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april, 2017

This is a repeating event

30apr4:24 pmSaturn square Chiron4:24 pm EDT


Saturn forms a square with Chiron

There can be fears now of not being competent or effective enough to meet our responsibilities, or we could find it hard to strike out on a unique path, again due to fears or insecurities. The desire to break from the status quo is strong, but we may not have the necessary confidence to do so. We can be particularly sensitive to our limitations, restrictions, and shortcomings. This is a time for taking a hard look at what makes us feel vulnerable.

Saturn square Chiron dates:

1st: December 28, 2016, while Saturn was at 21° Sagittarius 01′.

2nd: April 30th with Saturn at 27° Sagittarius 18′ and Chiron at 27° Pisces 18′.

3rd: November 2nd when Saturn is at 24° Sagittarius 47′ (last)

Saturn square Chiron

Saturn square Chiron


(Sunday) 4:24 pm

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