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november, 2017

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While we want to keep our expectations realistic under the influence of today’s Capricorn Moon, with Neptune at a station today, we may have a hard time focusing long enough to really tackle a task. Neptune turns direct now after several months of retrograde motion. Now and in the coming few weeks, confusing situations become clearer, and our creativity soars, or at least, we are more inclined to apply our creativity in the real world. Instead of thinking of this period as a time of disillusionment, we can see it as a time of illumination–when we increasingly see the light and become clearer, sharper, and more effective in the real world. We have more faith in our own dreams and visions, in others, and in belief systems. We begin to seek inspiration from external sources.

As well today, a longer-term aspect is exact: Jupiter sesquiquadrate Chiron. This can be a time when we are hungry for meaning and understanding, but it can be difficult to align ourselves with a personal philosophy or belief system that truly reflects our core. It is important to look within and come to a greater understanding of what we truly need or believe, rather than blindly following something that doesn’t truly serve our purpose. Recent business endeavors may require a closer look before pushing forward.


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