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october, 2020

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Sunday, OCTOBER 11

The Moon spends the day in the expressive sign of Leo. The Sun forms a square to Jupiter and quincunx to Neptune this morning, bringing out the dramatic side of the Leo Moon. We can find ourselves eager to expand, and while our ideas are big, we’re reminded of the limits of our capabilities and must adjust accordingly. While there can be optimism and elevated moods, our state of mind is fragile as things are overblown or unrealistic. We can feel some discontent, leading us to seek more meaning, growth, or change.

We should watch for trying to reach too far, overestimating our energy levels or the time we might invest in a commitment. We would do well to remind ourselves that going bigger isn’t always in our best interests. We may be glossing over potential problems, and judgment can be off as a result. We can be feeling slightly off or out of sorts, and there can be difficulties concentrating or figuring out our next step. These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust. Incorporating and recognizing the need for more imagination in our lives seems necessary now.

We’re heading toward the perfection of the Jupiter-Neptune sextile aspect, however, which is exact early tomorrow. It’s the final of three exact aspects while Jupiter has been transiting Capricorn, having first formed in February and again in July. Jupiter forms a sextile to Neptune on the 12th for the third and final perfection. This transit first formed in February and recurred in July, following roughly alongside the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction and Jupiter-Chiron quintile. We’re checking in with our needs for imagination and dreams or spirituality and seeking ways to incorporate and manage our expectations and faith.


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