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october, 2020

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Tuesday, OCTOBER 13

Today’s energies are complicated. The Sun opposes Mars today–an aspect that only occurs while Mars is retrograde, marking the Mars retrograde cycle’s midpoint. Careless or impulsive behavior can be a problem now, or a battle of wills can occur. We might feel thwarted, and circumstances push us to learn what it is that we genuinely want. If we do know what we want, the issue may be how to go about getting it. There can be a sudden awareness of things that have been making us unhappy, angry, or resentful, and this discovery is likely to come through interactions with others.

However, through the events, battles, contests, conflicts, or tensions of this time, we can ultimately get to a better understanding of ourselves, particularly our desires. We can nevertheless be hot-headed or easily provoked now–something to look out for. We might default to the idea that we have to fight to get what we want.

Also today, Mercury stations and turns retrograde, beginning a retrograde cycle that lasts until November 3rd. During this phase, our thinking turns inward as we review and re-assess matters. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness, when meditation, journaling, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication and transportation can re-connect us to other, possibly more meaningful means of connecting. We look at the world a little differently, through different filters, and can come up with some significant inner revelations as a result.

The more difficult times are the periods of the shifts themselves (the days surrounding the stations — today and November 3rd), after which we grow more and more accustomed to the energy. We should observe and review rather than make critical decisions with this shift, considering that Mars is also retrograde.

The Moon continues its transit of Leo only until 12:56 AM EDT, after which the Moon is in particular, organized Virgo. The Virgo Moon’s tendency to worry or fret can be pronounced given today’s shift energies, which can feel somewhat chaotic.

The void Moon continues only until 12:56 AM EDT when the Moon enters Virgo.


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