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september, 2020

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Friday, SEPTEMBER 25

Saturn forms a quintile to Chiron today. This aspect first formed in December 2019 and recurred on August 12th. We feel more competent, effective, and secure regarding our responsibilities during this period. We have a strong sense of both tradition and innovation, and we’re good at making these things work for us. We express our unique qualities or go our own way without stirring up controversy, as we act in a professional, respectful manner.

The Moon spends the day in responsible and resolute Capricorn, aligning with Saturn this evening, boosting our sense of purpose. Nevertheless, the Moon forms a square to Mars, giving us a hint of the energies of the upcoming Mars-Saturn square that will perfect on the 29th. The need to attend to our duties, obligations, or ambitions might often compete with our personal goals and sense of independence and freedom now and this week. Later today, we can also feel a little out of sync on a social level as Venus heads toward minor challenging aspects to Chiron and Pluto.

The void Moon occurs from 11:37 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Mercury), until the Moon enters Aquarius tomorrow, Saturday, September 26th, at 2:09 AM EDT.


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