Dominant  (Strength:  8.41)


Your rational mind is strong, and your ego plays a role in most of the decisions you make.  A lover who doesn’t appeal to your sense of fair play, your rational mind, and your ego needs will not get very far with you!

Report Order FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions related to Report Orders

Reports are generally delivered within 24 hours of order placement, or if there were missing details, within 24 hours of the receipt of full information needed to generate the report(s). Occasionally, an order might arrive a little late if there was an unexpected influx of orders, for example, a power outage, etc.

However, if 24 hours have passed and you don’t find an email from Cafe Astrology ( in your inbox or spam folder, then please write and let us know. Please understand that we make every effort to send your order, and if this is impossible, you will receive a refund.

Some people have problems with email delivery, particularly with emails that have attachments. In these cases, we can put the report(s) in a secure place online for download. If you prefer this method regardless, write us an email at with the request or add the request in the notes with your order placement.

By default, we send report orders placed in this shop to the email address you enter during the checkout process. You can specify an email address where you prefer we send your reports.

No, you should specify that the birth time is unknown rather than guess it so that the report can be created specifically for unknown birth times.

Although unknown birth time reports can be a little shorter than the reports with known birth times, they only include information that is known. Most importantly, the ambiguous information is excluded from the report.

Some people feel that they will get more for their money if they guess at the birth time, as they assume that more interpretations in the reports are better. However, it’s much better to have a shorter report with accurate interpretations than a longer report with a mix of accurate and inaccurate interpretations! In this case, less is definitely more.

Yes, absolutely. The start date of a report can be any date in the past or the future.

In the case of a Solar Return, the start date will be on or in the two days surrounding the birth month and day due to the nature of this type of forecasting technique, but the year of the report can be any year in the future or past.

In the case of the Time Line report, the software only allows the start date to be the first of any given month, for example, May 1st, 2017.

No, the shopping cart used on the site is run by Paypal, but all the usual payment options are included so that you can use credit cards, debit cards, and the like. There are different shopping cart technologies available to sellers, and Cafe Astrology has selected the Paypal shopping cart as its solution. All payment details are sent to Paypal and not to Cafe Astrology. Paypal sends Cafe Astrology an email with each order that lists the order details and email address, not any payment information. We are not set up as a merchant at this time.

Reports are based on your birth time, while horoscopes are based on solar charts. A solar chart places the Sun’s sign on the Ascendant, and most people don’t have the same Sun and Ascendant in their natal charts. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at.

For reports, the default house system used is Placidus. However, you can request another house system for your order (example, Koch, Equal, Whole Sign, etc.).

It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right.

If you receive unexpected results, please send us an email at so we can look into the matter and explain the reasons for it, such as an ambiguous time zone or a particular calculation method. It’s important to provide as many details as possible.

The Solar Return chart is drawn for the date and time of the return of the Sun to its exact position at birth, and not to the birthday itself. The Sun returns to its birth position once a year on or near the day of birth, and rarely coincides with the time of birth. For example, if my birthday is September 2nd, 1970 @ 5:00 PM, my Solar Return could be September 1st, 2016, @ 4:24 AM one year, September 2nd, 2017, @ 1:22 AM the next, and so forth. If the birth data is entered correctly on the report, you can expect the Solar Return date and time to be accurate.

Report orders are promised within approximately 24 hours from the time of order placement and complete information required to create the report. We send out reports by email and are at the report computer typically eight hours a day. Because orders and responses come in from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, rush orders are not possible. However, to prevent delays, making certain that you’ve included all information requested and that it’s accurate will prevent the need for email back and forths that will cause delays.

Typically orders are emailed out within 12 hours or so, but they do sometimes come closer to 24 hours. The most common reason is a sudden influx of orders. There are times when more than the usual number of orders come in and it takes much longer to complete orders.

Within 24 hours of order placement, you should receive an email from Cafe Astrology, either as a request for further information or clarification if there is missing/unclear information or with a report attachment. If the information is incomplete, we will request it from you and you will receive your order within 24 hours of receipt of the full information necessary to create your report.

If you are buying more than one report in one order, you can enter birth information only once if you prefer. However, it’s important to note that some reports require different or additional information, so be sure to supply all that is needed to create your reports.