Astrology Book Review: The Arrow's Ascent

The Arrow's Ascent - Astrology & the Quest for Meaning

Author: Eric Meyers, M.A.

Published: 2004

Astrology Level: 3/4

Our Rating: A

Our Review: 

Our Review: This illuminating book, The Arrow's Ascent, is a unique and compelling exploration of the universal quest for meaning and purpose in our lives, and how Astrology can assist us in this evolutionary quest through increased mindfulness and meaningfulness. The book is a collection of philosophical essays that include discussions of the elements (water and fire are considered "charged" while earth and air are labeled "neutral"); astrology and its relationship with science, psychology, religion, and philosophy; planetary power (each planet's energy is viewed as a distinct "frequency") and a unique discussion of each planet; a discussion of the moment of birth and its significance; and more. The first portion of the book, in a broad sense, is devoted to the "arrow's ascent", where the author invites readers on a philosophical adventure and puts forth theories from an "aerial perspective" (a perspective which "removes us from our everyday concerns"). The reader takes this new vision and perspective with him/her into the second half of the book, the "arrow's descent"—into the familiar, personal world we live in. The book closes with a discussion of integrating the personal and transpersonal, and connecting with astrology in a tangible way.

Although the book covers some of the basics, some background in astrology is assumed. The Arrow's Ascent is beautifully written, and will appeal to the more philosophical of astrologers. It is truly unique and fresh, and highly recommended.


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