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october, 2020

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Sunday, OCTOBER 18

The Sun forms a square with Saturn this morning, which can have a restrictive effect. We may face obstacles to our goals, but through them, we can more clearly see the tools with which we have to overcome them. We need to consider the reality or practical side of a situation and assume more responsibility now. We could face reality on a matter, and our efforts to measure up to expectations can ultimately boost our confidence in our ability to be responsible for ourselves. Our commitment to others, the outside world, or our careers/business can temporarily interfere with personal comfort levels or relationships. It’s best to consider what’s right for us in the long term, and it may mean forgoing or limiting something in the present for better results in the future.

On the other hand, Venus opposes Neptune around the same time, and we can feel a little exasperated, or we can be distracted. We may be wrestling with expectations and perceptions. If we’ve been indiscriminate with money, pleasures, and relationships, problems can emerge now. Uncertainty in Venus-ruled areas of life (romance, social life, leisure, and finances) can be prominent. We need to assess areas of our lives that have become dysfunctional, and, in the process, we may need to give up on an unrealistic ideal so that we can make gains. We are more emotionally vulnerable and more susceptible to deceit or self-deceit. If possible, it may be best to delay significant decision-making regarding social, financial, and romantic involvements, as things are not clear along these lines.

As the day advances, we head toward a Mars-Jupiter square, and we tend to overdo or jump into action too hastily. We’re easily riled up, enthusiastic, or excited under this influence. We can be excited about our prospects, but perhaps too hasty, counting our chickens before they hatch, putting money into a venture that needs further review, or overestimating what we (or the world) can do. A feeling of urgency may lead to coming on stronger than we intend. However, if we use common sense, we might stretch our imaginations and entertain new possibilities. The Moon spends the day in the sign of Scorpio.

The void Moon occurs from 5:43 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Saturn), until the Moon enters Sagittarius tomorrow, Monday, October 19th, at 12:43 AM EDT.


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