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september, 2017

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The Moon continues to move through the sign of Pisces until 8:02 AM EDT, after which it transits Aries. In Aries, the Moon is bold, impulsive, spontaneous, and enterprising. We want to start fresh, and we’re not as interested in the past as we are in what will work for us today and going forward.

We’re moving towards a minor challenging aspect between Mars and Pluto, and this can add a layer of pressure to the day. It can be difficult to fully commit to what we choose to do today, as much as we’d like to, without the distractions of Pluto-related worries, concerns, and challenges. While competition can be fun in the morning, we become more invested and take it a little too seriously as the day advances.

The Moon is void until 8:02 AM EDT when it enters Aries.


Overview of the Day (Thursday)

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