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november, 2020

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Thursday, NOVEMBER 26

The Moon spends much of the day in the sign of pioneering Aries, forming some tense aspects with planets in Capricorn. We can be excited about our personal plans, although duties and ambitions can distract us, producing some tension.

With the Sun trine Chiron today, we’re open to learning and growing and not as inclined to worry about who’s right or wrong. Our egos don’t get in the way, helping us make real progress. This aspect encourages a holistic approach to problem-solving and points to opportunities to learn, grow, and improve, particularly through spontaneity, self-assertion, and courage. We’re putting our respect in the right places. A chance to find a sense of purpose or a mission can arise now, increasing our confidence. We also have a sense that we can put our thoughts or ideas into motion today.

A Mercury-Mars biquintile is especially clever energy for figuring things out and solving problems. We’re heading toward a Mercury-Pluto sextile that improves our ability to see more layers of a situation. The Moon ends its transit of Aries when it enters steady Taurus at 10:43 PM EST.

The void Moon occurs from 6:46 PM EST, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Saturn), until the Moon enters Taurus at 10:43 PM EST.


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