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Heaven Knows What is an intriguing report all about you, and is based on your personal birth data and natal chart. An accurate birth time is good to have for this report, but not absolutely necessary. This computerized report is based on the writings of Grant Lewi.

Grant Lewi (1902 – 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth-century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The report reads with old-style writing and contains some very insightful content. Your Sun-Moon combination is interpreted (for example, if your Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Taurus, these positions are blended into one interpretation), as well as the individual positions.

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Heaven Knows What is an intriguing report all about you, and is based on your personal birth data and natal chart. An accurate birth time is good to have for this report, but not absolutely necessary. This computerized report is based on the writings of Grant Lewi.

Grant Lewi (1902 – 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth-century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The report reads with old-style writing and contains some very insightful content. Your Sun-Moon combination is interpreted (for example, if your Sun is in Aries and Moon is in Taurus, these positions are blended into one interpretation), as well as the individual positions.

Many of Lewi’s comments depend on a combination of factors and for this reason you will sometimes find that he has something different to say about an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your friend’s chart.

Transits are also a key component to each Heaven Knows What report you produce. This information reflects current energies active in an individual’s life, and the impact they may have on natal characteristics and tendencies. This consideration helps to make the report even more pertinent and immediately useful for the reader.

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#HKW $3.95 US Heaven Knows What computerized report delivered through emailtypically within 24 hours of receipt of payment AND full information required. If your birth time is unknown, please indicate “time unknown”, and we will set your time as noon. To order, enter your name (can be your first name only if desired), birth date (month, day, and year), birth time (example, 7:21 PM – do not adjust for time zones), and birth place (city, state/province or country).

Report Sample

Please see a full PDF sample of Ariana Grande’s Heaven Knows What report.

Heaven Knows What

Astrological Report for Jennifer Aniston

by Grant Lewi



Your Chart Data

Name: Jennifer Aniston Date: Feb 11, 1969
Time: 10:22:00 PM    PST +08:00
Place:  Los Angeles, CA
118W14’34”  34N03’08”

Here are the elements of your birth chart or horoscope calculated for the moment you were born. The horoscope provides a permanent record of what surrounded life at its beginning. It is the blueprint from which the following interpretations are read.

Interpretation text is from Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions both by Grant Lewi and published by Llewellyn Publications.

The cover art is by Hannes Bok, 1962

All rights reserved. Copyright 1936-1990 Llewellyn Publications.

Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions may be purchased from Llewellyn Publications
P.O. Box 644383, St. Paul, Minnesota 55164-0383

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Grant Lewi (1902 – 1951) is a legendary figure among twentieth century astrologers. He was a writer and editor for the two largest astrological magazines of the time. His two books, Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions, were the first astrological books to become best sellers and even today, over fifty years later, they remain among the best introductions to the subject of astrology.

The astrological interpretations found in Heaven Knows What and Astrology for the Millions were unique, fresh, and simple. Llewellyn George, the prominent astrologer of the time, remarked that Lewi’s interpretations must be intuitive because they were unlike any that had been written before him. Today these interpretations remain energetic and forceful and, though some references are now dated, Lewi’s text still  provides some of the clearest insights found anywhere in the literature of astrology.

Lewi was determined to make astrology more accessible to the average person, but while popularizing the subject he never watered it down or reduced it to the level found in “sun sign” astrology. Writing before computers were available, he made his books function as the computer, providing the reader with tables to generate their own charts or horoscopes and then linking his interpretations to the information found there. Lewi would have made good use of the computer, so much in his books seem to anticipate them. In his writing he tried to emulate the interpretation process by using a computerless version of artificial intelligence: the meaning of a planet in a sign doesn’t stand alone but is modified by the other aspects found in your chart. Many of his comments depend on a combination of factors and for this reason you will sometimes find that he has something different to say about an aspect in your chart than he does for the same aspect in your friend’s chart.

This report calculates your chart for you and then collects all of Lewi’s comments strictly according to the astrological factors found there. The text contained here is valid even for those who don’t know their time of birth – Lewi focused on those factors that are in effect throughout the birthday. The only exception to this is the case of the Moon which can move between 12 and 14 degrees in a day, so if the positions were calculated for noon then the Moon could be as much as 6 or 7 degrees different and possibly even change signs. If you don’t know your time and the texts that involve the Moon seem unlikely, you may wish to compare reports done for the beginning and the end of the day.

At all times, Lewi’s aim has been to show how astrology can be used as an aid in living a more satisfying and fulfilling life. Astrology offers indications and pointers – and sometimes insights – to situations that you find in life. It doesn’t tell you what to do about them, but if it offers you a better understanding of the situation, then you are in a better position to decide for yourself what to do. To quote Grant Lewi:

“It is not limitations that eats out the heart, but inaction, the knowledge of powers not used, the sense of having failed to develop to the utmost. The overcoming of fate is not the overcoming of limitations: that is impossible. It is the exercise of free will, the assertion of the full self, expanding to its utmost with the tools at hand, in the circumstances that are set. Astrology, through the interpretation of the horoscope, assists men to the achievement of their maximum by indicating to them the lines along which their will may be most progressively applied, the goals to be sought, and the individual means by which each one may arrive at the outermost boundaries of his world.”


Horoscope of Birth


Your horoscope of birth is the blueprint of your personality and character as indicated by the position of the Sun, the Moon and the eight planets on the date of your birth. This section is devoted to each of these members of the solar system.

The planets are the antennae and arms of the horoscope, of which the body and soul are the Sun and Moon. No planet will ever cause you to act counter to the testimony of the Sun and Moon in their combined influence on you. Remember this when you proceed with the following readings. All planetary vibration must be considered in light of the basic solar-lunar readings, for these are your character, your basic nature, which the planets will help or hinder but cannot materially change.

According to the sign position of your Sun, one planet will be more important than the others and should probably be read first. Your Sun is in Aquarius and your dominant planet is Saturn (and Uranus). Not only the action of this ruling planet will be very important in your life, but also the attribute over which it rules. Thus Gemini, ruled by Mercury, lives a great deal in the senses; Libra, ruled by Venus, responds most readily to emotional stimuli; and so on. Study your ruler carefully.

Remember in all planetary readings that they work within the pattern of your solar-lunar nature; never against it. The synthesis of your horoscope from the following series of paragraphs to a working unit depends on your keeping this in mind, which will enable you to weld all the readings into a unified and significant whole.

Sun in Aquarius and Moon in Sagittarius

(You belong to the positive or executive group.)

Independence of mind and action, thought and expression, are the keynotes of your nature. You are an intellectual and, as your life has gone on, you have become able to focus your emotional and passional nature in intellectual concepts, and to approach the philosophic ideal of objectivity. This was not all the case in the beginning of your life, when emotions ran very high and strong and threatened to gallop away with the whole personality. You have qualities of uncompromising intellectual honesty, strong opinions, and a broad viewpoint on world affairs. Your tendency to wide interests can make you a visionary and impractical dilettante. You have depth, vision, and scope of intellect and will always be found fighting on the side of the fundamental truth. Independence, courage, and efficiency give you a fine foundation for success.

You are an executive by nature and will not stay long in a subordinate position, rising by industry, honesty, intelligence, and a strict regard for duty. You may be a little outspoken and a high spirited and righteous independence must be curbed and brought in line with the world as it is. You are never likely to learn to compromise with truth and honor, but you should learn to compromise with people. There is a tendency to arts and letters here, a love for the beautiful in all things, with a touch of the Keatsian thesis that “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” and a feeling that “Euclid alone has looked on beauty bare.” Line, design, logic, and reason are your concepts of beauty, rather than the more sensual beauty of the ultra-romantic. Emotionally, this is a romantic position, inclining to produce several intense and idealistic love affairs and showing the likelihood of more than one marriage. There’s great personal magnetism, which lasts till late in life – you seem to have drunk from the fountain of youth, for the continuous freshness of your outlook keeps you young for a surprisingly long time. Thus, through traits of personality and character and through help from influential friends, you are likely to have what is known as luck in life.


The Sun indicates the appearance you will present before the world and the psychological bias which will dominate your actions. What you seem, and why, are told in the reading for your Sun. In many ways the Sun is the dominant force in your horoscope and in your life. Other influences, especially that of the Moon, may modify the Sun’s influence, but nothing will cause you to depart very far from the basic solar pattern. For this reason a whole literature and a whole business have grown up around Sun-sign astrology; and many people exist who think there is nothing more to the horoscope than knowing what “sign you were born in” and what the Sun in that sign means. This is a mistake, as you will discover when you have read the influence of the other bodies. But throughout your reading, keep in mind always the basic influence of the Sun, and remember that all other influences must be interpreted in terms of it, especially in so far as other influences play a visible role in your life. You may think, dream, imagine, hope to be a thousand things, according to your Moon and your other planets, but the Sun is what you are, and to be your best self in terms of your Sun is to cause your energies to work along the path in which they will have maximum help from planetary vibrations.

Sun in Aquarius

“God must have loved the common people; he made so many of them.”

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right.”

Abraham Lincoln, born in Aquarius, February 12, 1809.

“We face the arduous days that lie ahead in the warm courage of national unity; with the clear consciousness of seeking old and precious moral values; with the keen satisfaction that comes from the stern performance of duty by young and old alike. We aim at the assurance of a rounded and permanent national life. We do not distrust the future of essential Democracy.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt, born in Aquarius, January 30, 1882.

The motivating force behind Aquarius is some form of the gregarious, or herd, instinct. He likes folks. He is sociable. In a higher manifestation, he is social. In a lower manifestation, he thinks that the world – the folks – owe him a living. Any way you look at the Aquarian, and whatever Aquarian you look at, you will find folks at the censor of his attitude. Either he depends on them or they depend on him. The sign can go either way. Whether he is a social reformer, or a hobo, people will be around him; he will be holding them up, or they will be holding him up. He thinks himself a great individualist, and he may be, but you’ll rarely find him alone. Rich or poor, great or small, deep or shallow, he is the life of the party. He may put his mind on the woes of humanity, solve their problems, give his life for theirs in a figurative or literal sense. Or he may fritter away his time in pool halls. But he will always be where there are people, in the flesh or in theory.

His best expression comes when he has hitched his wagon to a star of social work or one of the social professions: invention, medicine, law, politics, architecture, literature, science, music or art with some social application. His worst expression is going places and doing things to no purpose. Some prime examples of wasted talents come in this sign – as well as some of the greatest martyrs and benefactors of the human race. Aquarius is generally misunderstood even when he has achieved greatness-and always thinks he is misunderstood when he is wasting himself. In love, Aquarius is noble but not necessarily conventional; loyal, if not faithful; affectionate, if independent, and resentful of intrusion on his private studies, which may irk the spouse because they never seem to produce anything except big electric light bills. Aquarius the social or sociable can be anything or nothing, but the one thing he will almost never be is lonesome. He may think his spirit yearns for understanding, but he will never be far from someone to listen while he attempts to explain himself.

Following are the aspects to your Sun. In a general way, the trines and sextiles to your Sun make ease, contentment, happiness, luck; while squares and oppositions give you energy, drive, success, ambition. Conjunctions bring both energy and luck, and are translatable in terms of whether the Sun receives squares or trines, along with the conjunction. Similarly, squares and trines to the Sun together bring success through work and perseverance, and luck develops in proportion to the work done and the effort extended.

Sun Square Mars     Orb: 00°28′

Energy is the keynote of your nature. You have a sort of quivering intensity. Your energies are just as strong but your goal is less well defined, and you tend to spend your energies in nerves and in emotional and sensational matters. Your passional nature in any case is strong – love, anger, hate, fear: all the personal passions can take strong hold of you and, unless with a powerful will, can take hold pretty destructively. You can fly into rages, become absorbed in love, or give yourself up to hating with a whole-heartedness that is in many ways admirable but which, at the same time, absorbs too much of you. Your approach to things, facts, and people is strictly personal – you have little capacity for detachment and objectivity, and your outlook depends entirely on the state of your emotions, on the way people treat you, and on the status of your private life at the time. Thus you are capable of being a little petty when your feelings are hurt or you are aggrieved or injured; you don’t take a broad view of these things, and you are capable of being vindictive and revengeful, of holding grudges and “getting even.” Mars is the great get-evener, and one way or another you’ll settle your score with anyone who has offended you.

In a man’s horoscope, you are a fighter going through life with a chip on your shoulder and a pretty dangerous fellow to attack. You’ll fight like a cornered bull and very often win.

In a woman’s horoscope the quarrelsomeness is not so great, though under the surface calm there’s a boiling sea, and it indicates likelihood of emotional psychic involvement through the father and some ill health too, or difficulty with, the husband. You rule your home – and not always by subtlety either. You have a way of making men toe the mark which they generally seem to like.

Sun Sextile Saturn     Orb: 02°15′

You are lucky, coming of good stock and being born into a favorable environment. Elders have done a good deal for you, and no matter how poor your parents may have been or how rich, they have seen to it that responsibility was removed from you as much as possible and that the hardships of life did not touch you. You have a good sound body and mind. You are serious without being dejected or depressed, and are capable of concentrated effort. You enjoy a large element of luck. Doors open to you, opportunities come, or you create them. The tendency of this aspect is to smugness and self-satisfaction, pride and relaxation of ambition and energies, so that, despite a sound mind in a sound body, you don’t seem to get very far. You have lots of luck with very little effort; maximum return for minimum work, and material security.

Sun Square Neptune     Orb: 05°16′

This is a treacherous aspect, subtly weakening the will power and making you susceptible to influences that arise not always from worthy sources. You are a sensationalist and will go out of your way for the bizarre, the unusual, or the mysterious in experience. You have to look out for this tendency, which leads you to seek strange and unreliable associates. A certain nebulous and impractical idealism attaches to your emotional and thought processes. You are likely to think in beautiful and vague circles and to give yourself up to dreams and emotions of a hypnotic and dangerous quality. Reason should be your constant aim, and you should avoid thinking or acting along inspirational, intuitive, or sensational lines.


While the Sun’s position by sign determines what motives and urges dominate your life as it meets the naked eye, the sign position of the Moon tells the desire of your heart which may or may not be expressed or realized in your life. When you “know what you mean but you can’t say it,” it is your Moon that knows it and your Sun that can’t say it. “Thoughts that do often lie too deep for tears” are the thoughts of your Moon’s nature. The wordless ecstasy, the mute sorrow, the secret dream, the esoteric picture of yourself that you can’t get across to the world, or which the world doesn’t comprehend or value – these are the products of the Moon in your horoscope. When you are misunderstood, it is your Moon nature, expressed imperfectly through the Sun sign, that you feel is betrayed. When you know what you ought to do, but can’t find the right way to do it, it is your Moon that knows and your Sun that refuses to react in harmony. Also, when you “don’t know why I said that,” it was your Moon expressing despite your Sun (if you are innerly satisfied with the involuntary speech), or the Sun expressing against the will of the Moon (if you are displeased with what has slipped out). Things you know without thought – intuitions, hunches, instincts – are the products of the Moon. Modes of expression that you feel are truly your deepest self belong to the Moon: art, letters, creative work of any kind; sometimes love; sometimes business. Whatever you feel is most deeply yourself, whether or not you are able to do anything about it in the outer world, is the product of your Moon and of the sign your Moon occupies at birth.

Moon in Sagittarius

Whatever mundane tasks your life may be occupied with, your spirit will range the earth and the universe, adventuring in the high hills and among the stars themselves. And to whatever task you bring your talents, you will touch it with a universality of approach; for the effort of your soul is to identify itself with large and broad concepts, and you will do it from whatever base your feet of clay must rest in. You are acutely aware of the limitations of the flesh, of the height of your desires, and of the “wide gulf that exists between intention and performance.” In its worst form you will dedicate your life to making the paving bricks of hell: good intentions; and get no further. You always “mean well,” and when you don’t succeed, it is because your goal has been too lofty. “Not failure, but low aim is crime”: no one understands this better than you. When you also understand that setting an unattainable goal is one of the means of escaping responsibility, you will be on the highroad to self-knowledge and therefore success. You must make your goal high, but possible of achievement; and you must learn to gear your methods to the tools that you can lay your hands on. Your soaring spirit is all too likely to ignore realities, to consider itself above good and evil, above the dust of earthly competition, secure in the mansions of the blessed to which you don’t have to earn the key. Or you can go to the other extreme, envision high things, and so despair of achievement. You must take your picture of yourself as a broad and deep person, ant paint it in earthly oils on a practical canvas. When you have learned the technique of life-as-it-is, you will be able to make your image of yourself stand forth in the light and color of success for all to see as clearly as you see it yourself.

Following are the aspects to your Moon. Look to the trines and sextiles to give you charm and clear-thinking; and to the squares and oppositions to provide you with concentration and driving force.

Moon Sextile Sun     Orb: 00°06′

This adds an element of luck to the life and will tend to strengthen any good, or minimize any evil, that may be indicated by the rest of the chart. It inclines to a strong, sound body and an ability to take the ups and downs of the world in your stride. While it will not negate in any large degree the difficulties of the powerful aspects, it will cushion the blow, give you internal resilience and external poise, as well as an elastic power to bounce back to normal from any personal or economic difficulty.

Moon Trine Saturn     Orb: 02°08′

Character is your strong point: you have a keen sense of right and wrong. Your ideas run along conventional lines; you belong to the conservative, right-wing, pillar-of-society group, believing in noblesse oblige rather than in socialism. You incline to be serious, sober, a trifle proud and reserved, and maybe a little forbidding. Life is real and life is earnest to you, and you take yourself rather seriously. You inherit your mental traits directly from your mother, resembling her and her side of the family in your internal make-up if not in your appearance. Duty is important to you; you will never shirk a job and are capable of considerable self-sacrifice if you think your duty requires it. You are able to achieve this without self-pity, taking certain obligations for granted as your lot in life and approaching them with sobriety and philosophy. Concentrative powers are not strongly marked, and you have some tendency merely to accept what comes in the way of duty, without going out and creating opportunities for yourself. You lack aggression and that eternal tension that pushes men and women to the heights. Relaxation and contentment are your two worst enemies, for although they keep you from the blows of the world and allow you to maintain inner poise and calm, they also keep you from getting too far ahead. If you aren’t contented you are likely to go on being discontented for a long time without doing anything about it. Control the restlessness of your body and put some restlessness into your mind, your spirit. What you need to do is work up steam in the boiler so that the engine can get places.

Moon Square Pluto     Orb: 01°17′

The important lessons in your life will be learned through your relationships. Men, the mother-figure will shape your reactions to all women. Women, you base your conception of your own femininity and nurturing abilities on the feedback you received from your mother. You tend to hold on to the past and act on your early conditioning until you realize how your subconscious reactions and motivations hold you back. You may feel you need freedom, thus avoiding close emotional relationships, when what you really need is to take a direct and personal responsibility for the direction of your life and the satisfaction of your emotional needs. Compromise is one of the key lessons of your life.


Mercury is the sense-impression antennae of your horoscope. His position by sign indicates your reactions to sights, sounds, odors, tastes and touch impressions, affording a key to the attitude you have toward the physical world around you. Mercury is the messenger through which your physical body and brain (the Sun) and your inner nature (the Moon) are kept in contact with the outer world, which will appear to you according to the index of Mercury’s position by sign in the horoscope.

Mercury in Aquarius

All your senses are keen, alert, strong and sensitive. There is a robustness about your contemplation of the real world that is not injured by a very keen sense of beauty. Your great ability is to see beauty in things without finding it necessary to deny their reality. Conversely, you make all useful things as beautiful as possible and thus believe in the utility of art and the art of utility. Nothing real is likely to be offensive to you if it has a use; you will smell the odors of a pigsty less than others because you are thinking of bacon rather than of filth. But on the other hand, the beauty of an army will leave you cold because you will shudder at the slaughter. Your sense reactions are conditioned by a rugged and realistic approach to experience that causes you to regard everything you see, hear and touch in the light of your appraisal of its utilitarian and artistic merits, and little reaches you through the senses without passing through this nicely balanced court of values.

Mercury Sextile Venus     Orb: 08°46′

Idealism is manifest, and also a leaning to the arts, either on the creative or the appreciative side. With your Mars conjunct Neptune and Sun square Mars these tendencies may become creative activity. You may have friends among clever and intellectual people. You may marry someone from this group, for your affections are much bound up in your opinion of the loved one’s mentality. You have a good deal of charm of manner, wit, and gayety to your speech, and probably have a very pleasant speaking (and perhaps also singing) voice. You don’t shout even when you’re angry, and you have a persuasive manner that wins people over. This is therefore good for salesmanship or the professions where personal contacts are of paramount importance.

Mercury Sextile Mars     Orb: 06°37′

You have a facile quick mind, capable of grasping scientific facts and interested in them. But there’s a good deal of a tendency to wasting your mental energies through lack of purpose, direction, and concentrative faculties. If other things show concentration, then this adds to the facility; if not, you’ll have to fight against a tendency to skim the surface. A temptation to live by your wits is always present. If you hold yourself to a purpose your road to success is eased by quickness, perception, and ready grasp of details.

Mercury Trine Jupiter     Orb: 04°48′

You have had a fine education, and a trained mind makes life easy. You are just, honorable, and somewhat proud of your mental achievements. You are anxious to impress people with your knowledge and very sure of yourself. This doesn’t necessarily make you accurate and a tendency to elaborate tinges your giving out of information, though not in a way to make you untruthful, You philosophize a good deal, thinking in general rather than specific terms, and may be hard to pin down to details. You are judicial – this may accompany downright Puritanism and in any case contributes to the puritanical side of your nature. You incline to the professions, your mental bent being somewhat more philosophic and academic than the bent that normally leads to business. If by any chance you get into business, your ability to see things in the large will contribute to your advancement, and your integrity will be appreciated and rewarded. Keep your feet on the ground, for an inclination to go into generalities can destroy your business sense.

Mercury Square Saturn     Orb: 09°19′

You are liable to fits of depression, for your deep and subtle mind feels the woes of the world, and your own woes, very keenly. You are sensitive in a peculiarly brooding sort of way, not striking back when hurt, but nursing your grief and feeling sorry for yourself. You have a profound mind. Shallowness, stupidity, and deceit throw you off balance – though you yourself are capable of subtleties that others may think deceit. But knowing your purposes you can justify yourself with a sort of pragmatic philosophy – the ends justify the means. You are selfish, and capable of what is known in the divorce courts as “mental cruelty”. You are a prober and a pryer and can get inside people even when they try to keep you out – this is a detective-like position. You are a subtle opponent in argument, having facts and figures at your command, and there’s nothing flimsy about the logical structure you build. You thus make a good lawyer and a just, if stern, judge.

Mercury Trine Uranus     Orb: 03°01′

You are quick, inventive, and broad-minded and have advanced views and ideas which you are able to make practically workable and of which you are able to convince the world. You are very likely to be a leader of thought and opinion in whatever sphere of activity you move.

Mercury Sextile Neptune     Orb: 01°49′

This aids intuition and reasoning powers; and with other indications of creative and concentrative gifts lends an inspirational quality to the work. If no creative power is shown this aspect is unimportant, giving balance to the mind, glibness and facility to the speech, and lending charm to the voice. You have a kind of detached and abstract viewpoint on knowledge, loving it for its own sake. You are thus anxious to satisfy your intellectual curiosity even with odds and ends of information that you may never use. It helps the memory and makes you a good story teller, for you don’t forget much, and something is always reminding you.

Mercury Trine Pluto     Orb: 05°54′

You are fascinated by the enigmatic or bizarre, and your thinking is geared to gaining a deep understanding of the mysteries of life. Because of this, you are a natural researcher and student of the occult, the sciences, psychology and astrology. You aren’t satisfied by the dogmas or theories that others are content with; your search is for a personal truth, a notion of your place in the cosmos. Although you are secretive by nature, there is nothing that gives you more pleasure than digging into other people’s secrets. Your determination helps you to learn a subject in considerable depth or to get to the bottom of neighborhood gossip. You have to exert yourself to develop your mental resources, since you are apt to coast along, learning only what comes easiest. Concentration and discipline should be cultivated. Once they have been developed, you can use your powers of persuasion to lead others gently.


Venus is the emotional antenna of your horoscope. Through Venus, impressions come to you from the outer world because of which you feel and react emotionally. The position of Venus by sign at the time of your birth gives the key to your attitude toward these emotional experiences. As Mercury is the messenger linking sense impressions (sight, smell, etc.) to the basic nature of your Sun and Moon, so Venus is the messenger linking emotional impressions.

Venus in Aries

Your reaction to emotional stimuli is highly personal. You will do anything for someone you love, and little for anyone or any group that has not won your personal affection. Love, sympathy, human kindness are all related to yourself; you are therefore not a great humanitarian, nor especially interested in group social problems. But you may be much interested in society – that is, social gatherings, social position, social graces. You are warm and even ardent when you feel you are loved, but can also be touchy with friends and easily offended. This is a somewhat narrowing position for Venus, and with it you should make a conscious effort to find sympathy and understanding for people whom you don’t love and who never will love you. By universalizing the Venusian vibrations you broaden your whole nature, widen your interests and give greatest scope to your abundant emotional vitality, which benefits you in direct proportion to the number of individuals whose problems you are able to take to your heart.

Venus Opposite Jupiter     Orb: 03°59′

You have an expansive emotional nature; what you lack in intensity you make up in variety. You are extravagant, with both your affections and your finances. You aren’t a good manager of funds and spend freely for love or for pleasure. If you are a man gold-diggers find you easy prey; and if you are a woman your vanity proves expensive. You have erratic, irresponsible, and unconventional friends and sweethearts and a lot of stress and storm due to your emotional independence. This is a somewhat idealistic position, heightening the love-nature and giving you a curious sort of ideology with respect to love.

Venus Opposite Uranus     Orb: 05°46′

This gives an emotional nature alternately repressed and explosive, apparently somewhat conventional and cold but actually very independent and erratic in the love-life. A highly nervous quality accompanies all of your emotional dealings. You are an idealist in the realms of love, full of theories about sex and human relations in general, which complicate relationships that to other people are much more simple. You think much on emotional matters and are capable of hasty and jumpy action with respect to them; the motivating force behind your impulses is rational rather than physical – you can be swept off your feet by an idea, an ideal, a theory, more quickly than by the physical beauty of an individual. This ideology of yours is likely to take quite unusual forms, and to lead to strange relationships among strange and out-of-the-way people, because of whom you gain the reputation for being an eccentric. The square aspect will bring an additional somberness and sobriety to your outlook on human relations and will cause you at some time some considerable disappointment through misplaced or frustrated affections. You tend strongly to the unconventional in love matters, making a fetish of independence in your love life. A certain austerity attaches to you, and you can be unyielding when it does not suit your purpose to yield, at which time your detachment and objectivity can amount to cruelty. But at other times look out for impulse and temperament, for this is an erratic and unreliable position and makes you liable to periodic destructive impulses.


Mars is the energy principle in the horoscope. His position by sign indicates the channels into which energy will naturally flow, and the uses to which energy will most easily be directed. It is the planet through which the activities of the Sun and the desires of the Moon express in action – through which your body and your mind react to the sense impressions of Mercury and the emotional impressions of Venus.

Mars in Scorpio

This is the most impressive position of Mars in the horoscope. It can be the best or the worst of all possible things to find in the chart. In its best form the energies flow into channels that make for deep personal security, through business and love. Magnetism is powerful; the vital forces serve the ego forcefully to draw others and hold them, and to extract from the world the maximum of material and spiritual benefits. In its worst form, the same security urges turn to fear that the ends of the ego will not be achieved, and the native seeks escape in a variety of undesirable forms. He becomes timid, vacillating, quarrelsome, self-indulgent and apparently weak. Some of the good and some of the bad are likely to show forth in your life as a result of this position. Your constant aim must be self-control – to direct your energies and your habits away from yourself into objective action, to draw other people to you, and to hold them, with love rather than fear; to avoid the negative, destructive instincts of jealousy, fear, suspicion; and to achieve faith in yourself, your world and the people who inhabit it with you. Your energies are an almost tangible force emanating from you in a sort of aura; you make yourself felt wherever you are and can genuinely build up or tear down another person by what you think about him. This is because your instincts are so powerful that you show in movement, action and tone what you innerly are believing, and you are nearly as effective in silence as in speech. You should cultivate mind power, reserve, self-discipline in order to lead your magnetism into channels where it will help and not hinder you.

Mars Sextile Uranus     Orb: 09°38′

You are inventive and mechanically inclined. Electricity, railroads, steel, iron, metals, and mechanics of all sorts are the natural media in which you work, and your highly original turn of mind will find new uses and combinations in connection with all these things. On the purely intellectual side, you are critical and analytical – cold, detached, and impersonal rather than emotional. You love speed and will drive a car, run an airplane or a speed boat at breakneck pace. You are a gambler with safety as well as with finances and ideas and will stake your all on a scheme or a plan the success of which you are convinced.

Mars Conjunct Neptune     Orb: 04°48′

The most powerful magnetic aspect in the horoscope. You have poise, charm, ability, power over people – and a determination to get ahead in the world that rarely fails to succeed. Your aims are definite, and your physical, mental, and intuitive powers work in unison to help you. You have a superstitious belief in many things including your own powers, and something of the magician hovers about you. Doors open at your word, men obey you, and the good things of the world come to you. You live up to the hilt of your possibilities and appear to have a guardian angel at your side, holding you to your task and encouraging you. You are selfish and self-centered, but you think these are virtues. You are capable of being pretty ruthless in the pursuit of what you are after. You will go very far; with luck on your side you make or find opportunities readily. This is a powerful position to have and, with any degree of will at all, it will give you something of the power over the world that the Magic Lamp gave to Aladdin.

Mars Sextile Pluto     Orb: 00°43′

You work like a detective or researcher, taking an idea or project and pursuing it until your understanding has penetrated to its core. You may not react quickly and there are times when you don’t act at all; what is important to you is effectiveness and efficiency. If anyone can find the shortest distance between two points, it is you. This isn’t an index of laziness; it is a measure of your desire not to waste time, energy or resources.


Jupiter is the feeler you have out in the world for opportunity. Through it the chances of a lifetime are passed along for consideration according to the basic nature of Sun and Moon. Jupiter’s sign position indicates the places in which you will look for opportunity, the uses to which you wish to put it, and the capacity you have to react to and profit by it. Jupiter is ordinarily, and erroneously, called the Planet of Luck. It is “luck” in so far as it is the index of opportunity; but your luck depends less on what comes to you (Jupiter) than on what you do with it (the total personality). Opportunity appeals to you along lines laid down by your Jupiter.

Jupiter in Libra

This is a curious position, capable of seeing opportunity almost everywhere. There is a certain perversity about it, because you seem willing to do anything except what your nature is best fitted for. The opportunity that will appeal most to you is very likely to be the last thing in the world you ought to do. You are all too likely to follow what someone else says you ought to do, or what chance throws in your way. You need to cultivate firmness of purpose, and to concentrate on one line in which you want to excel. Your need for appearing successful in the eyes of others, rather than in your eyes, causes you to see too much with the eyes of others, so that you lack the drive of those who work outward from their wells of ego into the world. You are all too likely to try to fit your ego into the demands of other people, and thus to founder because your anchor is not within your own heart.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus     Orb: 01°47′

You have a certain amount of material luck, and do well in large enterprises – government, railroading, large corporations – for this is an aspect of Big Business. You are an organizer, a planner, and a doer. The fact that your most practical plans have a touch of high idealism lends force to your authority. You are philosophical, capable of objectivity and detachment. You think in great sweeps and express yourself in the grand manner. As an orator you have the power to sway audiences both with the scope of your thought and with your manner of expression. This aspect, though it does little of itself, lends force to an aggressive horoscope, heightens the possibility of recognition, and gives you luck and prestige as well as the possibility of sudden and unexpected gains.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune     Orb: 06°37′

This adds to the spiritual insight, increasing any latent intuitive faculties and enabling you to give practical application to your hunches. Aids creative artists by adding charm and facility to their expression and by making it salable. Helps business men by enabling them to follow their hunches to good advantage. Aids all those who deal with people (professional men, politicians) by adding a peculiar magnetism to the personality and making them appear jovial, humanitarian, and charitable.


Saturn indicates the direction that will be taken in life by the self-preservative principle which, in its highest manifestation, ceases to be purely defensive and becomes ambitious and aspirational. Your defense, or attack, against the world is shown by the sign position of Saturn in the horoscope of birth. Saturn is in the same sign with your Venus, your defensive attitude toward emotional experience makes for apparent coolness in low, and difficulty through the emotions and human relations; you are conservative in finance, and generally “lucky-in-cards-unlucky-in-love”.

Saturn in Aries

Your defense mechanism is directed toward self-defense and self-justification. The problems of living constitute to you a direct frontal attack of the world on your own personality, and the vindication of this steals the show from concerns of material progress and security. In its worst form this makes for narrowness, self-centeredness, touchiness, up to and including delusions of persecution. All the forces of your nature unite to defend the ego, which imagines itself badly used and needful of the maximum protection. From this can arise an almost unbelievable capacity to misunderstand others and a sort of chip-on-the-shoulder attitude which defies others to understand you. Carried upward and onward and broadened into spheres of usefulness, this makes you deeply desirous of self-betterment, capable of long, arduous mental work by which you succeed in making yourself the sort of person who will not require defending, but whose genuine traits will be the best defense against the world’s attack. Not usually accompanied by introspection in any marked degree, this position, developed on its best side, makes you an aware, alert, profound personality. You eliminate the need for defending yourself by becoming an effective person when you have learned what every good general knows: that the best defense is an attack – and when you have marshaled your forces to attack life, instead of following your natural inclination to draw them around in a bristling ring of defiance.


Uranus in a general way relates to the neuro-mentality, creative originality or individuality, and his position by sign in the horoscope tells the direction along which you will seek to express your most characteristic self in creative and original effort. With Uranus in the same sign with Jupiter, Uranus indicates opportunity, creates wealth and the means of getting it, along with inventiveness, daring, and executive ability.

Uranus in Libra

Yours is a peculiar hidden genius, for you tend to identify yourself with large groups and interests and to “lose yourself in order to find yourself.” You can be a great leader (if your expression of originality works outward to the rest of the world) or a dreadful eccentric (if it works inward). If you identify yourself with others on the positive and aggressive side, you make definite contributions to your group or to society as a whole, having an uncanny knack for unifying divergent groups and factions into a cooperative whole. If you identify yourself against others (the negative expression of the characteristic urge to cooperation), you may think the hand of the world is against you and become a lone wolf, antisocial and quarrelsome. Your best and truest expression of originality will come in connection with cooperative ventures, for when you learn to work with otters, there is no end to the organizational genius which you can bring to bear on your progress and the general welfare of others.

Uranus Sextile Neptune     Orb: 04°50′

This aspect occurs very seldom and when it does, amounts to a world condition and requires rather special factors in the individual horoscopes to make it show forth. In general, it is a supporting aspect of material benefit, helping to improve a good horoscope and lending some support even to a bad one. It inclines to a practical interest in the occult. It sharpens the perceptions. There is danger of mental confusion through occult studies. You have an inventive and unconventional nature. You may be dreamy, mystic, sensational. You gain wealth. President Franklin D. Roosevelt is representative of the race of giants which this aspect is capable of producing.

Uranus Conjunct Pluto     Orb: 08°55′

You will bring about important changes in your immediate surroundings or in the world at large. Depending on other aspects within the horoscope, this revolutionary spirit will either bring good to more people or will hurl them into turmoil. You can be difficult to live with, because your convictions are so strong that you don’t like to listen to the opinions and advice of others.


Neptune relates to the deepest wells of the subconscious, inherited mentality and spirituality, indicating what you take deeply for granted in life. With Neptune in the same sign with Mars, there is energy and intuition that work together to make mastery of life – one of the signs of having angels (or devils) on your side.

Neptune in Scorpio

The people and nations of the world are aware of the awesome, death-dealing possibilities of nuclear war. Atomic-powered submarines in the depths of the seas play their role in the struggle for power. Those born under this influence want to plumb the secrets of the Universe. The mystery of life and death is theirs to fathom. They are enthralled by occult studies, chemistry, invention. Neptune in this position intensifies the emotional nature. There is a tendency to be secretive and mystical. Gain through inheritance is possible, as well as financial ties with others; partnership, and marriage. There is a great possibility of possessing marked extra-sensory perception. Caution must be exercised regarding drugs and strong beverages, and dabbling in spiritualism. The sex instincts must be channeled in the right direction since the craving for sensation is very strong. You have recuperative powers and a desire for reforms.

Neptune Sextile Pluto     Orb: 04°05′

The ideas that were instilled in you by your parents, church and society will undergo changes throughout your life until your religious and philosophical views are distinctly your own. This type of creative adaptability makes you able to forgo selfish concerns and direct your efforts toward the betterment of all. Artistic and/or psychic talents are possible.


Pluto relates to the ability to let go of things, to get rid of irrelevant prejudices and outdated habit patterns. It relates to subconscious feelings, inner urges and repressed emotions. A strong Pluto gives the ability to see the hidden side of life, and thus bestows power on the native – power which can be used for good or ill.

Pluto in Virgo

Your ability to bring order out of chaos is your strongest talent, and it allows you to find ultimate meaning in conditions and ideas which others consider hopeless. Your approach is initially intellectual – your curiosity spurs you on to gain as much knowledge as possible – but your main concern is the application of this knowledge. Ideas have value only insofar as they can be used to improve the quality of life. Your forte is the development of a concept, its practical application and its assimilation into everyday affairs.


Current Transits


The current transits are calculated exactly for the date shown. Lewi wrote text only for the aspects that he considered to be the most significant and only those are shown in this report. The dates shown only represent the times when the aspect is exact; its influence is felt for weeks, months, and sometimes even years around this time. A planet will often make the same aspect several times in one year before it leaves that area of the zodiac and moves on. This is due to the planet appearing to go backward or retrograde for a period of time and crossing and recrossing the aspect point. When this happens the effect of the aspect can be spread out over a considerable time and in this report the aspect and text will be printed for each time it becomes exact, although this series of aspects represents only one pass through this phase of its cycle. Remember that each transiting aspect is part of its over-all cycle and indicates a change of direction as well as an event. The cycle for a planet is the time it takes that planet to travel the entire 360° of the zodiac, beginning at the point where the planet is found at birth (the conjunction point), moving to the 90° point which Lewi calls the “lower square”, then moving to the opposition or 180° point. Then it begins to move back towards the starting point, at the 270° point, or 90° away from the starting point, the planet is at its “upper square”, and then it returns to the conjunction point where a new cycle is begun. Lewi will occasionally refer to these points in his text by name. In general all transits, whether of a planet to its own place or of one planet to another, mark cycles of  growth beginning at the conjunction point, growing through the first square, fully grown at the opposition point, beginning to recede at the second or upper square, and finally starting a new cycle as it reaches the conjunction point again.

How long any aspect will be in effect is determined by the speed of the planet making the aspect (the first planet , i.e. Mars in Mars Opposite Sun). One Mars cycle is about two or two and one-half years and so a Mars aspect will last about 20 to 30 days. Jupiter takes about 12 years for its cycle and so its aspects could last around 4 months, while Saturn with a 29 year cycle will last 9 months or even more if it turns retrograde. Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are all long range aspects and usually represent a time of 2 or more years. While Saturn and the outer planets indicate long range influences in your life, Mars aspects will identify important months and Jupiter will identify important years. Not every occurrence of these will be of striking importance. But within a larger Saturn cycle or Uranus period of great importance, these briefer influences will be found to act as the second or minute hand of the clock of destiny, as Saturn, or Uranus, or both, act as the hour hand.

Oct 2, 2005  –  Mars Square Sun

This combination increases the importance of worldly position and brings shifts in prestige, credit, standing and publicity. Handle contacts with superiors carefully. Can be a peak of accomplishment or the collapse of hopes: it is in any case a climax, for good or bad, of career matters. You should not force issues but should rather “relax in the saddle of fate” and take what comes. Making demands, insisting, becoming arrogant or stressing your “rights” will only make trouble. Luck is with you, if you let it flow in its own channels and at its own pace; it deserts you if you try to hurry it or to force it beyond its normal bounds.

Nov 17, 2005  –  Pluto Conjunct Moon

The changes which take place in your life during this transit will primarily affect your feelings, your domestic life and your sense of security. You are emotionally super charged now. It isn’t that you crave excitement but that you desire a certain intensity within your normally stable emotional life. An inner balance between your individualistic impulses and your need for deep, intense relationships is one of the potential fruits of this transit. To achieve this, however, you have to take a close look at your automatic reactions. Self-control is the key to success throughout this important period.

Both Pluto and the Moon are symbols for the mother figure and for your own mothering and nurturing abilities. At first, your relationship with your mother will appear to degenerate as hidden resentments come to the surface. Now is the time to “put away” the trappings of childhood and assume your position as an adult. Assuming responsibility for the course of your life will not only help you to relate to your mother on a more realistic, adult level, it will also put you in control of your life and, therefore, your achievements. As a parent yourself, your first reaction to your own children may be to become more protective. Make a conscious effort to let them make more of their own decisions.

Feb 3, 2006  –  Mars Square Sun

This combination increases the importance of worldly position and brings shifts in prestige, credit, standing and publicity. Handle contacts with superiors carefully. Can be a peak of accomplishment or the collapse of hopes: it is in any case a climax, for good or bad, of career matters. You should not force issues but should rather “relax in the saddle of fate” and take what comes. Making demands, insisting, becoming arrogant or stressing your “rights” will only make trouble. Luck is with you, if you let it flow in its own channels and at its own pace; it deserts you if you try to hurry it or to force it beyond its normal bounds.

Feb 4, 2006  –  Mars Opposite Mars

Ideas are numerous but likely to prove more bother than they are worth; this not a good time for starting new ventures. Aim to quell restlessness, and stick to the line established about a year before, giving it perhaps some new twist, but not deviating from it in any radical particular. Temperament runs high; emotions are likely to be troublesome; self-will is an obstacle. It is a good time to go away on a vacation. But it is a bad time to try to get away from any established thing permanently. In the life check-up, these periods, recurring about every two years, mark tension, stress, new obligations connected with established things – sometimes a break or change which, in all probability, did not work out as well as it was expected to and forced a new start again a year or less later.

Apr 2, 2006  –  Mars Opposite Moon

Fatigue leads to strife, so relax. There may be illness and you may lose your grip on things. Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Go to bed and rest instead of brooding; you’ll avoid strife and trouble thereby. Force no issues. Energy may find its expression in some glamorous romance which may or may not be important, depending on other long-range transits in force at the same time with this.

Apr 4, 2006  –  Mars Square Pluto

This transit represents a strong alliance of similar energies. A sense of mystery pervades otherwise mundane events. Aggressiveness peaks. Care should be taken to secure your holding, protect your possessions and yourself, for this transit includes some vulnerability to the principle of redistribution. You might be knocked off your throne for no apparent reason. You could emerge from this period thinking the universe is a quixotic, capricious place, or you could take events as keynotes of respect for structure and self-care.

Sexual energy will be high. You could find yourself surrounded by irresistible people, and the tendency is to think that the veil between you and them is much thinner than it really is. Take time to treat people respectfully. Take this opportunity to de-objectify your world view and adopt a more service-oriented demeanor. Depending on how successfully you have mastered life’s trials, this could be a time of “icing on the cake”. Just make sure the recipients of your “death blows” are the nasty loitering ghosts in your own psyche, not the people on the street whom these ghosts resemble.

Apr 19, 2006  –  Mars Square Uranus

This transit is not usually important except as a marker of temperament and minor strife. But at one of these periods some major break due to temperament – some sudden shift in the pace and direction of the life – is likely to occur. The individuality is suddenly awakened to broader horizons, greater worlds to conquer, and determined to shake off the shackles of restraint. In undisciplined persons this will mark periodic temperament, rages, rebellion and strife; also accidents and setbacks due to lack of nervous coordination. In normally disciplined individuals all but one or two of these periods should be comparatively inconspicuous. But the one or two may be memorable and probably nothing to be proud of.

Apr 22, 2006  –  Mars Square Jupiter

This will generally not amount to much, but periods of loss through risks or gambles or through over-enthusiasm or bad business judgment are frequently marked by it. The outlook is too enthusiastic to let sober reason dominate; but this generally brings nothing but minor extravagance. This transit might mark some major material setback due to a combination of bad judgment and bad luck.

Apr 29, 2006  –  Mars Square Venus

Social and romantic glamour leads to excesses, sometimes to strife, quarrels, separations. Minor loves and friendships break up, but important relations are merely strained; and indeed this frequently adds glamour to a deep love, intensifying its beauty. A break here, unless contributed to by some more important transit, is a sure index that the feeling wasn’t very deep or important anyway. Avoid excess spending and stay away from temptation if you’re interested in sticking to the conventions.

Jun 4, 2006  –  Mars Opposite Mercury

Quick speech, thought and actions make strife and trouble. Be silent, cagey, noncommittal. The quick retort makes trouble. Wrong decisions often come in one of these periods, which recur about every six months and need careful watching. Sometimes the most casual remark results in a lasting grudge. Mountains (of trouble) grow out of molehills (of speech). It is best to be silent.

Jul 11, 2006  –  Mars Opposite Sun

This transit is likely to mark periods of quarrels, strife, disagreements, difficulty in getting along with people. It is therefore a good time to lie low and be silent; to observe and do your duty without argument or fuss. Conserve strength: there is a tendency to go to extremes. Adventuresomeness and romance run riot and kick up a lot of trouble. New contacts are exciting but not necessarily of any permanent worth. If other transits indicate a generally good period, increased energy here can bring good results; under negative transits you should lie as low as possible and avoid getting into trouble. There may be accidents or illness.

Jul 12, 2006  –  Mars Square Mars

This transit indicates a period of hard work and abundant energies, which causes no trouble unless major disruptive influences are in force. There is a slight tendency to talk too much, boast and be arrogant, but the swiftness of the pace generally carries you through without major trouble. Protect health and nerves from excess; be objective and detached; and let reason rule the emotions.

Aug 28, 2006  –  Mars Square Moon

Fatigue leads to strife, so relax. There may be illness and you may lose your grip on things. Refuse to take yourself too seriously. Go to bed and rest instead of brooding; you’ll avoid strife and trouble thereby. Force no issues. Energy may find its expression in some glamorous romance which may or may not be important, depending on other long-range transits in force at the same time with this.

Aug 30, 2006  –  Mars Conjunct Pluto

This transit represents a strong alliance of similar energies. A sense of mystery pervades otherwise mundane events. Aggressiveness peaks. Care should be taken to secure your holding, protect your possessions and yourself, for this transit includes some vulnerability to the principle of redistribution. You might be knocked off your throne for no apparent reason. You could emerge from this period thinking the universe is a quixotic, capricious place, or you could take events as keynotes of respect for structure and self-care.

Sexual energy will be high. You could find yourself surrounded by irresistible people, and the tendency is to think that the veil between you and them is much thinner than it really is. Take time to treat people respectfully. Take this opportunity to de-objectify your world view and adopt a more service-oriented demeanor. Depending on how successfully you have mastered life’s trials, this could be a time of “icing on the cake”. Just make sure the recipients of your “death blows” are the nasty loitering ghosts in your own psyche, not the people on the street whom these ghosts resemble.

Sep 13, 2006  –  Mars Conjunct Uranus

Expect temperament, haste and anxiety. Your nerves require watching. These problems can lead to illness from fatigue and nervous exhaustion. You risk accidents (literal and figurative!) from excess speed and lack of care over details. Watch temperament. Accidents in the realm of human relations result from overemphasizing the ego and minimizing the other fellow’s viewpoint. Inventiveness abounds; originality is in the saddle; but you can’t get your best and truest ideas over to any good advantage, and simply make trouble if you “try too hard.” Store them up for a later time when you express them better and when other people listen to you more readily. Look out for machinery, travel, electricity; avoid danger, be careful getting on and off trains and crossing streets.

Sep 16, 2006  –  Mars Conjunct Jupiter

Opportunities abound, and your energies are up to them. Optimism runs high, and you can be made to color, and perhaps prophesy, the life for a long time. Work is abundant and gratifying; you are popular and lucky. Be careful not to waste opportunities through trying to do too much at once; don’t spend too much money, either, but make a point of saving. This ought to be a period of good income, which tends to make you openhanded and generous, perhaps to a fault. Keep your eyes and ears open; some of the best forward pushes of your life will come in these periods when circumstances combine to give you the rewards of work done in the past and to open up new doors for the future.

Sep 22, 2006  –  Mars Opposite Venus

Heightened emotions make romance, which is favored if you keep it within the bounds of reason and convention. Impulsive acts, with or without a future, are frequently found in these recurrent periods. Glamour surrounds your approach to life; you are susceptible to the opposite sex and they to you. This transit frequently indicates the time of marriage within the period of a longer transit that favors it. If the era of romance is past, this indicates an active and on the whole satisfactory social period; business progress; extravagance with money; a sudden urge to go places and do things – and perhaps a chafing at the marital bit which should not be taken too seriously. Energies work through emotions and passions, which in turn work overtime and should be gently disciplined though not entirely submerged. Often, for obvious reasons, this transit indicates the conception of children, especially if it occurs while Mars is conjunct your sun or conjunct your Mars.

Oct 23, 2006  –  Saturn Opposite Sun

This position brings one of the most difficult periods of your life and also, if you will understand it, one of the most fruitful in personal development. It represents a period in which the world around you seems harsh, difficult and antagonistic. You are temperamental, not easy to get along with, although you probably think yourself abused. A material setback may closely precede or accompany this period. Your vitality is low, and your urge to impress your personality, your will, your ideas, your feelings on those around you leads to strife, quarrels and separations. If you do not actually have an open break of some kind, you withdraw into yourself and separate from others in spirit. There may be some ill health, real or imagined, probably more mental and psychic than actual and physical. You are passing through a period when the ego expressive urge is hampered both by circumstances and by your own personality. You rebel and it is your rebellion, rather than externals, that makes the period difficult. You come in contact, perhaps for the first time, with certain worldly realities, certain practical problems of human relations, certain gaps in your own personality – and you fight against recognizing what you see. The result is a deepening of your character and a broadening of your personality; but while the period is going on, you will perhaps be unable to see this. You will be locked into yourself, probably feeling very sorry for the same, very much misunderstood and pushed around. It will take you some time to see that all the pushing around is being done by yourself and that you can stop when you like by accepting what is and by learning to conform to the circumstances of the world as it is and of people as you find them. You will learn, before you are through, that the only thing you can be sure of controlling always is yourself; and that things outside you are less important than the interpretation you put on them.

Naturally introspective people, under this influence, will go quickly to the bottom of the problem, will plunge, perhaps swiftly, to a depth of despair and expression, will quickly find within themselves the root of their difficulty and eliminate it once and for all. They will emerge “twice-born,” with a deep knowledge of themselves that will never desert them and a newly acquired self-assurance that will stabilize their lives forever.

Those who are less introspective will have a more difficult time, for they will be less ready to fix the blame where it belongs: within themselves. In these people the period may last beyond the time actually consumed by the transit itself and may indeed linger for many years. These are the people who are constantly at war with their world – if not in open strife with those around them, then resentfully, within themselves, so that “life loses its zest” and becomes, not a vigorous adventure, but a tedious struggle toward a badly defined goal.

Seek from this transit to acquire self-knowledge. Learn that when you become the kind of person whom you understand and can live with happily, the entire world becomes easy to live with and you become a useful and progressive citizen of it.

Oct 24, 2006  –  Mars Square Mercury

Quick speech, thought and actions make strife and trouble. Be silent, cagey, noncommittal. The quick retort makes trouble. Wrong decisions often come in one of these periods, which recur about every six months and need careful watching. Sometimes the most casual remark results in a lasting grudge. Mountains (of trouble) grow out of molehills (of speech). It is best to be silent.

Oct 24, 2006  –  Jupiter Square Sun

Publicity and public affairs favor you and tend to go to your head. You may get careless with money, extend credit too far, and thus lay the basis for later regrets. Restraint brings you gain through important people. You profit by pull, if you are willing to use it as a stepping stone to work and honest effort. Avoid over-extension of ego and authority; be content to take a back seat. Use opportunities, not to promote fame or prestige, but to build foundations on which these may rest in the future. Protect health from excess; some danger of physical setback through self indulgence or overwork. Raises of salary come automatically, if at all, and you gain little by demanding. Rest assured that you will get no more and no less than you deserve, and that the intrusion of the ego is more likely to bring disappointment than favors.

Oct 26, 2006  –  Jupiter Conjunct Mars

This combination increases opportunity and self-confidence and contributes to business success, popularity, earning power; but holds the danger of arrogance and personal excesses. There is a strong tendency to waste energy and to ride roughshod over obstacles and opportunity alike. You show little inclination to compromise with reality, and waste time looking for the ideal job, mate, friend, etc., while excellent contacts are passed up because not exactly in line with what you think you require. Self-will makes trouble and incurs losses. The great-I-am in you is dominant. This is a period of swift movement and considerable ego. You have a chance for success through ability to do things on the fly – or through sufficient self-discipline to slow down when a real opportunity comes your way. Self-indulgence dissipates benefits and is the chief thing to watch out for.

Oct 30, 2006  –  Saturn Square Mars

Individualism and energy run into obstacles, events conspire to increase responsibility, which you will at first take as a personal affront and rebel against. This won’t do you any good unless you are utterly conscienceless and willing to throw obligations to the wind. A revision of attitudes is required: you have to bring your personal urges into line with realities, and can do it in a variety of ways. Any of these will be all right, so long as it doesn’t create a rebellious spirit in you. Temperament must be forced into the pattern of life as it is and the more you have to force it, the more you can be sure that it needs to be forced.

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Frequently Asked Questions related to Report Orders

Reports are generally delivered within 24 hours of order placement, or if there were missing details, within 24 hours of the receipt of full information needed to generate the report(s). Occasionally, an order might arrive a little late if there was an unexpected influx of orders, for example, a power outage, etc.

However, if 24 hours have passed and you don’t find an email from Cafe Astrology (reports@cafeastrology.com) in your inbox or spam folder, then please write and let us know. Please understand that we make every effort to send your order, and if this is impossible, you will receive a refund.

Some people have problems with email delivery, particularly with emails that have attachments. In these cases, we can put the report(s) in a secure place online for download. If you prefer this method regardless, write us an email at reports@cafeastrology.com with the request or add the request in the notes with your order placement.

By default, we send report orders placed in this shop to the email address you enter during the checkout process. You can specify an email address where you prefer we send your reports.

No, you should specify that the birth time is unknown rather than guess it so that the report can be created specifically for unknown birth times.

Although unknown birth time reports can be a little shorter than the reports with known birth times, they only include information that is known. Most importantly, the ambiguous information is excluded from the report.

Some people feel that they will get more for their money if they guess at the birth time, as they assume that more interpretations in the reports are better. However, it’s much better to have a shorter report with accurate interpretations than a longer report with a mix of accurate and inaccurate interpretations! In this case, less is definitely more.

Yes, absolutely. The start date of a report can be any date in the past or the future.

In the case of a Solar Return, the start date will be on or in the two days surrounding the birth month and day due to the nature of this type of forecasting technique, but the year of the report can be any year in the future or past.

In the case of the Time Line report, the software only allows the start date to be the first of any given month, for example, May 1st, 2017.

No, the shopping cart used on the site is run by Paypal, but all the usual payment options are included so that you can use credit cards, debit cards, and the like. There are different shopping cart technologies available to sellers, and Cafe Astrology has selected the Paypal shopping cart as its solution. All payment details are sent to Paypal and not to Cafe Astrology. Paypal sends Cafe Astrology an email with each order that lists the order details and email address, not any payment information. We are not set up as a merchant at this time.

Reports are based on your birth time, while horoscopes are based on solar charts. A solar chart places the Sun’s sign on the Ascendant, and most people don’t have the same Sun and Ascendant in their natal charts. While a solar chart is a valid chart and certainly has its merits, the natal chart should be the first you look at.

For reports, the default house system used is Placidus. However, you can request another house system for your order (example, Koch, Equal, Whole Sign, etc.).

It’s important to note that there are many different valid methods for arriving at various astrology calculations, including the Zodiac (Sidereal or Tropical), system of houses used, method of progressing the houses in the case of progressions, use of current or birth location for certain forecasting techniques, and many more. It’s rare that an astrology software program is making wrong calculations. Typically, discrepancies have to do with different systems and not about one or the other being “wrong.” When the Ascendant differs, it’s usually about an ambiguous time zone since we must use the time zone that was in effect at the time of birth and historical time zone information is not perfect. It is simply not true that any one particular software program has every historical time zone correct, although many efforts are made to get them right. 

If you receive unexpected results, please send us an email at reports@cafeastrology.com so we can look into the matter and explain the reasons for it, such as an ambiguous time zone or a particular calculation method. It’s important to provide as many details as possible.

The Solar Return chart is drawn for the date and time of the return of the Sun to its exact position at birth, and not to the birthday itself. The Sun returns to its birth position once a year on or near the day of birth, and rarely coincides with the time of birth. For example, if my birthday is September 2nd, 1970 @ 5:00 PM, my Solar Return could be September 1st, 2016, @ 4:24 AM one year, September 2nd, 2017, @ 1:22 AM the next, and so forth. If the birth data is entered correctly on the report, you can expect the Solar Return date and time to be accurate.

Report orders are promised within approximately 24 hours from the time of order placement and complete information required to create the report. We send out reports by email and are at the report computer typically eight hours a day. Because orders and responses come in from all around the world at all hours of the day and night, rush orders are not possible. However, to prevent delays, making certain that you’ve included all information requested and that it’s accurate will prevent the need for email back and forths that will cause delays.

Typically orders are emailed out within 12 hours or so, but they do sometimes come closer to 24 hours. The most common reason is a sudden influx of orders. There are times when more than the usual number of orders come in and it takes much longer to complete orders.

Within 24 hours of order placement, you should receive an email from Cafe Astrology, either as a request for further information or clarification if there is missing/unclear information or with a report attachment. If the information is incomplete, we will request it from you and you will receive your order within 24 hours of receipt of the full information necessary to create your report.

If you are buying more than one report in one order, you can enter birth information only once if you prefer. However, it’s important to note that some reports require different or additional information, so be sure to supply all that is needed to create your reports.