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november, 2017

16nov12:00 amNovember 16, 2017Daily Overview12:00 am EST



Two heartening and supportive trines occur this morning — between Venus and Neptune and the Sun and Chiron. These tune us into our imagination, sense of wonder, compassion, and sense of romance or harmony. Gentleness with others is most appropriate now. We see the very best in people, and this eases our interactions and takes the pressure off in personal relationships.

Still, with a Venus-Saturn semi-square also active this morning, we can be sensitive in social situations – anxiety might slightly inhibit our expression of delight or love. We may be holding parts of ourselves back.

The Moon enters Scorpio early today, at 3:20 AM EST, and aligns with Jupiter this evening. Emotions are felt intensely, and intensity is relished! It’s a great time of the lunar month to do research, investigate, and probe. Learning what makes people tick turns us on just now.

The Moon is void until 3:2o AM EST when it enters Scorpio.


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