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september, 2020

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Saturday, SEPTEMBER 19

With the Sun forming a quincunx to retrograde Mars today, there can be some inner tension between the will and performance/energy levels, and a tendency to fly off the handle can be with us now. It’s hard to find satisfaction or a sense of peace under this influence. We may feel decidedly “out of sorts” and on the fence about key issues. There can be tension revolving around going after what we want since what we think we should do seems at odds with our desires or motivation. This transit can present some mild challenges and disrupt the flow. We may feel off, which can ultimately prompt us to make some useful edits.

The Moon heads into the sign of Scorpio at 2:33 PM EDT, drawing us to transformative and emotionally exciting experiences. We’re interested in discovering deeper truths and motives.

The void Moon occurs from 10:29 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Mars), until the Moon enters Scorpio at 2:33 PM EDT.


Overview of the Day (Saturday) EDT




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