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october, 2020

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Tuesday, OCTOBER 27

Two sign ingresses occur today: both Mercury and Venus enter Libra, but from opposite ends of the sign. In fact, they form a semi-sextile. This transit can serve to subtly contrast a logical and playful approach. It may be all too easy to say things we don’t mean or feel. However, we seem to be able to make things work, and while we may not be especially focused today, we’re adaptable and making an effort to understand one another.

Retrograde Mercury enters Libra today, returning to the sign until November 10th, while Mercury will remain retrograde only until November 3rd. Mercury in Libra is conciliatory and analytical. While retrograde in the sign, we can be slow to reach a decision – possibly painfully slow, as our minds bounce back and forth between the alternatives, finding merits for any and all of them. This period may affect our close partnerships the most. We might rethink old positions and relationships, and our observations tend to be unusually idealized.

Venus transits Libra starting today and running until November 21st. During this cycle, we use charm and diplomacy to attract what we want. There is a stronger desire for companionship, and we’re very accommodating with others–quite willing to negotiate and compromise. We prefer that things are done the “right” way, and aggressive or uncouth behavior is more offensive than usual. The shadow traits of this position include dependency, inconsistency, and superficiality. To avoid unpleasant situations, we might gloss over deeper issues at play in our relationships. We are more artistically inclined during this cycle, seeking out harmony and balance in our environment.

The Moon spends the day in sensitive, mystical Pisces.

The void Moon occurs from 8:46 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Saturn), until the Moon enters Aries tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28th, at 4:45 AM EDT.


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