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september, 2017

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The Moon is in assertive, pioneering Aries all day. Aries’ ruler, Mars, is forming a minor challenging aspect to Pluto this morning, suggesting a bigger investment in outcomes today, as well as possible tensions if we don’t get our way!

Venus is moving towards a quincunx and the Sun towards a trine with Pluto, so Pluto themes have grown stronger. There can be a tendency to second-guess feelings, relationships, and even purchases. This is a time of adjustments and reassessments in our personal relationships, with spending or entertainment, or with regards to our social lives. Fears and jealousy can emerge, seemingly out of nowhere, and they can push us to see our personal blind spots. But while we may struggle with our feelings on some level today, we can feel powerful and effective in other areas of life. The Sun-Pluto trine points to endurance, the power to achieve, an opportunity to draw upon our past and to capitalize on resources, leadership abilities, and effective strategy. This is a good time to focus on eliminating negative or superficial elements in our lives, such as working on budgets, work plans, and diet or health programs and strategies. Personal priorities become clear now.


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