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november, 2017

27nov12:00 amNovember 27, 2017Daily Overview12:00 am EST



The Moon spends the day in Pisces. Venus forms a quincunx with Uranus this morning, and impulsive spending, peculiar attractions, fear of commitment, and freedom vs. intimacy issues may be themes now. We might question whether we need more excitement in our relationships, or whether we need freedom from them, yet we don’t feel confident enough to rock the boat. Taming rebelliousness makes sense now.

As the day advances, Mercury and Saturn move towards an alignment. This may have the effect of forcing a reality, an answer, or a solution. We want tangible results, and there can be an increased need for solitude to think or work. We might receive serious news or practical advice, or engage in an important conversation. This can mark the start of a new project that involves communications, such as writing, speaking, reporting, etc., or the commitment to same. There can be a tendency to focus on negative potentials, which can be useful in moderation only. We have an increased ability to concentrate and focus.


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