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september, 2017

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The Moon ends its transit of Capricorn and enters Aquarius early in the day, at 12:41 AM EDT. The Aquarius Moon draws out our humanitarian impulses and desire for progress and innovation.

Venus is semi-square Jupiter this morning, hooking into the energy of the recent Jupiter-Uranus opposition, and we may feel restless in our relationships or with entertainment and pleasures. When it comes to people and things, we should watch that we aren’t idealizing what we don’t have or something new and fresh rather than honoring what we already have. This can be a time of dramatic statements or impulsive purchases. We might overstate our feelings or promise more than we can deliver, and the tendency to overdo is strong. However, we can also tap into a need for change and improvement and tame our impulses to go overboard.

It’s easier to settle down, go with the flow, and cooperate when the Sun and Moon form a trine this afternoon.

The Moon is void until it enters Aquarius at 12:41 AM EDT.


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