Friends Compatibility Report


The Friends Compatibility Report is a computerized report that examines a non-romantic relationship from a variety of angles. What is the nature of your association? How do you relate to each other? Which of your personality traits are compatible, and which clash? What are the specific dynamics of your chemistry together? What is the destiny or outcome of your relationship? This report explores all of these issues and more, offering interesting and helpful insight into the personal dynamics of a platonic relationship.

This report is similar to the Romantic Compatibility Report, but designed for platonic relationships.

The report explores interplanetary aspects, composite chart aspects, and interchart house positions.

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The Friends Compatibility Report is a computerized report that examines a non-romantic relationship from a variety of angles. What is the nature of your association? How do you relate to each other? Which of your personality traits are compatible, and which clash? What are the specific dynamics of your chemistry together? What is the destiny or outcome of your relationship? This report explores all of these issues and more, offering interesting and helpful insight into the personal dynamics of a platonic relationship.

This report is similar to the Romantic Compatibility Report, but designed for platonic relationships.

The report explores interplanetary aspects, composite chart aspects, and interchart house positions.

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Report Sample

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Text excerpt below:

The Friends Compatibility Report for

Martha Stewart


Snoop Dogg


Birth Data for Martha:

Martha Stewart
August 3, 1941
1:33 PM
Jersey City, New Jersey


Birth Data for Snoop:

Snoop Dogg
October 20, 1971
6:20 PM
Long Beach, California


Cafe Astrology

This Friends Report is divided into 4 chapters.

Chapter 1 describes your temperaments and personalities. The issues described in Chapter 1 become particularly powerful if you have a close or long-lasting relationship. Idiosyncrasies or quirks in another person’s personality do not bother us as much if our relationship is a casual one. For example, if one person is neat and tidy and the other is sloppy, this is more likely to become a concern if you depend on each other in a business partnership than if you are casual acquaintances.

Pay close attention to the issues described in Chapter 2 because these are the most important themes in your relationship. For example, if themes of open communication and friendliness are emphasized, then you can count on this relationship growing into a close, long-lasting friendship. However, if friendliness and harmony between you are hardly mentioned at all, your relationship will be a more formal, less personal one and you probably won’t think of one another as close friends. Note also that the material in Chapter 2 is presented roughly in order of importance, so that the material presented at the beginning of Chapter 2 is the most powerful.

Chapter 4 describes issues in your relationship of less importance than those presented in Chapter 2. Chapter 3 describes situations and circumstances that arise over time if your relationship is a long-lasting one.

If a statement appears to contradict another statement, then your roles are likely to alternate. For example, a statement that Martha is more aggressive than Snoop, and another statement stating that Snoop is more aggressive than Martha, means that you alternate roles, with Martha sometimes being the leader and Snoop being the follower, and sometimes just the opposite. Also, read the statements carefully, as it is likely that a careful reading will reveal different kinds of aggressiveness or areas in which the aggressiveness is likely to express itself.

To make the most of this report, combine this astrological analysis with other things that you know about each other. For example, if your relationship is strictly business-related and close, personal friendship is unimportant to both of you, then it will not concern you if there is little warmth in the relationship. However, a lack if warmth and sympathy, or a tendency to be critical and judgmental of one another, is a more serious problem in a parent-child relationship. You may also want to order a Natal Report for each of you. The Natal Report describes your individual traits. The material in Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of this report describes the dynamics of your relationship, but does not describe your individual natures.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of
the planets at the time of your birth. For the benefit of
students of astrology, these positions, along with other
technical information, are listed below:

Positions and Data for Martha:
Sun position is 10 deg. 58 min. of Leo
Moon position is 25 deg. 25 min. of Sagittarius
Mercury position is 25 deg. 25 min. of Cancer
Venus position is 9 deg. 09 min. of Virgo
Mars position is 16 deg. 18 min. of Aries
Jupiter position is 14 deg. 49 min. of Gemini
Saturn position is 27 deg. 18 min. of Taurus
Uranus position is 29 deg. 54 min. of Taurus
Neptune position is 25 deg. 47 min. of Virgo
Pluto position is 4 deg. 07 min. of Leo
Asc. position is 10 deg. 15 min. of Scorpio
MC position is 18 deg. 39 min. of Leo
2nd cusp position is 9 deg. 18 min. of Sagittarius
3rd cusp position is 12 deg. 53 min. of Capricorn
5th cusp position is 21 deg. 21 min. of Pisces
6th cusp position is 18 deg. 20 min. of Aries

Tropical/PLACIDUS Daylight Savings Time observed. GMT: 17:33:00
Time Zone: 5 hours West. Lat & Long: 40 N 43 41 74 W 04 41


Positions and Data for Snoop:
Sun position is 26 deg. 59 min. of Libra
Moon position is 15 deg. 51 min. of Scorpio
Mercury position is 5 deg. 20 min. of Scorpio
Venus position is 11 deg. 21 min. of Scorpio
Mars position is 22 deg. 01 min. of Aquarius
Jupiter position is 6 deg. 36 min. of Sagittarius
Saturn position is 5 deg. 38 min. of Gemini
Uranus position is 14 deg. 47 min. of Libra
Neptune position is 1 deg. 31 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto position is 0 deg. 34 min. of Libra
Asc. position is 0 deg. 46 min. of Taurus
MC position is 19 deg. 05 min. of Capricorn
2nd cusp position is 2 deg. 28 min. of Gemini
3rd cusp position is 26 deg. 34 min. of Gemini
5th cusp position is 14 deg. 22 min. of Leo
6th cusp position is 17 deg. 25 min. of Virgo

Tropical/PLACIDUS Daylight Savings Time observed. GMT: 01:20:00
Time Zone: 8 hours West. Lat & Long: 33 N 46 01 118 W 11 18
Chapter 1
A Comparison of Temperaments and Life Styles
that Affect Your Ability to Harmonize with Each Other


Martha’s Sun in Leo and Snoop’s Sun in Libra:

Of the two of you, Martha is the stronger individual, and the balance of power may be somewhat lopsided in your relationship. Snoop is more willing to compromise and accommodate others than Martha is, and Snoop is also subtler, more diplomatic and indirect. Martha has a very strong ego and pride and Snoop usually has the tact and delicacy not to offend Martha, so you are likely to get on well. However, Snoop also has a strong sense of fairness, expects attention and favors to be reciprocated, and may balk at Martha’s tendency to be self-centered. You share a strong interest in style, fashion, and aesthetics or appearances.

Martha’s Moon in Sagittarius and Snoop’s Moon in Scorpio:

You two are like night and day, emotionally speaking. Martha is light, optimistic, and philosophical about life and emotional experiences, always expecting to bounce back and grow from a difficult time. Idealistic and forward-looking, Martha tends to ignore or deny raw emotion and the dark, painful aspects of life. Snoop, on the other hand, is an intensely, passionately emotional person who has little emotional distance or detachment. While Martha is basically open, and confides and shares freely, Snoop is very careful, even suspicious, and does not trust or open to just anyone. Snoop is inward and private and can be quite asocial at times, whereas Martha loves to go out and socialize or party with people. Snoop tends to brood and often becomes dark and silent, and Martha may try to jolly or lighten Snoop up, which can be helpful sometimes but is just as often intrusive. Martha wants sunny weather all the time, while Snoop loves a storm.

Also, Snoop gets deeply attached to loved ones, and is very sensitive to any threat to the bond. Jealousy and being overly possessive can be problems. Martha, on the other hand, is friendly, emotionally generous, not especially possessive, and needs space to move about without being scrutinized and questioned all the time.

Both of you have Sun trine or sextile Mars:

The two of you share a high degree of physical energy and vitality. You are both doers, go-getters, active and quite assertive when need be. Neither of you likes to sit around and wait for life to happen to you – you want to MAKE it happen – and you bring out this quality in each other. You could succeed together in any effort that requires initiative, enthusiasm, and decisiveness. Physical games or exercise is something the two of you would enjoy very much. Activism in other arenas is also indicated. You encourage self-confidence in one another.

Mercury & Saturn hard or conj for Snoop, soft for Martha:

Both of you tend to be deep thinkers, and are not impressed with a lot of exaggerated claims. Realism and practicality are the “bottom line” for both of you, when it comes to embracing or rejecting an idea. Snoop, however, tends to go to extremes with this tendency and to become rather rigid, overly serious, skeptical, and closed-minded. An obsession with details, hard “proof”, or examining all of the variables, can obscure rather than illuminate the truth of a matter. Martha, while also predisposed to intellectual caution, is not nearly so constricted.



Chapter 2
Major Themes in the Relationship: What Brought You Together


Martha’s Asc. Conjunct Snoop’s Venus:

A strong desire to please each other, and to cooperate, makes you very harmonious together. Appreciation, affection, and much love exist between you, and you are very special to one another. Martha, in particular, embodies much of what Snoop finds beautiful and delightful.

Martha’s Mars Opposition Snoop’s Uranus:

You provoke one another to be bold and to take risks. You easily become impatient and even reckless with each other. Also you may enjoy vigorous physical activities together, and it is likely that you play competitive sports with one another. If you come to cross purposes, you can become very hostile towards each other.

Martha’s Sun Square Snoop’s Venus:

Your personal styles, tastes, and preferred leisure activities are often not in harmony, and you need to make adjustments and allowances for one another’s differing personal tastes and desires.

Snoop’s Sun Square Martha’s Mercury:

The two of you do not always see eye-to-eye on issues, and it is very easy for Martha to become critical of Snoop. Compounding the problem is Snoop’s tendency to be very sensitive to criticism from Martha and consequently react defensively to this criticism. This need not be a serious problem however; a little tolerance for each other’s right to disagree and respect for individual differences is all it takes to make personal differences interesting rather than annoying.

Snoop’s Mercury Square Martha’s Pluto:

Your conversations have a deep, probing quality. There is a strong tendency to attempt to coerce each other to understand your point of view and agree with you. Martha may attempt to dominate Snoop’s thinking, or radically alter Snoop’s view of things.

Martha’s Venus Square Snoop’s Jupiter:

You enjoy laughing, playing, socializing, and going out together to have a good time. You are expansive and generous with one another, and are inclined to spend unwisely, overeat, or otherwise overindulge when you’re together. If you live together or work closely with one another, disagreements regarding finances, budgeting, or investments are likely to arise.



Chapter 3
Destiny and Final Outcome of Your Relationship


Composite Sun Opposition Mars:

You bring out the warrior in one another, and without intending to, you polarize against one another. While not exactly enemies, you often pit yourselves against each other as opponents, sparring partners, challengers to each other’s strength. You have the potential to spur one another on to creative accomplishment, but frequently you end up battling for position and power instead. Avoid being too abrasive and aggressive toward one another. You’d do well to try to reinforce one another’s strength, courage, and fighting spirit without directly engaging in ego conflicts. Anything you attempt cooperatively is apt to be tense and volatile at times. A pressure to compete and perform is part of the essence of this relationship.

Composite Moon Trine Uranus:

The two of you work together well in creative areas. You are able to brainstorm together and improvise together. You work well together in a crisis or any situation that requires spontaneity or quick responsiveness.

You find that you can express yourselves openly together and that you feel less inhibited by tradition, regulations, and social expectations. If you have a long-term relationship, you are destined to discover new creative and inventive outlets, and it is likely that you will collaborate in festive, inventive, or creative activities.

Composite Saturn Square Pluto:

The two of you will find that you will struggle in difficult circumstances, and at times you will get little support or assistance from others. One of you may be called upon to help the other when a death occurs in the family or when one of you is in the process of divorcing or just after relocating to a new place. If the two of you endure the struggle and maintain a positive attitude, both of you will come out as stronger people. If you pursue a project together, be prepared for a long, hard struggle and a poor reception from others. However, the intense, focused effort that the two of you are capable of is capable of eventually producing impressive results, one of which is increasing your own stamina, endurance, concentration, competency, and capability in whatever area that you focus on.

Be wary for the tendency to get caught in a power struggle with each other. One of you may try to force your moral, ethical, or religious views on the other, resulting in a tense and uncomfortable relationship.

Composite Sun Conjunct Mercury:

Yours is an intellectual relationship, among other things. Exchanging thoughts, studying together, sharing information, talking and bantering, turning one another on to new books or ideas, sparking one another’s curiosity and interest in the world – all of these are important aspects of your relationship. A certain detachment and the ability to think about and talk about what is going on between you are also highlighted. Put simply, becoming more conscious or more informed and educated is a significant reason the two of you are drawn together.

Composite Moon Opposition Saturn:

Emotional separations, withdrawal, and distancing yourselves from one another are issues you will have to deal with over and over again in your relationship. You easily could simply pull away from one another in subtle ways, and grow increasingly cooler, more impersonal, and distant, leaving nothing more than a shell of a relationship with no life or feeling in it.

You may also find that your relationship is forced to be rather distant due to outside demands, commitments, or other pressing obligations.

Although close emotional rapport between the two of you is often difficult to achieve, you will find that you are able to share personal problems with each other and assist each other in handling difficult personal problems. Your relationship is destined to help the two of you focus on resolving personal bad habits and problems but in the process of doing so, can lead to a very sober and dry mood. Remember to sparkle your relationship with light-hearted and fun-loving feelings too.

Composite Moon Square Pluto:

When you are together, deep emotions and intense, compelling, irrational energies within both of you come into play. Definitely, if you are friends for any length of time, you will both undergo an emotional transformation, a soul cleansing, for being together will dredge up all of your unfinished emotional business and feelings you may not even have believed yourselves capable of.

A significant part of your purpose in coming together is to clear up and heal the past – old griefs, jealousies, wounds, and unresolved emotions, many of which you may have forgotten about until now!

Certainly, no matter how long this relationship lasts, it will be a profound, intense one. Emotionally it may feel overwhelming at times. If any emotional manipulation, domination, or abuse occurs, you both need to step back and get a clear, objective third party to help you. At times you’re both apt to feel that you’re in over your heads. On the other hand, though you may go through extreme emotions, you can develop an incredibly close bond.

Composite Mercury Opposition Mars:

There is a marked tendency toward argumentativeness and sharp words between you which will need to be worked with if it is not to become an overriding dynamic in your relationship. Petty bickering and insistence on doing things in your own ways can even lead to minor accidents, especially when traveling together.

One of the purposes of your relationship is to learn how to honestly discuss conflict and how to assert and communicate your personal desires. If you can find ways to do this without alienating or warring with each other, you will have fulfilled one of the functions of your friendship.

Composite Mercury Conjunct Jupiter:

Your relationship will be broadening and educational for both of you. You widen one another’s views of the world, and could vastly expand one another’s social or professional contacts. You are good for one another in many ways, not the least of which is that you share beliefs that generate optimism and hope.

Seeing much more of the world – whether via actual travel, or the armchair variety (studying together) – is destined to be an important part of your relationship.

Composite Venus Sextile Uranus:

You enjoy each other’s company. You are inclined to laugh and tell jokes. Getting the two of you at a party will liven things up, even if both of you are quiet and reserved by nature. Your friendship will inspire each of you to see things in new ways and be more open and willing to experiment; it knocks both of you out of any rut you’ve gotten into. You might engage in a new game, sport, or creative artistic endeavor together.



Chapter 4
Other Themes in Your Relationship


Martha’s Sun in Snoop’s 4th house:

You may be drawn to live together and share a home together. Martha’s friendship can help Snoop create a strong inner foundation or stable base from which Snoop can draw strength to meet challenges and achieve goals.

Snoop’s Sun in Martha’s 12th house:

Even if you have been friends for many years, Snoop will continue to be intriguing and somewhat mysterious to Martha. You have a knack for uncovering each other’s hidden or repressed traits, and there is an uncanny, perhaps even mystical quality to your relationship.

Martha’s Moon in Snoop’s 8th house:

As your relationship develops, a powerfully emotional bonding develops. Your feelings for each other can be rather complex. Jealousy is possible and if things go wrong, you can hate each other with the same intensity that you once cared for each other.

Snoop’s Moon in Martha’s 1st house:

Snoop’s family background and domestic life has a striking effect on Martha. Martha may feel “adopted” by Snoop’s family or find that Snoop’s life style and home makes Martha feel extremely comfortable and at peace.

Martha’s Mercury in Snoop’s 4th house:

Martha loves to discuss very personal issues with Snoop, which promotes a very close, inner tie between you.

Snoop’s Mercury in Martha’s 12th house:

Snoop’s conversation, interests, and way of looking at things perplexes Martha sometimes. Nonverbal communication may be more effective than trying to reason with one another.

Martha’s Venus in Snoop’s 5th house:

Martha brings out the artist in Snoop, and encourages Snoop to be more expressive of affection, love, and appreciation also.

Snoop’s Venus in Martha’s 1st house:

Regardless of how others view Snoop, Martha finds Snoop to be a very attractive and a beautiful person. Martha sees a great deal of charm and sweetness in Snoop and is willing to go to great lengths to please Snoop.

Martha’s Mars in Snoop’s 12th house:

Martha pressures Snoop to reveal inner, hidden traits and interests. You may irritate one another intensely at times, without knowing why.

Snoop’s Mars in Martha’s 4th house:

For better or worse, Snoop gets under Martha’s skin. Snoop may infuriate, excite or inspire Martha, perhaps even all of these at the same time! If you live together, Snoop will do much to maintain the home, but both of you must be careful to accommodate your friend’s tastes and concerns. Try not to insist on your own will and desires, especially when domestic issues are involved.

Martha’s Jupiter in Snoop’s 2nd house:

Martha helps Snoop in very practical, tangible ways. Even if Martha is not particularly wealthy or generous, circumstances are likely to arise where Martha is able to provide Snoop with material benefits and practical assistance.

Snoop’s Jupiter in Martha’s 1st house:

Snoop puts Martha in an optimistic, fun-loving, outgoing, mood. You like to go out, travel, and have fun together. Snoop is also generous towards Martha and freely gives gifts and assistance to Martha. You enjoy planning and scheming together and sometimes you get a bit overly optimistic in your shared hopes and dreams.

Martha’s Saturn in Snoop’s 1st house:

Martha’s more mature, responsible, reliable side comes out in this relationship. Martha becomes almost paternalistic toward Snoop, and Martha is inclined to offer lots of advice, sometimes being critical, judgmental, and interfering too much with Snoop’s plans and goals. Martha’s “helpful criticism” sometimes sours into moralistic judgments. Martha should be wary of the tendency to control Snoop and severely limit Snoop’s freedom.

Snoop’s Saturn in Martha’s 7th house:

Martha feels that Snoop is a person who will be trustworthy and there is, indeed, a high level of security and stability that can be counted on in this friendship. Both of you feel comfortable making commitments to each other. However, over time Martha may also find that Snoop is critical of Martha’s other friends and discourages Martha from participating in many social activities.

Martha’s Uranus in Snoop’s 1st house:

Snoop’s more unusual, creative side comes out in this relationship, and Snoop feels more spontaneous and exuberant with Martha than with most other people. Consequently, there is a lively feeling to your relationship, but if Martha is a rather unstable person, then Snoop may feel that there is not enough stability and reliability in your friendship. Martha can be somewhat disruptive in Snoop’s life.

Snoop’s Uranus in Martha’s 11th house:

Together you become active participants in community, social action, and progressive ideas. Snoop encourages Martha to become involved in social and political issues, and you encourage each other to look beyond your personal lives and take an interest in issues of broader scope that affect your community, country, or the world as a whole.

Martha’s Neptune in Snoop’s 6th house:

Snoop is often disappointed in the way that Martha handles problems and performs various chores and tasks. Snoop is likely to feel that Martha is careless or sloppy. This is not likely to create any serious problems, unless you work together.

Snoop’s Neptune in Martha’s 1st house:

Snoop brings out Martha’s more idealistic, imaginative, intuitive, or “spacey” side. Snoop enjoys sharing his ideals and fantasies with Martha, even if these dreams seem childish or unrealistic. Snoop may also tend to exaggerate a bit with Martha and needs to try to be as honest as possible with Martha.

Martha’s Pluto in Snoop’s 4th house:

A lot of powerful emotions come to the surface in this relationship. Differences in your family backgrounds, ethnic or religious heritage can become a source of friction. Subtle biases toward each other or misunderstandings between you can smolder for a long time, and then erupt as hurt feelings and anger. You need to be honest and open with each other because otherwise a complex knot of feelings can develop between you, developing into a love-hate relationship.

Snoop’s Pluto in Martha’s 11th house:

The two of you inspire each other to become excited and even zealous about ideologies and social causes. Snoop challenges Martha’s theories and any organizations that he/she is a member of, and motivates Martha to strive to reform and improve these organizations. You may become active together in politics or social issues.

Martha’s Sun Square Snoop’s Moon:

The distinct differences in your temperaments inclines you to periods of personality clashes and misunderstandings. In particular, Snoop often feels that Martha does not sympathize enough or try to really understand Snoop’s feelings. Both of you will have to understand and respect your differences, and make a concerted effort to harmonize your very different temperaments.

Martha’s Sun Trine Snoop’s Jupiter:

The two of you really enjoy each other’s company! Snoop has a great deal of confidence in Martha and is able to see Martha’s best qualities. You are very encouraging and supportive of each other, helping each other to be more confident, open new doors, and advance and grow in both inner and outer ways. This positive note of good will and harmony is also invaluable in helping the two of you overcome differences in temperament and other stressful aspects of your relationship discussed elsewhere in this report.

Snoop’s Sun Sextile Martha’s Moon:

The two of you are the best of friends. You understand and appreciate each other very well, and your relationship is harmonious and pleasant. Your are able to overcome difficulties and stress when it arises (as it does in any relationship).

Martha’s Asc. Conjunct Snoop’s Moon:

The two of you probably felt like old friends right from your first meeting. You have a natural affinity for each other, and it is very likely that you will remain life-long friends. You enjoy each other’s company, feel very at home with each other, share many of the same interests, preferences, and tastes. You have a direct, intuitive understanding of each other that allows you to communicate and share your feelings and thoughts very openly with each other. Snoop tends to “mother” and care for Martha, and Martha easily can become dependent on Snoop. In fact, a mutually dependent relationship is very likely.

Martha’s Asc. Conjunct Snoop’s Mercury:

You enjoy long talks, which are particularly enjoyable because you share many similar views and attitudes. You understand each other exceedingly well and love to exchange ideas.

Snoop’s Asc. Square Martha’s Pluto:

Martha is a force for considerable benefit or harm in Snoop’s life, either greatly enhancing Snoop’s personal power and confidence, or seriously undermining it. Martha forces Snoop to examine the hidden motives and intentions behind Snoop’s actions, and may bring out some unsavory aspects of Snoop’s character or past history.

An intense confrontation of wills, often going on in a subtle, behind-the-scenes way, characterizes your interaction at times. It is very likely that there is much “unfinished business” of an emotional or personal nature which draws the two of you together.

Snoop’s Asc. Trine Martha’s Moon:

There is a strong feeling of family and kinship between you. You have a natural affinity for each other and feel very at ease and comfortable with each other, so consequently your friendship is likely to be very long-lasting.

Martha’s Mercury Trine Snoop’s Neptune:

You enjoy discussing any subject that has an imaginative or mystical quality – art, music, fiction, theater, or religion. You kindle each other’s imagination and ideals. You work together well in the arts and in humanitarian areas. You have a strong intuitive and psychic rapport and often understand each other without need for words.

Martha’s Venus Square Snoop’s Saturn:

Feelings of estrangement, distance, coolness, or lack of appreciation and affection characterize your relationship from time to time, and Martha in particular feels inhibited or criticized by Snoop. You take your commitment, responsibility, and obligations to one another seriously and you may depend heavily on one another financially or emotionally, but you tend to become too formal and rather joyless if you spend too much time together.

Martha’s Venus Sextile Snoop’s Venus:

Your attitudes and approach to love, friendship, and relationships in general are quite compatible. You understand one another and are quite compatible. It is easy for you to do those things that please your friend and there is much mutual affection and appreciation between you. Your taste in aesthetics and recreational pleasures also blend well.

Martha’s Jupiter Trine Snoop’s Uranus:

This is a relationship in which you both can feel free to change, explore, invent, try creative or unusual ideas, and express your more adventurous or unconventional sides. Together, you have an expanded sense of what is possible, and the confidence and enthusiasm you feel with one another enables you to “go for it”! You help bring out one another’s originality and creative impulses.

Snoop’s Jupiter Trine Martha’s Pluto:

If either, or both, of you are ambitious for positions of power and influence, you will be of great help to one another in achieving your goals. Spiritual aspirations, explorations and discoveries are also greatly benefited through your relationship. Expansion, betterment, and improvement in both an inner and outer, material sense occur through your relationship. There’s a sense of magic or grace, of wonderful things being possible, when you are together.

Martha’s Saturn Trine Snoop’s Pluto:

Your relationship has a deep, intense, or serious quality, as if it is impossible for you to relate to one another only on a superficial social level. It is easy for you to get to essentials with one another. Together you are capable of great commitment and dedication, and of overcoming tremendous obstacles.

Martha’s Uranus Opposition Snoop’s Neptune:

Martha challenges, and may revolutionize, Snoop’s attitudes and religious beliefs. You spark one another’s imagination, and you share lofty hopes, dreams, and visions with one another. You may find yourself having strange feelings or unexplainable psychic experiences together, even if you usually have no interest in such things.

Martha’s Uranus Trine Snoop’s Pluto:

There is an electric, dynamic quality between you which stimulates both of you to make decisive and possibly radical changes in your lives. Energy, restlessness, action, and change characterize your relationship, and this can be channeled into some creative project or goal.

Snoop’s Neptune Trine Martha’s Pluto:

You help one another during personal difficulties or crises, and through your relationship you discover capacities and inner strengths you were previously unaware of. There is much mutual sympathy between you.

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No, you should specify that the birth time is unknown rather than guess it so that the report can be created specifically for unknown birth times.

Although unknown birth time reports can be a little shorter than the reports with known birth times, they only include information that is known. Most importantly, the ambiguous information is excluded from the report.

Some people feel that they will get more for their money if they guess at the birth time, as they assume that more interpretations in the reports are better. However, it’s much better to have a shorter report with accurate interpretations than a longer report with a mix of accurate and inaccurate interpretations! In this case, less is definitely more.

Yes, absolutely. The start date of a report can be any date in the past or the future.

In the case of a Solar Return, the start date will be on or in the two days surrounding the birth month and day due to the nature of this type of forecasting technique, but the year of the report can be any year in the future or past.

In the case of the Time Line report, the software only allows the start date to be the first of any given month, for example, May 1st, 2017.

No, the shopping cart used on the site is run by Paypal, but all the usual payment options are included so that you can use credit cards, debit cards, and the like. There are different shopping cart technologies available to sellers, and Cafe Astrology has selected the Paypal shopping cart as its solution. All payment details are sent to Paypal and not to Cafe Astrology. Paypal sends Cafe Astrology an email with each order that lists the order details and email address, not any payment information. We are not set up as a merchant at this time.

Reports are based on your birth time, while horoscopes are based on solar charts. A solar chart places the Sun’s sign on the Ascendant, and most people don’t have the same Sun and Ascendant in their natal charts. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at.

For reports, the default house system used is Placidus. However, you can request another house system for your order (example, Koch, Equal, Whole Sign, etc.).

It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right.

If you receive unexpected results, please send an email to Kristen who can look into the matter and explain the reasons for it, such as an ambiguous time zone or a particular calculation method. It’s important to provide as many details as possible.

The Solar Return chart is drawn for the date and time of the return of the Sun to its exact position at birth, and not to the birthday itself. The Sun returns to its birth position once a year on or near the day of birth, and rarely coincides with the time of birth. For example, if my birthday is September 2nd, 1970 @ 5:00 PM, my Solar Return could be September 1st, 2016, @ 4:24 AM one year, September 2nd, 2017, @ 1:22 AM the next, and so forth. If the birth data is entered correctly on the report, you can expect the Solar Return date and time to be accurate.

Report orders are promised within approximately 24 hours from the time of order placement and complete information required to create the report. Kristen sends out reports by email and she is at the report computer typically eight hours a day. Because orders and responses come in from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, rush orders are not possible. However, to prevent delays, making certain that you’ve included all information requested and that it’s accurate will prevent the need for email back and forths that will cause delays.

Typically orders are emailed out within 12 hours or so, but they do sometimes come closer to 24 hours. The most common reason is a sudden influx of orders. There are times when more than the usual number of orders come in and it takes much longer to complete orders.

Within 24 hours of order placement, you should receive an email from Kristen, either as a request for further information or clarification if there is missing/unclear information or with a report attachment. If the information is incomplete, Kristen will request it from you and you will receive your order within 24 hours of receipt of the full information necessary to create your report.

If you are buying more than one report in one order, you can enter birth information only once if you prefer. However, it’s important to note that some reports require different or additional information, so be sure to supply all that is needed to create your reports.